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Just today, my iPhone 4s became a BRICK, nothing less, nothing more......I CANT do anything with it as the only thing that appears on the screen is this message: ''We're unable to complete you...''  ''This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program''


I saved a LOT OF MONEY for this device and now I can't even hear music, or see photos


(I tried to do the 'restore' thing on iTunes and it wouldn't let me)    H E L P    P L E A S E !

iPhone 4S
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    I edited my post haven't read that you tried restoring try posting your problem here in the developers forum

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    iTunes WON'T let me restore it.....im losing my mind


    I dont understand what you meant by ''why did you use a beta software for developers?'' 


    How do you know im using a beta software and what is a developer?


    (sorry if im asking dumb questions, i dont know much about this)

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    It means that the software on the iphone is a beta & should only be used by developers somehow your phone was updated to a beta software maybe 5.1 beta & it is not registered in the developer program , try to put your iphone in recovery mode and try to restore http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1808 this should work

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    I cant say HOW MUCH I THANK YOU, you hare my hero of the day, the month and maybe of the year!!


    My iPhone is back on track!! You made me so happy, for real.....


    I dont know how I can THANK YOU!!


    God Bless...... anything I can do for you dont hesitate to ask!

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    You're welcome

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    This just happened to me for the first time tonight.  My 3gs will now only turn on if it is plugged into the wall charger.  When it finally turns on, it gives me the "Requires Activation" message then a screen comes up that says plug phone into itunes.  Plugged into my Mac Computer, and doesnt even recognize it.  Also immediately after taking phone off wall charger, it shuts off.


    i can get the phone in dfu mode beceaus is shutting of to fast has someone a solution for this problem


    i need help pls

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    Hi Shero89,

    I already restore and after few hours/days it happen again. error activation required. error no service/searching network. hope you can assist me to overcome this prob.