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I have 2 questions, first of all how do I move files from my PC to icloud?  Secondly how do I access icloud from my PC so I can view and grab files in case I need them?  I have about 7 GB of photos and videos from my iphone4 that I want to move to icloud and I just bought 100GB of icloud storage so I can store stuff on the cloud.  I am sorry for the newbie question.

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    Sorry to tell you this but iCloud is not an online disk, not a storage medium, get a refund and use one of the many alternatives out there, my favorite is SugarSync.

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    What is it then? How and what exactly do i use it for? My i pad says there is not enough storage available so i have purchased more in i cloud. I now want to save some TV programmes and films to i cloud to free up some space but don't know how to... When you are told there is not enough space to download you are prompted to go to settings and to purchase more storage - so it is not unreasonable to assume that this will solve the problem - or am I missing something here? Or is this just a way for apple to get money out of me?


    If this is not what it is meant for then what is it meant for? Is it just space to back up files to? If so then surely what i need is stored there - so i can delete the TV programmes from my i pad and grab them from i cloud later?


    Am rather perplexed...

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    iCloud is a Dav service and email transport, it allows your devices to receive the same email and keep it in sync, it offers the same services for contacts and calendars plus some (to me) less useful services.