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How do I use ipad2 with mainstage as a mixing surface for my keyboard rig?

Reply by CCTM on Mar 15, 2012 1:37 PM Helpful
Hi Several apps that could do this... my 'weapon of choice' is Touch OSC. It now works via CoreMIDI, so you can hook it up using a wifi connection, or via a MIDI interface. You can download an editor program to run on you rMac to setup your own layouts and mappings etc.  CCT

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    Several apps that could do this... my 'weapon of choice' is Touch OSC. It now works via CoreMIDI, so you can hook it up using a wifi connection, or via a MIDI interface.


    You can download an editor program to run on you rMac to setup your own layouts and mappings etc.




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    Thanks for the response - I have v-control already and spent awhile trying to get it to work but no luck..I assumed I was just missing something in the setup inside mainstage..I will try touchosc!

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    You can also try AC7-.core, onstage remote, trixmix 2. I do prefere the first one.

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    I've tried all, but the very best is LiveRig. It even comes w a template for Mainstage. I use the iPad on my keyboard rig to control Mainstage on my laptop which can be located off stage or down stage. id never set up a computer to computer wireless connection and didnt even know it was possible but its very easy. I'm not affiliated with the company in any way, just wanting to help.


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    What about V-Control set to Logic 9 DAW?  Did you try that?  I'm curious myself. I'll have to try this tonight.

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    If you are lucky enough to have an iPad and whatever you're running mainstage on - ie MacBook or the like - and you want to be able to see / control mainstage, but not have the whole rig on stage: here's what works for me.


    Set up an ad-hoc wireless network on your MacBook offstage, connect to it with your iPad (which will stick perfectly to your metal synth casing (nord for example) with its little folding cover) and download the .99 cent app splashtop to establish a rock-solid remote desktop connection.


    Pair that with the inexpensive little usb Korg Kontrol nano and voila - you can monitor all your input levels and program your Kontrol to handle playback, solo, mute, triggers, volume control, and whatever else you want a slider, knob, or push button to do.


    After playing around with all the other remote control apps: v-control, ac-7 core, touch osc, etc. I finally realized I just really want to see a mirror of mainstage itself and not some other program translating it.


    Hope this helps.

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    Hello NMcQ, I also purchased LiveRig, but I have a problem with connection. My LiveRig wireless Client shows my computer and appears on blue. However, when I start to learn all the faders and nobs on Mainstage and move faders on ipad with LiveRig, It did not work at all. so My question is, did you set the app up easy , and work?

    does the instruction form the website too simple? Would you mind give me more instruction of connection . I have tried two different wireless connections. but it did not work.

    Thank you very much and looking forward to hear from you .


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    Hi Capp 543:

    I don't really use it any more live, mainly because I use my iPad for reading music and don't want to switch around apps. I'm not part of the company, but I'll try.

    IMO the iRig manual is way way too simplistic.

    I am attaching some jpeg's of what helped me solve it, though it was tough. If it doesn't open, search Audio Midi Setup help for "sharing midi data over a network". You have to create a wireless session using Audio/Midi setup, OR create an "ad hoc" network using bluetooth if there's no wi-fi (another set of problems...). This may be your issue. There are a few things beyond getting the wireless network appearing that you have to do, that's why I'm suggesting this even though you did it, or a part of it.

    In particular:

    • "Anyone" has to be set as who can connect to me in the lower left of the wireless midi setup screen, and
    • First get everything else ready, meaning the iPad connecting, THEN LiveRig has to be launched from closed, meaning do an icon hold and close in down iPad, then open it up for it to connect, when everything else is ready. for some reason that helped me.


    In MainStage, you of course need to go to the MainStage #1 Setup screen, drag in sliders, then "learn" them to the LiveRig, which should now be seen when you click "learn" and move a Liverig slider. I have a vague recollection about not seeing iRig in the MainStage #1 top left device window, but then   going into the drop-down menu there where the device shoudl be, selecting it, then learning the sliders. Then in the #2 Edit window you assign the sliders etc.

    I would suggest first connecting it via midi wires and getting it to work, which will help you decide if a problem is in the wi-fi or somewhere else when you go to connect it up with wi-fi. You'd need the Apple Camera Connection kit adaptor. I myself would alway run it via midi if I'm playing live, too many unknowns with unknown networks.

    Hope that helps.




    LiveRig wi-fi Setup w annotations_Page_1.jpgLiveRig wi-fi Setup w annotations_Page_2.jpg

    LiveRig wi-fi Setup w annotations_Page_3.jpgLiveRig wi-fi Setup w annotations_Page_4.jpgLiveRig wi-fi Setup w annotations_Page_5.jpgLiveRig wi-fi Setup w annotations_Page_6.jpg

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    Thank you very much NMcQ, that offer me such clear advice for me. I will follow your word to set it up.

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    Here's how my experience with LiveRig went:


    The information says there is a template available for MainStage; YES, there is a template. The company website says, “Control Mac apps like Logic, MainStage, and even GarageBand by installing MainStage GarageBand Controller that utilizes AppleScript.” There are links which bring you to an external website where you are able to download something called AppleScripts for MainStage. There is a file which can be downloaded, but absolutely NO information about how to incorporate them. On this external website, there is also a picture which is supposed to be a help video with the following information under it, “Click the image above to watch a movie detailing how to setup and use the MainStage GarageBand Controller layout view. The movie is 1280x800 and will automatically play full-screen.” This link DOES NOT WORK. It is, in fact, NOT a link at all.


    There are some pretty sketchy instructions regarding connecting an iPad wirelessly to control MainStage. Even if you follow the instructions to the letter, there is still a major part of the connection solution omitted: HOW DO YOU CONNECT? This app is NOT ready for use with MainStage – It does NOT work with MainStage and does not even communicate with any of my MAC laptops.


    I am a professional and I need a professional product – one that works every time, all the time. This app simply, and unfortunately, does not work.


    I was looking for something which had a more professional look – and this app DOES look very nice, but it does not work.


    I gave the company opportunities to respond and make things right. After asking for help and receiving no response (“…email support@pullribbon.com for a fast response…”) , I had to CONTACT APPLE FOR A REFUND. I think if more people did this, the company would be a more honest in their advertising.


    If it does not work with MainStage, they shouldn’t say it does work with MainStage. It is very unfortunate, because if it WOULD work with GarageBand or even Logic, I would consider keeping it, because it looks great. Unfortunately, I cannot justify $15 for something which does not work as advertised.

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    Hello, drumthumb

    You are absolutely right. I have a the same situation as you have encountered. I also sent an email to the company but no respond as all. And I also ask apple iTunes story for a redound , and I don't have any respond as we'll. this app does not help , and does not work. I just want something can talk to logic and mainstage.