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We use NetSuite which is a cloud based SAS enterprise solution.  We spend about 90% of our computing time using this web page.  It stopped working with Safari today.  I don't think it is an incompatibility with Safari 5.1.4 because the problem didn't start until 3 or 4 days after I installed Safari 5.1.4 plus it still works OK on my home computer that also uses Safari 5.1.4.


NetSuite uses a lot of SOAP and Java. I click on drop-down menus in NetSuite and they typically have words with the associated icon to the left of each word.  Today it has the words, but the little file type icons are missing.  I click any of the links in the pull-downs and get a NetSuite "page not found" web page.


The same thing happens on all drop-down lists in netSuite.  They're all missing their little icons to the left of the words and the links won't work.


I tried everything.  I deactivated all Safari add-ons and extensions. I deleted Safari prefs.  I reset Safari.  I rebooted and zapped the p-ram in the mac. Nothing seems to fix the issue.


I posted the issue in the NetSuite User's Group and it seems to be a problem specific to my computer.



Mac mini (Early 2009), Mac OS X (10.7.3)