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I have footage that is 1920x1080 that my client is asking to be output to 1440x1080.


In after effects this is easy and I am able to scale the image to fit the frame however I want.

Is there a way in this new FCP to do this?


When I start a new project, hit custom and set to 1440, then import a 1920 clip, it looks like it's still 1920.


any advice?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Please explain why you need to do this? As HD is not a 4:3 medium...there is no such this as 4:3 HD.  HD is 16:9.  And when FCP sees 1440x1080, it assumes (rightly) that it is anamorphic (like HDV, XDCAM) and stretches the image to fill the full 1920x1080 frame.


    If they want 1440x1080...then do this in compressor.  Export a self contained 1920x1080 file, take it into compressor, change the dimensions to 1440x1080.  in the GEOMETRY tab, choose CUSTOM (4:3) in the drop down men by FRAME SIZE, and choose 1440x1080, pixel aspect square. 


    Now to do this in FCP? No idea...that is a non-standard format/framing, and FCP doens't do non-standard without SEVERE arm twisting. ANd even then, it doesn't like it.

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    I'm making it this size because my client is placing the clips into an app. There are other graphics on the screen so they don't want the video to take up the whole screen.



    Is there a way to set the cropper to certain dimensions?

    I fear when I crop though I'll get black edges around the frame.


    If it were up to me I'd keep it 1920.

    What does help is my back drop is not as wide as my frame so when I crop I can have a full white background

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    Set to Crop to 4:3...1.33:1.  Then it should be cropped on both sides, and be 1440x1080 without squeezing. Be sure to use the 4:3 TV and Title safe guides when cutting.

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    Where do I find the option to do this?

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    I actually want to be able to move/scale the video once cropped to 4:3 like I can in After Effects. Otherwise it looks stretched

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    After Effects is designed for this...making custom sizes that can be of any shape and size, and allowing you to put images in there and allow you to move them. FCP is a non-linear edit system. It is designed to work with standard broadcast video formats.  1440x1080 4:3 is non-standard.  You can try to do this, but you will be doing a lot of rendering. 


    Go into your AUDIO AND VIDEO SETTINGS, Click on the SEQUENCE PRESETS.  Find the Apple ProRes 422 29.97 (or whatever your frame rate is) and select it.  Then DUPLICATE that setting.  There's a button for that.  Then EDIT, and change the dimensions to what you want.