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Right now I am able to view my Wiki data only through http://localhost/wiki when I try http://mydomain.com/wiki I get a 404 Not Found.


One thing that I think is interesting is that http://localhost and http://mydomain.com both give me the "Welcome to Lion Server" page.


I enabled the Wiki service and the Web service both through the Server application.


My first thought was that I needed to configure a "Web Site" under the Web service to point to the proper directory location (such as in Snow Leopard Server).  I've tried several different directories for the "Store Site Files In" field, such as "/Library/Server/Web/Data/Sites/Default" and "/usr/share/collabd/coreclient/public" to no avail.


The Lion Server documentation shows how to migrate wikis, but I didn't see anything about configuring the service (either in the Wiki service or the Web service).


Any ideas?  Thanks.