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After updating to both iOS 5.1 and iTunes 10.6, album art no longer carries over when copying from iTunes to iPhone. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • airtas Level 1 Level 1

    yes, any fixes on the horizon?

  • Cagi Level 1 Level 1

    If it happens only with some songs it could be that you really miss some cover art:


    Sometimes if you have an album with many songs, only 1 of them has a cover art.

    When you play the music on the Mac you don't notice that (depends on the visualization you use) but when you play single songs on your iOS device you see only the cover art of the actual song.



    On iTunes on your Mac click these button on the lower-right corner to see the cover art of the actual song.


  • zbolan Level 1 Level 1

    I apologize, initially I wasn't completely clear on the issue, and I've since figured out the specific source of the problem. After applying both the iOS 5.1 and iTunes 10.6 updates, when "Manually manage music and video" is selected, album artwork no longer transfers over to the iPhone. I've been using iOS devices since their inception and likewise have been using iTunes since its introduction and this is the first time this issue has arisen. I've tested this on three different Macs and three different iOS devices and the result is the same. When "Manually manage music and video" is NOT selected, copying playlists, albums and synching works fine... transferring over both audio and album art.


    This is a problem INTRODUCED with iOS 5.1 and iTunes 10.6... this is not a user settings issue.




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    Artwork seems to be transferred only if you've used the Get Album Artwork option in iTunes.


    The problem is when you've used an alternative cover, or iTunes doesn't have the album.


    I solve this issue by going into iPhone > Music (when it's connected to iTunes), selecting the tracks and pasting the artwork the same as I would in iTunes. I usually need to repeat this, but it always works 2nd time.

  • zbolan Level 1 Level 1

    I tried that but in my case it didn't work... odd. As this manually managed missing artwork deal is a new "feature" introduced with 5.1 hopefully it will be rectified in the next release. In the meantime its not that much of an imposition to turn off manual management as I can still add my own content to the iPhone (with artwork), I'm just limited to doing so on my main Mac where the iPhone is originally synched.

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    ***UPDATE*** iTunes 10.6.1 released today... problems still persists. When "Manually manage music and videos" is selected, album artwork does not copy over to the iOS device with the music.

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    So we're no better off. Personally I can't see the artwork option being restored, particularly as Apple's overriding interest is to sell music. I can't use the sync mode myself because it simply won't fit on the phone!

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    That was my initial reaction as well as my collection is too large for the phone. However the Sync function has changed since I last played with it. You don't have to sync your entire collection. Once you deselect Manual management, click the MUSIC tab in your iPhone window in iTunes and select SYNC MUSIC, then click the "Selected playlists, artists, albums and genre" radio button. A window will appear listing all that content... just don't pick any of it (or whatever limited amount you like). Once you've synced your iPhone you will also be able to drag and drop playlists, albums, etc. as you could under manual management, BUT the artwork transfers as well.


    While that works I resent having to do a workaround for this... manually managed music SHOULD display album art!

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    Thanks murcianix, your method works for me. Will use this until issue relsolved.

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    I've had this problem since the update a few months ago and could not figure it out. Deselecting "manually managing music" in iTunes has fixed my problem. Not happy about it, but at least all the music I've purchased over the last 3 months now has album artwork. Thanks!

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    Has anyone figured out if there is a fix for this error?  I just synced my iphone 4S with ios6 with my manually managed in iTunes (10.7) music and no artwork goes to the phone!  This is so annoying! Help please !

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    I tried unchecking manually manage the files but no luck

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    Best fix I've found so far is a premium account with Spotify. Haven't used iTunes since

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    Well now, this problem is finally fixed with iOS7... you can manually manage your music when copying to the iPhone, downsample and STILL get artwork... boooooo-YAHHHH!

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