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It is a normal function whether I am creating a new website or editing an existing one that upon clicking another page listed in the INDEX, which I have located on the upper portion of the page [in text - I do not have buttons], it takes me to that page.


Tonight, as I was performing some edits, upon clicking on the next web page, it would highlight as usual, but not access the page as usual. Instead, I have to click on the INDEX listed under the SITE'S FOLDER [left hand side of the screen]. I have 4 sites and the same occurs on each site now.


I have never encountered this occurrence. I checked Preferences to see if there wa setting to change this occurrence. There is none.


It is so inconvenient not to be able to access the other pages from the INDEX atop of the page as I have been doing over the years.


The only thing I did different tonight was copy from my iMac HD USERS-DOCUMENTS-Website Document Files of the newly made website to my MacBook in the same location with the idea I could operate my websites on the MacBook so that I could edit and upload from this computer. It did not work.


So, upon returning to the iMac to do some edits, this is when I discovered I could not access the subsequent pages as indicated above.




iWeb II

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)