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  • Catherine Jackson Level 1 (50 points)

    Me too.

  • slpslee Level 1 (25 points)

    I notice it's warmer than the display on the iPad2, but I wouldn't call it yellow--more of a mellow white. I always thought the iPad2 casted off a little too cool and tended to render flesh tones sort of sickly looking. Photos look wonderful on this one, along with everything else I've looked at. I'm getting a big kick out of it.

  • Huskers 86 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue.  Here is the pic I took in comparison.  Left side is the old iPad 2.


  • HeathClif Level 1 (0 points)

    Definitely a difference.  I made an appointment, went to the apple store, and they exchanged it for a new one. It's a touch better. I likened the difference to cool white and antique white paint.  I dont like that yellowy cast.  My bigger issue now is the weak wifi reception.  I'm giving it a few days then isn't sell it.

  • tislammac Level 1 (0 points)



    It seems like this is a maor issue that needs to be addressed by Apple. I got the first iPad on opening day, it had a decently yellow tint on left haf of screen. I exchanged it the next day for another iPad, which again has the left tint, mostly distinctly on the left top corner of the screen, but the tint is less than the first iPad. If this doesn't go away within a week, I'm just going to wait till Apple fixes their 'glueing' issue or manufacture defect, whichever it may be.

  • st3rlin Level 1 (0 points)

    there is definetely a problem with the ipad 3 display.

    During the day we compared 4 iPad3's. Three of them signed a clear yellow hue and a little lack of brightness. Interesting about this is, that all three iPad with that issue came from one reseller (Media Markt/Germany) the device that's working is from Cyberport.

  • HeathClif Level 1 (0 points)

    My replacements, while yellow-ish, were slightly better than the first.


    With both Apple care online, and personnel at retail, they were fairly oblivious to the Yellow issue.  Even when I held two side by side, the employee acknowledged that it was "warmer."  Ugly, darker, pissier, were more accurate!

  • tal1971 Level 2 (245 points)

    I have a slight yellow cast on the the left handside of the screen (with the home button on the right) when the iPad is in landscape mode.


    Its not massively noticable, but its one of them things that when you've spotted it, your eyes are always getting drawn to it.


    Its noticable when I'm using Safari with the white background, and when using the onscreen keyboard. You can see the keys on the left have a slight yellow hue when compared to the right handside keys which do not. The yellow hue is also noticable when a grey background is shown.


    I noticed it shortly after receiving it, but I thought I would give it a few days to see it went away, has some people find its the glue/bond that causes it until it properly cures.


    I contacted Apple today and I am getting a replacement sent out and I'll receive it tomorrow, and the faulty iPad is getting picked up at the same time. Hopefully the new one will be free of the yellow hue.

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    I bought two iPads -- one is Verizon, the other is AT&T. The Verizon one is yellowish, the AT&T one is bright white and gorgeous.


    I exchanged the Verizon one right away, and the second one was yellow as well. I've been using the Verizon one for over a week, and it's still yellowish.


    I'm not going to take a chance on ending up with a $900 iPad with a yellow screen, and Apple doesn't really seem to acknowledge the issue, so I'm going to return the Verizon one and keep the AT&T one. It's a bummer, because by the time I got them, I decided to go with Verizon.


    You can definitely tell a difference when you have them side by side.

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    I took your advice but normal using is not enough. I had to push it warm and results are great.

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    I did this trick last night and seemed like it made a drastic improvement (reducing the yellow hue) of my ipad 3.  Got into Setting, Brightness, and adjust the slider up and down as fast as you can at least 50 times.  I did this until my finger hurt, and when I was done, I was surprised to see the yellow hue drastically subdued.  I don't even notice it now, and it was really bothering me.  Let me know if this works for anyone else. 

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    Sorry not working

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    My new iPhone 4S ATT version to replace a 4 that the screen went out is VERY yellow hue. Warm color temperature like 2,700–3,000K. Apple refuses to replace it? They still say there is no issue? Apparently Apple changed the color spectrum from white to yellow? Do I need to go back to kindergarten to “relearn” this? I have a two iPhone 4's. My other one (after being replaced by Sprint) is perfect which is bluish white (5000K range) and the new one is noticeably yellow. They have been making these since last year? They still cannot get this right? I have never heard of any device self fixing itself. I have been building computers since the 80's. They have never been able to fix their self. So, Siri is Skynet? I knew it!!!

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    Your iPad body frame should be white. Isn't it?

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    i have the same problem. i bought the new iPad 2 days before and i was disappointed to have a yellowish screen. i noticed it more when open the same photo on both iPads (iPad 2 & the new iPad). the colours on iPad 2 was much better and richer than the new iPad. the beige colour in the photo on iPad 2 was displayed as lemon yellow on the new iPad. i will go back to dealer and replace it with another one. i wish they will not make it difficult to get a replacement.

    to whom it may concern: i bought it from E-max shop in mirdif city centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. the new iPad i bought is the 32GB wifi.