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I only want a version of iPhoto on my iPad so that I can see the organization of the photos, in albums, folders, and to be able to see the titles and descriptions, especailly when I do a slide show.


Is this possible with iPhoto on the iPad?


I don't want to edit photos, and I do all the organization on my Mac.  It is much easier there, with the bigger screen and the extra monitor.

I just want to do the editing of titles, adding descriptions, and organization into albums and folders there, on the Mac, then have it synch and look the same on the iPad.  Nothing fancy.


Does iPhoto on the iPad work like this?


Since I have an original iPad, I don't want to go through the kludge of installing it if I don't get this simple capability.


(Thanks to the community for helpful answers about whether I can make it work on my iPad.)