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Lost my remote. Want to use iPhone remote app. Need to turn on home sharing on apple tv, but apparently cannot without the remote!  See the catch 22? Aka design flaw?

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  • Damian Smith1 Level 3 (740 points)

    You can buy a replacement online from Apple or at an Apple store.

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    Yeah, it's always a good idea for networked devices that require configuration to have a web interface for configuring them. The Apple TV doesn't. I've complained about that from the start, as entering long passwords through the on-screen keyboard is a royal pain. If there were a web interface, it would be a simple matter of connecting temporarily to my wired network and then copy and paste.


    If you have a Harmony or other updateable remote, you may be able to configure it as an Apple remote, which is just an ordinary IR remote. Otherwise, you'll have to buy an Apple remote.

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    I don't know if this would work, but there is a micro-USB port in the back. Maybe you could attach a keyboard via it?

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    No, it will not work. This port is for service diagnostics only.

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    Although it's not answering the initial question on how to resolve the "catch 22" ... here's an interesting link I just found to make sure that you have "spare remotes" in the hous by teaching the AppleTV to work with third party remotes ... see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3296

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    But maybe this is THE answer ... apparently if using the Ethernet connection of the AppleTV, the Remote App on the iPod/iPhone will allow you to temporarily access the remote settings which then can be used through WiFi ... read and let me know if it answers the Catch22 question ?



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    This does not work. Just to prove it, I put the situation to the test.


    Turned off home sharing on the ATV for a proper simulation.


    Used a ProxySTA to connect ethernet bridge.


    Power-Cycled ATV, and got main menu.


    Guess what?.... no way to adjust anything because...... HOME SHARING IS NOT TURNED ON!


    You need home sharing turned on so......  the question is... if you already have home sharing turned on, what on earth is the point of needing Ethernet in the first place?


    I suspect the author... trying to do troubleshooting on his own jumped to the wrong conclusion, and somehow thought he had discovered a simple TRICK that every other engineer at Apple (& user) seems to have failed to notice.