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    You're only going to get a refurb if you buy one on purpose, or if you exchange a defective one.  My question is, will Apple replace the screen before sending it out as a refurb?  Or seeing as most of these defects are within their so called specs, will they send them out as is?

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    Over the weekend I have purchased two more iPads, 4th and 5th (64GB black wifi)


    5 th is the keeper. After so much hassle and dissapointment I am even nervous to say it but I think I found perfect 64GB iPad3 display. A M A Z I N G. I was about to settle for 4th iPad I got after testing in the store. I did see warmer hues but is was rather uniform. I was comparing side by side with store models. But as all of you mention, those stores are extremely bright and it is bit hard to really test display. When I got home, I tested for light bleeding and there was some bleeding and once again I noticed dark shades right along the left edge in portrait mode (very annoying for eyes when reading any text that is close to the edges) just like previous iPad3s I had. Strangely, those dark shades were right around the light bleeds which I marked when testing in dark room. Perhaps it is creating some contrast on white. It bothered my eyes a lot.

    I was passing by another Apple store and decided to get another model. I did not open it in the store. But when I got home...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE DISPLAY and new iPad. It is not warm, yellowish tint. I would say, it is extremely uniform in white from edge to edge all around, tack sharp.  So that makes me believe those iPads are out there.


    I have noticed that fonts on the warmer tints are also bit different color and it makes them less sharp. Particularly when fonts are smaller. Obviously it must be contrast thing (edge contrast). I am completely sure about this.


    I saw a post here that geniuses will allow one exchange now in the store? I belive this is just their say. I have called Apple about this, that they only allowed me one exchange in the store previously and very nice Apple corporate person put me on hold and called store manager. I was told I am supposed to go back to the store and see manager and walk out with the iPad I am satisfied with. I never went back to that store. If Apple hears enough complaints, they will either officially change the return policy or get their QA straight and ensure all iPads have uniform displays, just like the ones they have in every Apple store. It only took about 3 week time frame and has been hassle, totally oposite of what Apple preaches.  It is a very expensive product. It is incredible product and advertised as such so we should get the best.

    I will try to post some side by side photos.

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    Is the white a Blue White or is it like the store models (more pink and natural).  Just wondering because I think the Blue-white makes people look pale.

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    I am happy for you.  I've only seen one iPad that had a uniform and bright screen.  That was my friend's that I talked about above.  And that one had the worst backlight bleeding I have ever seen.  I am glad that he did not notice it.  I sure wasn't going to point it out.


    Of the nine that I have seen outside of the Apple store, that was the only one that didn't have at least one dark edge.  Some of them had other issues mixed in like yellowing or pink/blue/green tints in different spots.  But interestingly, the ones that had the least grey edges or ony had grey in spots were the ones with obvious backlight bleed in various locations.  I wonder if this all has something to do with the positioning of the lights.  I have no idea at all how lighting on these things looks from behind the screen, so that's just sheer speculation.  Someone who is less sensitive to screen inconsistencies probably would have loved my last one.  It was greyer down the left side, and white everywhere else.  Before returning it, I let my father in law use it for the day.  I didn't tell him what I saw wrong with it or even tell him that I was planning on returning it.  At the end of the day, he asked me if I noticed that it was brighter in the middle.  I didn't notice it up until he asked me, but it was also greyer along the right side.  Not as bad as the left, but definitely noticable.

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    As we have really seen some many variations in display white balance it is getting really crazy.  I would say it is natural. But the 4 yellowish iPad displays I had before, people's skin tone on them is tiny bit more saturated. I will try to make some high res photos of both displays side by side showing same photo/article/web page on both. Hopefully sometime this week. I could live with warmer white balance if it was uniform all over. But as I mentioned some text with smaller font appears washed off as the font color is closer to tinted white background (vs cleaner white) so naturally there is less contrast. Whatever the tint was, every single iPad I tested had very nice, uniform entire right edge in portrait mode (home button at the bottom). As I was rotating iPad and page flipped, now the left edge was ok. So there might be something with the left edge. Also, as I mentioned the most bleed I saw was along the left edge. I find the following thing to be great indicator of the sharpness and tint/edge clarity. You could open up New York times website front page on both iPads side by side and look all along the left edge, up and down in portrait mode at the small font column. I am showing screen shot here. This screen shot is from computer just to show what I am talking about. Compare on both iPads, store display model vs one you purchased. I will try to take photo of this on both iPads side by side. On yellowish iPad this column looked very washed off and that is also where I noticed dark shades.




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    Thanks. I hope that everyone can get new iPad that they are happy with.


    That is what happened to me as well.  My wife noticed the left edge as darker (in portrait mode). And exactly, not everyone will notice or even care if noticed.


    I will be getting 32GB iPad3 for wife now so if I have to go through al this trouble again??? Maybe I need to go back to the same store I got my 64GB one.

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    Any one found a solution to this?

    I just got my ipad and there is definately a yellow tint to it. Somehow the yellow is too yellow and the green is too green. I am amazed the media didnt bring this up, as I read cultofmac, macrumors, appleinsider and more on daily bases but never heard of this issue. Every one seems to be facing this problem, its even worse than RROD of the Xbox.


    It is clearer when you hold the ipad at different angles you can see that colors do shift , and its best when you look at the ipad in a 90 degree angle from the screen.


    Is there a solution to this? can apple software fix it? I heard there is a fix where you keep your ipad with a full brightness white screen for a long time it gets fixed. I also heard that its a chemicala thing where the issue will be fixed as time goes by.


    Is there a way to test the colors on the ipad? like an app or website?

  • kingmohd Level 1 (5 points)

    Yeah, and consider yourself lucky guys. If you face an issue with your ipad you just take it to the apple store, I live on the other side of planet earth . I am stuck with this, and buy a new one here will cost something like +$300 to each ipad version

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    "Every one seems to be facing this problem, its even worse than RROD of the Xbox."


    A few million of these have been sold and a few hundred people here have raised the issue of the yellow tint (including me).


    It's certainly been reported, though, on various websites, including macrumors; unless you're trolling, just do a google search.


    Use your iPad for a few days and see if the tint goes away, as it has for lots of people in this threat, also including me.

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    of course i am not trolling why would I?

    I am just concerned over my ipad. I did a little research but heard very little of the tint going away after sometime. You just have to understand how it feels  to make such a purchase. How would you feel if you bought an iPad from China when you live in the USA and the only Apple store close to you is in Beijing.


    and to be completely honest I am kind of tired of having to research everything before I buy it, apple or not, cars , videogames, tvs, ipads, books, it gets tiring after a while. Missing the days where you can buy stuff off the shelf and smile with no worries

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    Yeah, I gotta say, when I got my 2nd iPad (first one had inconsistent coloring from one side to the other) it was noticeably yellow.  Yellow hue for sure.  It got a little better after a few hours of use the first day, but was still yellow after a week.  I exercised the screen (prior post) and that seemed to really help.  Now it's been just over the 15 day return policy and and it's really getting white.  I don't notice any yellow hue at all.  I think the yellowing will fade over time on most (aside front the blatantly yellow screens).  I use mine for an average of 2 hours a day so that 30 hrs use until I really don't notice the yellow at all.  I'm now really happy with it.  Everyone should try the brightness exercise.

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    I understand, because, as I wrote, I had the same issue. And it took me no time to find this thread once I saw the yellow tint, by coming to this thread. Meanwhile, typing "yellow display ipad" into google brings up tons of info about the issue, including, on the first page, links to macrumors.


    "to be completely honest I am kind of tired of having to research everything before I buy it....Missing the days where you can buy stuff off the shelf and smile with no worries"


    And I love being able to research purchases, before and after I make them. That's how I got here, and found out what my iPad's problem probably was, as well as the fix (which in my case, meant waiting until the yellow went away).


    Back in "the days" you could buy a tablet with white paper, a pencil and pen, some finger paint and scissors, know exactly what you were getting, and you were set! 

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    Ok so I tried the burn-in method over the weekend, its day no. 5, the upper right quadrant of my ipad is still yellow compared to the rest of the screen and I decided to call Apple and ask for an exchange. They got me to do a hard reset followed by a fresh restore before they would agree its a hardware problem though. I mean, come on! Almost half my screen's of a different tint from the rest of it??


    Till now i'm not sure if the burn in method actually works, it seems to have helped some, those with full screen tints, probably doesn't apply to people with part of their screen tinted like me. I've not had any issues with both my iPad 1 (bought on launch day in the US), nor the iPad 2 (bought in Oct last year). I'd advise anyone with screen issues, in particular partial discoloration, to go for an exchange rather than twiddle your thumbs and hope for a miracle.


    Looking forward to the replacement iPad~ The screen on my iPad 2 is unbearable to me now

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    Can you examine or shoot a foto of your pad with this chart on it please and judge the greyscale coloring on your device:


    Does it appear nearly neutral or brownish.

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    Flexigem wrote:



    Can you examine or shoot a foto of your pad with this chart on it please and judge the greyscale coloring on your device:


    Does it appear nearly neutral or brownish.

    How does one do that ? Just open this link in safari in iPad ? and what will the picture show ? prove ?

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