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    Here it is.  Brightness at about 70%, morning light coming in from the right, overhead recessed light above (yellowish light), photo taken with my iphone 4.  You can see, in the address bar at the top its really pretty white.  The yellow hue is almost all but gone. 


    (Click to enlarge)


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    If you open the picture in Safari you can hold your finger on it and save it to the library. There in full screen you can judge if your tones appear ok. It helps to have a calibrated display handy to see if the grey scale is far off. My greys tend to be brownish in the darker tones.The white however does look good though. This is due to my warm display.


    I would not mind the warm hue all over but having colours appearing off especially the grey ones is not acceptable. I want to enjoy my display and not being distracted by hues, tints and uneven backlight, needless to say apart from the other known symptoms the new generation "features"



    Thanks gifty. Will compare yours tonight if am back at my working desk.

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    Ok, just to explain a little the issue with my ipad. Here is how colors shown differently looking at the gamefaqs banner. I ofcourse photoshoped this to resemble the color how I see it on my ipad, leaving the "computer" is how I see it on my macbook.


    as you can see the color is way off. Its almost purple. Somehow the ipad 3 screen looks like it has a saturation adjustment and Apple set it on +100%


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    How do you see the links on on each of these devices?  I seem to remember seeing somewhere, perhaps even in this thread, that on the iPad, they show up as purple.  And if I recall correctly, that's how they're supposed to show up.  So the question is, how certain are you that what you see on your macbook is correct.


    I just went to on my brand new, shiny iPad 2, and everything on the page looks exactly as your computer does.  I also went to it on my computer and checked it on each monitor (dual), and they both look similar to how your computer looks.


    But that does not necessarily make your iPad incorrect.


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  • kingmohd Level 1 (5 points)

    I see them closer to purple than blue while on my computer they are completely blue.

    Are you saying that you ipad, and your 2 monitors, and my computer are all wrong but the ipad 3 is correct?

    I doubt it.


    I just saw some of my friend's 4s, and the screen colors are beautiful nothing like my ipad's screen. Some people say that you should wait for "the glue to vaporize" but then you hear that people used thier ipads for 10 days and its no use.


    I have been using apple products for a long time, and quality has certainly degraded. Products shortages is better than making 1 million ipads per week selling them to customers, who will be very upset with their expensive purchase.

  • Usmaak Level 1 (50 points)

    I think that there is a teardown of the new iPad that shows that the screen is not glued to the glass like it is on the 4S.  My first new iPad had problems with yellow that didn't go away after almost two weeks.  But there have been a number of people on here who have claimed that their screens got whiter over time.  All I know is that it did nothing for me.  The screen was just as poor ten days later as it was on the first day.


    After 8 attempts at getting a new iPad that did not have screen quality issues, I finally gave up on it.  I've seen everything from yellow screen to partial pink/blue/green to dead pixels to poor screen uniformity.  I returned my last new iPad last weekend, and got an iPad 2.  The colors are not as spectacular as on the new iPad, and I really do miss the resolution.  But the screen is uniform, and it has no problems.  After looking at new iPads for a month, it was a shock to look at an iPad with the reduced resolution.  I suppose that I'll get used to it again though.


    I have a month and a week left before it's too late to return the iPad 2.  If I hear of fixes coming for the screen uniformity issues and WiFi weakness, I might just try another one.  We'll see.

  • kingmohd Level 1 (5 points)

    its really hard to give away this beautiful resolution. I am scared og buying the iphone 5 now. hopefully Apple can fix this through software

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    iPad 2 didn't calibrated to standard color. It's too blue when we compare to studio monitor.

    iPad3 is accurate color.


    Safari doesn't color management. If your see image that attacthed AdobeRGB then you will see sRGB instead.


    This is issue of safari.


    This is the link of new ipad color test.


    Hope this help.

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    Most of people are not complain on calibration issues. Even If the whole screen is too warm or too cold - you are get used to it in just a few days and will never feel any discomfort. The real problem is when only part of your screen is yellow, pink or dim. You will never get used to it and be dissapointed any time looking at the Ipad screen.

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    On iPhone4, 4S, ipad2, ipad1, Macbook Air, dell D430, dell d630, dell E4300, dell 2120 and dell e4310 they show as a royal blue. On the 4 ipad3's I tried they showed as purple. I have seen other ipad3's that showed as royal blue though, they belonged to a coupe of friends. I returned mine and stayed with the ipad2 for now.

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    Go to Craig's list site and look at the list links and compair ip2 or PC screen to ipad3 and you will see blue and iPad3 ( in most cases) shows purple.

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    You could also try taking a picture of something that you know is blue.  Not with the iPad, but with an actual camera.  Then put it on the iPad and look at the image and see how it displays.  I'd be curious to see if it looks the same or similar on the iPad.

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    After a week and a half of working with my new, yellow screen Ipad (I previously owned a Ipad 2 which was stolen), spending hours on the net researching the problem and reading god knows how many pages/posts on the yellow hue, here are the facts:

    -          Not all Ipad screens have the same color temperature/hue – because of this the review made here is worth what it is worth ;


    -          The hue tends to be yellowish. The yellow tint intensity varies from Ipad to Ipad.


    -          Is it a real problem? For some people yes , for others no. It all depends on what you use your Ipad. I use mine for work and make photo presentations with it, I need whites to be white not off-white.


    -          Is it noticeable? If you have not previously worked on or owned a model without the yellow tint you probably will not notice the yellow hue and/or will not mind that it is there. Personally I hate it but it’s very subjective.


    -          Based on product reviews I have read and seen, the majority of the Ipads out there seem to have the yellow tint.


    -          There are Ipads out there that do not have the yellow hue. Most of the models I have seen on display in stores do not have the yellow tint problem (I have only checked out in 6 stores).


    -          The great majority of the people that have tried conditioning/burning the screen did not have successful results. Strangely, the majority of the people that did, are senior members in various Apple related forums (most of which have a history of “defending everything Apple!!”)


    -          The yellow tint issue does not go away after a week or two as some people say. As in the above point, most of the people defending this are senior members in various Apple related forums.


    -          Will returning your Ipad and getting a new one solve the problem. If you are very luck yes, but as apparently most ipads have the yellow tint, chances are the new one will have a yellow screen as well – possibly worse than the one you previously owned!


    Can this be solved via software/ios update?? I ask because on many electronic devices (TV, computer screens, etc) you can control the hue via on screen menus/software.


    Anyway, don’t get me wrong. I love the Ipad, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, I’ve bought 2 64gb 3/4g ipads in the past 10 months and the last one cost me 1038 US dollars (799 EUR). It’s great for work, gaming, reading,  seeing movies, great for the web, etc., etc. Am I happy with the new model, only 75%!!! The screen resolution is great but many apps are still not retina display ready so the graphics are now worse that on the Ipad 2 (in some cases the text is so bad that you get a head ache after reading for 15 minutes) , I truly, truly, hate the yellow tint (I used to tease some of my friends that owned other tablets because most of the their screens were “pissy”/had a yellow tint!!! – I guess this is devine justice!!!) , the battery takes forever to charge and paying 1038 US Dollars for a less than perfect Ipad does not make my day. Other than that product is great! On a day to day basis you do not notice the weight or difference in thickness from the Ipad 2 and this heatgate thing is ridiculous!!!! Yes, it heats up more than the Ipad2 but it so what. I have tried to “bring on the heat” by using intense graphic apps, maximum brightness and while charging and couldn’t even get it to a point where it’s uncomfortable to handle.

    I have bought 2 64gb 3/4g ipads in the past 10 months the last one cost me 1038 US dollars (799 EUR) so it’s hard to accept anything but a perfect ipad!

    As getting you hands on an Ipad without the yellow tint is somewhat difficult, Apple, please solve this yellow tint thing!!!!




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    If you have non-uniform tint on the screen - software or IOS update cannot resolve this issue. It is simply impossible to change color tint only on the part of iPad screen. Just forget this idea.

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    Good post Paulogomes2003.


    So have i missed any official written response from Apple anybody?


    This is of course an Apple forum, so where is Apple's response?



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