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    Just saying the glue theory ..  Er. .. Stuck last year because it went away after a week.  Glue? Maybe not, but they certainly settled in.


    No I don't work for Apple, that's absurd!  ;)

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    35mmFilm wrote:


    My iPad has the same yellowy cast it. Also the color matrix has been changed ( for the worse ).
    Play this HD test video on a iPad2 and New iPad then look at the green/blue bar on the right side.... is it blue or purple. if you have a iPhone 4 play the same video and see if it matches.
    Also my iPad really puts out the heat.... big difference in others.
    Let me know what you see on yours


    I calibrate my 27" i7 iMac with the Spyder3 puck using ColorEyes Display Pro.  I would prefer to use my i1Display puck but integrated-color hasn't released the update to CEDP which includes support for the i1Display Pro puck.


    I calibrate SpyderGallery on my iPad 3 also using the Spyder3 puck.


    My iPad 3 appears visibly warmer when compared side by side to my iPad 2--lots warmer. The image on the iPad 2 is far brighter, almost like the whites are bleached. Does this indicate that the iPad 3 is in error, i.e. too warm, or is it the iPad 2 that is too cold?  I believe it is the latter.  Here's why...


    I've displayed the youtube test video on my iPad 2, iMac, and iPad 3.


    The video shows virtually the same image colors, including the same shade of purple, when displayed on my color managed iMac as it does on my iPad 3. The colors are virtually the same when viewed with or without calibration in SpyderGallery which indicates to me that the native color profile on my iPad 3 is very good.


    Moving on to still images...


    Most of my images are from my Canon 7D and are edited in Lightroom using X-Rite Color Checker generated color profiles for my camera.  The images I tested were edited in LR4 then exported to a .jpeg file with an embedded sRGB profile which I then loaded onto my iPad(s).  In all cases the uncalibrated image colors on my iPad 2 were not a reasonable match to the image colors on my iMac.  The exact opposite is true with my iPad 3.  The image colors are a virtual match for those on my iMac.


    To me this says the colors in the iPad 3 are closer to being proper than those of the iPad 2.  If this is true then why have so many complaints been posted concerning the iPad 3 display?


    I believe most prefer the iPad 2 colors because the majority of computers have their display set far too cool and far too high in brightness when they leave the factory.  The users have become 'trained' to believe that is a 'proper' level.  My first iMac came with the brightness set to about 230 cd/m2 and I grew so accustomed the 'bleached whites' which resulted that when I first started using hardware color management I said "This can't be correct.  My whites look like they have been dragged through the mud!".  I tried repeatedly to make my color calibration come out with what I thought were proper whites and just couldn't do so.  When I set my whites to what I thought was proper my prints did not even come close to my display.


    After doing a bit of reading about color management I soon came to a different realization concerning white levels.  For proper color management a much lower brightness setting than those generally used when a display leaves the factory is required.  The required level varys depending upon room lighting conditions, but usually a level between 90-120 cd/m2 is used.  I calibrate my monitors to 120 cd/m2 as I edit and view in a fairly bright room.


    If I display a blank Safari page on my iPad 2 and compare it to the same blank page on my iMac the iMac whites appear dingy.  If I make the same comparison using my iPad 3 the whites are nearly identical.


    From this I conclude that with my two iPads at least the iPad 3, though it appears 'dingy' alongside the iPad 2, is much closer to being 'correct' than is my bright iPad 2.


    As always YMMV.

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    Don't forget the Mk1 eyeball is less than consistent across the human race! Mine is slightly warmer than both an iPad 1 and 2 but it looks great and I only noticed when I had them next to each other. In reality, the screen is absolutely superb.


    Interestingly when I had it next to the iPad 2 i began to notice the individual pixels on the iPad 2 logos particularly in areas of white. I had never noticed them before as I was sensitised to them being normal.


    I do notice that for best results the new screen is best viewed head on or very close to this compared to the previous models but different screens have different characteristics and profiles and the new one is great.

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    I agree the display is great and the colors are spot on--at least on my iPad 3. 


    There is a problem with the display on my iPad 3, however.  The top third (in portrait mode with home button at the bottom) is considerably darker than the rest.  It doesn't show up too much in color photos but if I'm reading a book, in landscape mode with the home button to the right, then 3/4 the left hand page looks as if it has had coffee spilled on it. It is terribly distracting.  I use the Kindle or iBooks app to read a lot of books and when I tried tonight I found the darkened area continually broke my concentration.


    It may be that those who say the problem is caused by glue that hasn't cured yet may be correct but others say that isn't possible with the iPad is too early in the game to be sure who may be correct--if either point of view is correct.


    I do know that if the darkness doesn't fade in the next week or so it will be going back for replacement.

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    Thank you for your detailed color analysis!  I found it very imformative and helpful.  My husband and I will likely be getting new iPads this summer and the yellow remarks were making me a bit nervous.  I have heard in other places that displays are turned too bright, but your post is the most helpful I've read on it.  I especially like the color matching you did.  I am looking forward to getting my first Apple product ever.

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    I have no issues with color on my new iPad.  The display is everything that was stated in the keynote, then some.


    If anyone has yellowing I'd return it.  Mine was up and running within 1 hour of delivery at my door and have had no issues what so ever.  This device is as good or better than than stated!!

  • 35mmFilm Level 1 (0 points)

    So if your seeing the same purple on your device.

    Then the color profile is correct. Thanks for taking the time to run some test.

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    Same problem here. I notice even some brightness loss (or color shift, it's quite hard to say) towards display border. Never had such issues with my previous iPad/iPhone models.


    However, I will wait for ten days. If the color shift persists the new iPad is gonna be the first Apple product I am returning.

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    Hi Guys,


    I just went to check out the 3rd Gen iPad they have on display from a nearby apple reseller and clearly my yellowish tinted iPad is defective. I am definitely going to return this to the store tomorrow and get my refund back. Im sorry to say but im kinda iffy about the glue thing that most people are saying. Its either a defect that apple needs to resolve or perhaps they have just calibrated their new ipad to be that way. Then again, its just my preference that i want my new iPad to look its best and not worse than his predecessor. I think they should cater their taste to the consumers instead of me catering for their taste. Doesnt make sense at all.


    Thanks for the feedback y'all!

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    I am having this issue as well. My yellow tint isn't extreme but it's enough to be noticible.. It is also only present, almost in a gradient fashion, starting at the edge of the screen nearest the camera and dissipating from there. It's really noticible when the keyboard is on screen as half of the buttons will be grey-yellow.


    I hear a lot of talk about glue.. Could this be it or should I take it to the Genius Bar? I am not sure but it's bothing me because this clearly has nothing to do with making the screen warmer when it's only on half of the screen.

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    Is this a yellowish tint to the entire screen?  I put my new 3 next to my sons iPad 2 and compare and it seems that what is white on his screen is an off white, yellowish tint on mine.


    This is on internet pages, documents, etc.


    Does anyone else have the same issues?

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    Hi all.  I had this same concern since receiving and setting up mine last night and comparing to my iPad2. However, I am p,eased to report that after more 3.5 hours of on and off use that the yellowish tinge is beginning to dissipate. The "warmth" of the screen is beginning to "cool" and become more white.  Hoping that continued use will burn it in to it's full glory.


    And as others have noted, you've all got a fairly supportive and robust warranty, so I can exchange it at any time. BTW, I also have AppleCare, which doesn't hurt.

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    White new iPad. Yellow tint strongest at the edge with the camera and transitions to blue by the home bottom. Swapped it out at an Apple store this morning. Same effect, less pronounced.

  • Huskers 86 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here.  This is the pic I took after one day of usage


  • Hersco Level 2 (270 points)

    I have the same yellowish tint issue. I posted a new thread which attempts to determine whether the problem occurs in some models more than others. Please answer the survey at:




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