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  • augustya Level 1 (0 points)

    jaym€ wrote:


    Last wednesday i received a 16gb wifi week 23 serial DY


    Oh Fantastic ! Howz the screen ? Uniform ?

  • jaym€ Level 1 (0 points)

    This is my 8 th ipad, and after 3 mounths of the first purchage i have a ipad with a great screen.

  • fire-s Level 1 (0 points)

    Hmm... that sound good - in one or two weeks i'll try to buy my 4th - after three full of screen issues.

    Also the same story, my first one was bought in March - then another in May - and the last one June...

    I did not make the exchange-loop i'll alway sent it back with money-back.

    Apple-Support called me and asked, what kind of problems i'll have with my iPad 3 - then i told them:

    Dead pixels, pink, yellow, purple, green - the hole spectrum of colours i've seen now on the ipads.

    But to be honest - they were not very surprised about my issues and told me it could be better to wait a few weeks... ????!!!!

    The best thing happened yesterday - i received my new Macbook Air 13 inch - AND ???

    a big fat dead, black pixel in the middle of the screen - Perfect Apple - this is what i would call "quality" and what's worth the price of 1.700,- Euro. it's now also a returner - after 30 Secounds of usage...


    it's a sad story...

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    Wonderbaar ! ( Wonderful in German ) So finally we have a winner...Great I would also attempt a purchase sometime soon and hoping I get my hands on Week-23 and later and hopefully DY units. Good ! Glad to hear now that Good Units are finally being churned out !

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    I've had mine for almost four weeks now.  It will actually be four weeks on Thursday of this coming week.  It's a week 21 that I bought at Target.  The screen is very uniform, but it is different from any other screen I have seen on one of these new ones.  In fact it is very comparable to my iPad 2 in how it handles gray colors.  When compared to my wife's new iPad, the gray is much lighter in color.  Her gray is darker, and almost looks a little blueish.  I am not sure which I like better.  The bluish color makes the whites look a bit brigher and whiter.  On mine, they look every so slightly yellowish.  TBH, I am not really sure if I have one of the screens that's yellowish, because I've never seen one before.  The only yellows that I've seen on screens are in patches that look more brown.


    Another friend took the plunge the other day and got one.  I suggested that she go to Target to pick hers up.  It is also a week 21 DY, like mine.  Her screen looks more like my wife's screen with the slightly blueish tinged grays.  But it also has a green tinted left edge.  So while screen uniformity does appear to be getting better, there are still issues out there.  As we're at week 21, I am guessing that there will always be some issues around.  Though they have come a long way from my launch day iPad.  That thing was a complete disaster.  If it is anything like the iPad 2, there will always be differences between the screens.  Even in November when I was attempting to buy myself an iPad 2, I saw noticable differences between the couple that I tried.  I guess that for whatever reason, there's just no way to make them all exactly the same.


    Anyway, other than the thing with the gray colors, mine has been great.  And I'm not even sure that the gray thing is actually a thing.  When compared to my iPad 2, the grays are almost exactly the same.  I am doing a comparison right now with the brightness setting screen.  They look almost exactly the same, aside from the better resolution of the new iPad.  When I look at a completely white screen, the iPad 2 looks just a bit more yellowish than my new iPad.


    Ha.  My friend saw the greenish tinted strip along the left side and asked me to trade mine for hers.  Even swap.   Though I do like the way whites look a bit better on hers than mine, I worked hard to get one that was uniform.  I don't want yet another with a darker left edge.

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    Could you please tell us the build date and serial number ?


    I am going to exchange mine tomorrow and would like to pick up one that has the best chances to be ok.




    Which serial or manufacturing date should I be looking for ? To be honest, my Ipad 1 screen looks better ... mine now is fully pink and yellow at the bottom ... This is depressing when you buy a 64gb 3G expensive equipment and just have a screen that looks rubish ...





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    Well I do not know what to say.
    The ipad i have was perfect, but for about 3 days I noticed that the whites were getting more yellow than when I received it, I'm not so pleased as I was when I got the ipad.
    It seems to me that something is wrong with the production of the ipad 3 gen......
    The ipad is week 23 and the serial starts with DYWH

  • JBBJ Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks a lot ,


    I compared mine with my IP4S and while the Iphone is clear white , the Ipad is clrearly pinkish and not as bright ...


    I hope for the best

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    Ok - now an update.


    my 5th ipad 3 now is perfect ! such an even display i've never seen bevore...

    it's a DY... cw 24.


    ok there is one dead pixel - but to be honest this is nothing compared to an uneven backlight or colour tint


    so - They are really out there !!!

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    i just bought an ipad 3 last night at best buy (canada). 16GB white wifi. love the retina resolution, but alas, i noticed the screen discolouration, and found this thread via google. my display has a pink tinge, especially around the bottom and right edges (when held in portrait). the "pinkening" seems to have gotten worse since i first powered it on, but that might just be psychological (i notice it more now). some areas of the screen have a slight greenish hue.


    my ipad's serial number starts with DMPH. the chipmunks site says mine was manufactured in week 25.


    anyway, just thought i'd add another data point, for what it's worth. i may wait a few days to see if it changes or if i get used to it before i take it back...

  • Usmaak Level 1 (50 points)

    Aside from some anecdotal evidence that uniformly yellow screens will lose their yellow tint over time, I don't think that tints ever change.  The only thing that would happen is that you'd get used to it.  Until you caught it here and there while looking at the screen.  Then it will just **** you off (if you're anything like me) and it would be too late to do anything about it.  Probably the best thing you can do is hold on to it until the last day of your exchange period.  Then back it up in iTunes, return it, and get another one to try.  Keep doing this until you get sick of doing it and want to settle, or until you get one that actually has a good screen, or until BB gets sick of taking the returns and shuts you off.  Then try other stores, if necessary..  With BB, you should get 30 days.  Or 45 days with their Silver thing.  At least that's how it is to your south.  And though I remain skeptical, try to get one that starts with DYTH.  There's a lot of "evidence" that those ones are somehow better.  Though I have seen bad ones from that factory as well.  The last three that I returned before getting the one that I have now were DYTH that started with week 15, and went all the way to week 21.  The one I finally hung on to was a week 21 DYTH.


    Your mileage may vary, but that's how I finally landed on one with a good screen. And believe me, I went through quite a few with yellow/brown/blue/green/pink tints, dead pixels, and dark edges/corners.  It took work to get a good one.  It's a complete crap shoot, with heavy emphasis on the crap.  Frankly, I'm stunned that 25 weeks into this, they're still turning out ones with bad screen tints.  But for my rather large sum of money, I don't think a flaw free screen is too much to ask for.

  • augustya Level 1 (0 points)



    Interesting piece of information and advice :-)


    This is really surprising the amount of tint units that are being reported in the U.S and U.K and now one rare case in Canada there are none heard in other parts of the world. I can report this from India except for the one that I had, which had a slight greenish tint I have frankly not come across one even one person who is complaning about any sort of tints on their New iPad. I also have spoken to a lot of Apple stores which are resellers here so they would not have any special bias against Apple for not telling the truth no one has yet said that we are getting increasing complaints of people reporting this, maybe one of the reason could be people are not aware. "As the saying goes....Ignorance is Bliss"

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    thanks for the advice, Usmaak. i actually might buy another ipad from another store, and keep the one with the best screen, and return the other...


    i popped into an apple store today just to take a closer look at the display ipads. i was surprised at how much the various units varied in screen colour. i also popped into a future shop and looked at their ipads... there was one on display which was much pinker than mine.


    i absolutely agree-- for a "premium" device that apple has been making for 25 weeks already, you'd think these displays would be more consistent.


    in the end, i wonder if i'll just return it and wait for the next generation.

  • jaym€ Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm with the 9 th ipad, this have the left side pink and the right side green......

  • augustya Level 1 (0 points)

    So what week of production are we in to ? Anybody who has just bought the New iPad in the last week or so can you please report this and post it here :-)

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