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  • Clavichord Level 1 Level 1

    Tigro, I 'checked' around 2 dozens, which also included display units in stores. I did several return and exchange in Bestbuy, Microcenter, Apple etc. And eventually I was not allowed to do any further in Bestbuy for at least 3 months. So be aware.


    A guy in Bestbuy did tell me what they thought: Apple was cheap, it did not do alignment for its screen panel as it should. I guess it could explain at least a little for light leak.  Two ipad 2 I owned both had light leakage at one corner. But when I twist the ipad a little (not too much force!) it disappeared.

  • tactictaylor Level 1 Level 1

    I think quality control just does not exist with Apple products. Out of SIX ipad 4s I found only ONE that was ok. All screen issues, the most common was top left hand of retina display, a murky gray/yellowish hue stretching midway down screen. The in store display units, there for a while too had this so I don't buy into the wet glue theory. Too was the blue hue on one that was bordering the whole edge of the display . It is a lottery, or lucky buy only from companies that have a relaxed return policy. Otherwise you will be left having to show the faults.

  • Clavichord Level 1 Level 1

    The wet glue theory did not stand itself 99% of the cases. Apple did not admit its own fault most of the time. A pretty bad self-defense mechanism led to its downfall of the market value dramatically. One of 5 ipad 4 was ok and kept. No ok ipad 2 ever found, neither did ipad 3.

  • Usmaak Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    There are tear downs of the iPad that clearly state that glue is not used between the glass and the screen. That may have been the case with the iPhone, but it does not look like it is the case with the iPad. In any event, in all of the iPads that I tried before settling on this one, I never saw a screen change in any way.

  • Tigro! Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I read and talked a bit here and there and it turns out some stores where I live have a really cool policy where you could return an iPad with an evident flaw on one day and get a brand new, in sealed box the very next day. I hope my seller store would go for something like this as well as going even through numerous replacements when you can do it in the matter of days rather than weeks seems reasonable and not too annoying. I'll give them a call after Christmas :)

  • tactictaylor Level 1 Level 1

    I would NOT like to be Apple right now....I see a lot of ipad gifts today being returned when the users tire of yellow blotchy gray or blue tinted screens! I am using my Samsung galaxy S2 to respond, tired of my eyes having to get used to the mess otherwise known as a retina display.

  • Jake W. Harvey Level 1 Level 1

    After returning 3 iPad 3s with bad screens, my first iPad 4 was perfect.

  • Usmaak Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Father-In-Law got a new iPad 4 today.  The left side of the screen is greyish yellow, and the right side is white.  It's really obvious to me and my wife saw it too.  I don't know if my FIL has noticed, and I'm not going to tell him.  If he doesn't see it, then he can just enjoy it.  If he does, he can jump on the return chain, if he chooses.

  • amppress Level 1 Level 1

    I got one for my wife and it had a definite yellowish tint on the display.  I brought it back to the apple store to compare the retina display to the ones they had out and the one we had purchased definitely had a much warmer hue to it. The store replaced it without hesitation and all is well now with the new one.

  • Photoelectric Level 1 Level 1

    I suppose I got lucky with my iPad 4 which I got as an open box from Microcenter - it appears to have a pretty uniformly lit and colored screen.  It's slightly red-tinted when I compare it to my IPS monitors, but those are not well-calibrated, and I know they tend toward green and blue, as that's how I set them for different tasks.  So overall, my iPad screen is pretty good.


    I figured I'd ask here, in case it's actually a calibration issue: is it normal for iOS to display web page fonts in a dark [slate] gray color?  I was looking at an android tablet a couple of days ago (Nexus 10 out of curiosity), and while iPad does have great colors and such, android browsers, such as Chrome, were showing super crisp white backgrounds with sharp black font, which was SO much easier to read.  On my iPad, no matter what browser I pick (tried Safari, Chrome, and Puffin so far), most pages default to the stock iOS font in a very dark gray color with an off-white but almost white background.  That makes for lower contrast, which is straining my eyes, especially when the screen is not at high brightness levels in dimmer environments. 


    When I open some pages with the Reader function, the font does become pure black, but the background is that grayish white paper-texture, so still not perfect - plus I can't use the reader function for everything.


    Anyway, is there a reasoning behind this odd choice of colors?  I got this iPad -- my first Apple device -- upon reading about its wonderful calibration and thought it'd be the best in terms of web browsing.  But really frustrated at the moment with what I'm seeing.  (Also, fingerprints tint the screen yellow / green very fast -- going to get a stylus and a screen protector asap, but wiping the screen every few hours for now =/ )

  • firoze Level 1 Level 1

    @photoelectric  You make a good point. I had a iPad 3 for six months before I swapped it for an iPad mini. For a few days I had both iPads with me and definitely noticed that the iPad mini display had more contrast. Like you, I noticed that text on web pages on the iPad 3 was slightly gray rather than pitch black. On the iPad mini it was pitch black. However this slightly gray text on the iPad 3 never bothered me. Text on the iPad mini is certainly a deeper black, but then I do miss the resolution and the utterly smooth rendition of the retina display. All things considered though, I prefer the iPad mini, it's just more handy. If you find the the text on the retina iPad a strain on your eyes, consider swapping it for a iPad mini. But do compare them carefully side by side before you take the plunge...

  • uropek Level 1 Level 1

    Hey, guys! It was really freezzzzing hollidays here, in Russia, but I was kindly warmed up by my brand new yellowish Ipad screen. Yep, any "new Ipad" I checked wasn't perfect at all. Half-screen pink, yellow, blue hues. Personally mine got slight yellow hue all over the screen. The keyboard looks like it've been soiled. (Very-very-very)*2 dissapointin thing. I though if I buy apple-product I'll buy something that'll be near perfect. Why on earth I gave away my 100-dollars chineese "PIPO U1" tablet?? =)) If there is no quality difference, why should we pay so much for our disillusion?

    Now my ipad is in the authorized service, but they told me at once that it's not a defect at all and the chances of replacement is near zero mark. Only hope that the battery is not so good that it supposed to be, so they will replace it in that case. That's my sad story, fellows =) From Russia with love. See ya!

  • warp_speed Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah my first iPad 3 was replaced last week because a yellowing along the edge of the display. They replaced it with another iPad 3 and it still had the same issue. I'm now on my 4th one which still has the same issue although on a different side.


    Now the following is exactly what the store Genius said to me no bull that they are only obliged to change the iPad once because of light leakage and they are not required to do any further replacements if the subsequent replacement iPad is still exhibiting the same issue. The Genius then told me to "live with it" because every iPad he has ever seen has some form of light leakage.


    Now I told the Genius that I've seen 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPad's that didn't have light leakage, including Samsung and Acer Transformer Tablets. In which he replied "I never have". "If image quality is so important he is empowered to say that maybe I should buy a competitor’s product, or buy a new iPad".


      Is this what I should expect from Apple stores now, because this is my first and after those comments, last apple product? Now my 5 month old iPad 3 64GB (3G) which cost me £659 is not exactly old technology. But at nearly twice the price of the competition it better be god dam perfect.


  • BarrettF77 Level 1 Level 1

    Take anything they say with a grain of salt.  I've caught them lying through their teeth and they still keep on going.  I'm setting up my family on Microsoft Surface tablets this week as they were about to buy iPad 4s.  I showed them some of my apple products.  Needless to say, they very quickly changed their minds. 


    If this is apple putting their best foot forward, then this is me putting my hard earned money and technology influences elsewhere. 

  • bentley123456 Level 1 Level 1

    I purchased 3 iPad 4s in Nov/Dec that were returned because of yellow tints on various parts of their screens. I was going to keep my iPad 3 which had a perfect bluish white screen, but because I wanted to gift this iPad to a good friend's grandson for Christmas I decided to give it one more try. I got the 4th iPad 4 in Best Buy (first 3 came from the Apple store) and was happy to get one with a great screen. It is a warmer white than my iPad 3 but no yellow tints anywhere and the warmer screen is easier on the eyes. Color saturation is excellent. I do have to say that the employees in the Apple store were always professional and allowed me to return 3 iPads with no questions asked (all within 14 days). I did keep one for almost 2 weeks to see if the yellow tint on the right side would resolve but there was no change.

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