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  • Alvin Martinez Level 1 (35 points)

    I want to add to this discussion since I am in the middle of this unfortunate iPad lottery as well.


    I purchased an iPad 4 from a third-party vendor and the uneven backlighting issue was evident, with a slightly yellowish-gray cast in the upper left corner as well. To the average person it may not matter. But I use the iPad for creating content (art, sketches, etc.) and I am an avid reader (iBooks, internet, etc.) so this issue makes for a less than smooth viewing experience after long periods of time. On a blank white screen, it is evident that the center is the brightest, coolest area, while the lesser brightness frames the screen vertically on the right and left side (which seem to be the common characteristic issue I have been reading online). Also, if you create or find a neutral gray box or page and zoom in to cover the entire screen, you can also see any discoloration and uneveness as well.


    I returned that one, and got a replacement from Apple directly online. This one doesn't have the yellowish-gray cast on the upper corner, but has the same vertical framing issue. I thought I would be used to it, but after a long period of looking at the screen during normal use (reading, content creation, etc.) it becomes obvious. Even more evident in lower lighting environments. Not everyone lives in a brightly lit envrionment like the Apple Store where flaws are diminished at first glance.


    My plan has an endgame though. I'm going back to Apple Store, explain the issue and have blank pages ready to show. If the replacement exhibits the same characteristics, I will swap it for the refurbished iPad 3 that my father owns (he is okay with this). His has very good backlighting eveness and a slightly warmer cast (which is better than a bluish cast for long-term reading). My use of the iPad requires more visual attentiveness than his use, so I will give him the iPad 4 which for him, is mostly used for music, movies and videos.


    Too bad that it has come to this, but as a 21-year user/owner of Apple products, who has an acutely trained eye for digital color due to my career, I have never had to play this game with any of their screen-based products (iPhone, iMacs, Displays) right out of the box.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    Not to burst your bubble, but iPad 3 had the issue big time as well.  I kept one that was the least offensive after 10.  The iPad mini is not like the iPads.  But it's also not retina.  The next iPad will likely be like the mini and the form factor is much better.  They are also likely to use a different screen tech.  If you can wait, then I would. 

  • Alvin Martinez Level 1 (35 points)

    True about the iPad 3. This goes way beyond a generation of iPads. But the iPad 3 that my father owns and is willing to swap, is as close to perfect as one is going to get. Maybe the fact that it was refurbished may have something to do with it. But I think I will pass on the iPad 5 unless they use a different and better screen technology and the specs are markedly better than the iPad 3 (whereas the iPad 4 in everyday use is not much faster than the iPad 3).

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    No I agree completely.  iPad 4 was brought put because the 3 had heating issues from prolonged life.  Apple store said they had to replace display units once every few weeks because the glass would shatter from heat. 


    The 5 should have a much better performance ratio and the display panel will be different.  It's the only way to make the unit slimmer and use a single light bar.  The 3 and 4 have two led light bars.  Wait and see I guess.

  • lexus232 Level 1 (0 points)

    I purchased my brand new ipad mini 2 days ago and noticed yellowish screen immediately after a first boot. Its the first apple product that I have ever purchased and I'm very disappointed. Ill wait for 2-3 days more and if screen doesn't turn white Ill go to the store and try to exchange it. But of course theres no guarantee that another unit wont have the same issue. :(

  • lexus232 Level 1 (0 points)

    Unfortunately the replacement that I got has the same problem. Now there's uneven discolouration at the bottom of the screen, I can clearly see it on a keyboard. A return button is whiter than space bar. I'm very disappointed with such quality and I will claim a complete refund.

  • BarrettF77 Level 1 (45 points)

    It's a lottery out there.  Apple has no consistency as they like to brag about how many they have sold, not how many quality units have shipped without issue.   Main reason I kept my 3rd gen iPad.   The iPad mini my sister and the one I bought showed one uniformly pinkish and one uniformly blueish.  This holds true on any product apple makes.  The iPad however is the only one Ive seen where different corners will be different colors on some models.  A

    So got some with a long dark bar down the sides of some that I was sent a year ago.  Plus, I read about the LG fiasco on the retina MacBook pros, google it, and you'll see what someone in California is doing because of their issues. 


    All you can do is keep trying with new units and playing the lottery at different stores or just get out of the iOS ecosystem.  Cook has shown over the last year he isn't interested, so I wouldn't get your hopes up.  Hopefully you get an outcome you're happy with!

  • amppress Level 1 (70 points)

    My first iPad 4 definitely had a yellowish tint to it.  The tint was consistent across the display. As soon as I noticed it, within a day, I returned it to the Apple store.  I actually have always found Apple to be exceptional in their responsiveness to problems like this. I own two recent Mac Book Pros, two IPads, three iPhones in my family, AirPort Extreme wireless etc. etc. So this wasn't my first return.  I have never been questioned on my return (even if I was out of the 14 day window normally offered for returns).  In this case with the IPad 4, the Apple rep looked at it and immediately agreed with me that it was yellowish warm and offered to give me a refund, replace it, whatever I wanted. I asked for a replacement. The Apple rep initiated on her own the suggestion that we open up the new one to ensure that the display was perfect in every way. Which we did. And the second one was perfect and still is today some 3 or 4 months later.  My primary point is that I really value Apple products and have no concerns whatsoever about their standing by their products.  Every product I have is perfect. I have had to return an item or two and have found them to be as good as Costco in that regard :))))  I agree that they may have a quality control issue that they need to look into re this IPad situation but my suggestion to everyone on this thread is if you're not happy with your IPad, bring it back! I have dealt with two different Apple stores in the GTA and have found both stores to be equally responsive. I am surprised at times on various threads that I read here how many times people try to fix a problem on their own with something they are not happy about an Apple product they have purchased.  Some people have tried recalibrating their displays with third party apps etc.  My advice is just bring it back and don't accept a product that isn't doing, looking, etc. the way it should.  I would be interested if any one on this thread has tried to return their IPad 4 or other Apple product and been denied. It's never happened to me ever.  Better to not have to bring it back, but great that Apple will not leave you in the cold!!!!

  • lexus232 Level 1 (0 points)

    And by the way, if this yellow hue is adhesive that didnt have enough time to dry before shipping to a costumer, then why my ipad mini, that i have purchased week ago, had ios 6.0.1?

  • lexus232 Level 1 (0 points)

    Unfortunately apple premium reseller has refused to change my ipad 2nd time, no refund either. This is unacceptable. First time they acknowledged the problem, and now they say that its normal and its just a variation in screen color. They didnt even look at my ipad. Well at least I have learned one lesson from it- never buy anything from apple resellers, buy only directly from apple store or their website. I hope a yellow stain in the bottom left corner will go away with time.

  • Usmaak Level 1 (50 points)

    There are a couple of teardowns around the internet.  They state that there is no glue.  There may be glue on the iPhone, but not on the iPad3/4.  Not sure about the Mini, though I'd imagine that it's the same thing.


    And as someone who went through a few iPad 3s with this issue, I can say that it does not go away over time.  At least it never did with the few that I ended up returning with this issue.

    lexus232 wrote:


    And by the way, if this yellow hue is adhesive that didnt have enough time to dry before shipping to a costumer, then why my ipad mini, that i have purchased week ago, had ios 6.0.1?

  • b4tman Level 1 (0 points)

    Yup, iPad 4 that my sister boght me sometime around thanksgiving still has a very apparent yellow tint on the left side of the screen (landscape mode, home button on the right). Kind of frustrating.

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    After 2 and a half years I decided it was time to upgrade my iPad 1st gen to the iPad 4.

    One of the things that sold me was this "amazing" retina display.

    I bought the iPad at best buy, got home, turned it on and immediately noticed something wrong with the's YELLOW! I was so disappointed.


    I compared it side by side with my iPad 1st gen and the difference is like night and day! The display on the original iPad is much better than the retina display. The whites are pure white on the 1st gen and yellowish/greenish on the iPad 4, also the display seems much dimmer.


    I will return it to best buy tomorrow.


    This thread has 116.000 views so far, you'd think apple would have resolved the issue by now.


    I wish I could just upgrade the iOS on my 1st gen.

  • Flexigem Level 1 (0 points)

    They give a sh*t on QA. I have seen so many different panels and even in the store there are different ones laying around. Pink hues are common.


    Its still unbelievable that there are so many different panels built into this expensive device.


    Go return it and start the game again.


    If they dont get their act together, market share will be overrun from the friendly green robot soon.

  • Onesaa Level 1 (0 points)


    I returned the iPad to best buy buy and got a replacement one..guess what? Still YELLOW!.

    It's not as bad as the first one but when compared side by side with my iPad 1st gen the difference is night and day.


    I am very disappointed with the display quality.


    Apple definitely dropped the ball on this one.