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    Not only on this one. iPhone 5 is on its way to be a follow up thing from this miserable QA. The most fragile device up to date with plenty of flaws built in. Go figure. Even the delicate glass back on the 4 was more durable.

  • amppress Level 1 Level 1

    I got my iPhone 5 a few months ago. And am loving it. In terms of tint, I think it may be ever so slightly "warmer in hue" compared to my previous iPhone when looking at white background on phone.  But not anything that I would notice at all.  I am aware of the yellow tint that can occur (see my earlier post on this thread re my iPad 4). My iPhone 5 is lightning fast. I think my battery life may be a little less with the iPhone 5 but I can get around 6 hours of Useage -phone calls, emails, surfing, app use etc. before recharging.  So I'm really happy with my phone. My wife has the iPhone 4 and is just as happy. I am obviously not in a position to evaluate Apple's overall quality control. But as for me (and I own a lot of Apple products), I'm not having any issues BUT when I have had a problem, Apple has always bent over backwards to fix the problem and ensure that I was a satisfied customer. So they are still my choice vendor, my choice platform (OSX) and my choice product. 

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    I've had ipad3 for 6 months before i found the problem about speaker. I returned it and got the new one with the yellow screen problem. I can't notice it at the first time, but when i use it often i found that screen is yellowish on the left side in portrait mode. I've heard about glue problem, so I've used it for a month and hope that glue is dried, but it's still yellowish. I don't understand apple's QC. My ipad's speaker fail before 1 year, this is not my fault. And why i got the one that have the yellow screen problem. There are no apple store in my country and that means i have to contact the ASP and wait for 10 days to get the new one. I don't want to play the returning game with apple and i don't want to waste my time and my mind with the new one that i don't know what happen. I feel bad about apple product and i must think more for the next one if they still have the bad QC.

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    Never a problem with eyestrain here with original iPad, iPhone 4, iBook, or MacBook Pro.


    New 2013 MacBook Air, however, has higher resolution, smaller sized text for menu bar and menu items, and yellowish screen, which just does NOT seem as easy on the eyes.


    As to this on the i-device...


    "But they were the good, yellow LED's not the terrible blue ones."


    my reaction was exactly the opposite.  The bluish tinted iPhone screens were much nicer (likely because I was used to a bluish screen on an iPod Touch).  OTOH, photos do look better on the yellow-tinted screen.  Neither, however, were "terrible"--both were quite good!  Methinks you exaggerrated slightly. 


    In any event, wish that Apple would us a color-tint setting so that those who would rather have the background be bluish-white and those who prefer the creme color could get their way...

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    Several days ago I ordered an ipad air for my friend. I noticed there is a little yellow tint at left side so I returned it. Thanks Apple. The return policy is so good.


    Today I bought an ipad mini retina from bestbuy, the yellow tint is very serious. Half screen has yellow tint and the other half has blue tint. Comparing to this one, my previouse returned ipad air is really good enough.


    I can't believe it's made by Apple.

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    wow limijd, that's a bummer. I wasn't expecting this issue in a new generation of ipads. By the way my mini that I bought in March still has this yellowish tint in a bottom right corner, after all these months it hasn't disappeared. I am not going to buy sealed mini 2 because I don't want to gamble this lottery once again, I am going to buy a second hand ONLY, it is the only way to check that my next ipad mini wont have a yellow hue.

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    I'm on my 4th iPad Air. All of them have had nausea-inducing yellow screens.


    1st iPad Air: left side of screen is yellow.

    2nd iPad Air: left side of screen is yellow. terrible backlight bleeding.

    3rd iPad Air: left side of screen is yellow. screen interlacing from iPhone 5S's visible ( terrible backlight bleeding.

    4th iPad Air: entire screen is yellow. worst backlight bleeding I've ever seen.


    I'm at the point where I don't know if I should exchange it and play iPad Roulette again for the 5th time, or if I should just give up and return it for good. I told myself no more Apple products after the screen interlacing issue on the 5S. Then again, I told myself that after scuffgate with the 5. Waited in line 12 hours for that one only to open a scratched/scuffed/dinged device....4 times in a row.


    I don't know how much money Tim Cook thinks they're saving by cutting quality control, but they certainly aren't saving money on me. I'll return a hundred devices if I have to. Point being, they're losing money on me, and they deserve it.

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    Omgosh, if I only had read this thread before I gave away my iPad Mini 1G and bought a Retina version instead..


    First iPad Mini Retina got a very yellowish hue in the lower half of the screen. I thought I was unlucky and went to the Genius Bar - which cost me over 4 hours of traveling and €22. Genius ordered a replacement because they didn't had any in stock. Went back today - which cost me again over 4 hours of traveling and €22 - got my replacement and saw immediately that this screen was less yellow than the other one but had a blue-ish glow at the camera side of the iPad. They didn't had a replacement in stock again, which made me very frustrated because this meant that I had to come back ANOTHER time - which would cost me AGAIN over 4 hours of traveling and €22 (!). And reading this thread isn't helping me to keep my hopes up.


    The iPad that I took home (my replacement) is even worse than the one I handed in: it is like yours, limijd: in landscape mode it goes from yellow (left, home button) to blue (right, iSight) and on top of that it has screen bleeding at the left (!). It makes my eyes go insane!


    HOWWWW, Apple?! Come on! Quality is your signature - please fix this!

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    Unfortunately, in my experience that's par for the course. There is definitely something during manufacturing of either the screen or the assembly of the iPad that's causing this uneven tint. It happens with the iPhones, the iPad Airs and even Macbook retina displays.

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    I have kept my eye on this particular 'tint issue'.  I am surprised that there still appears to be a problem with screen tint.  In an earlier post, I indicated that I had the yellow tint problem when I purchased a retina IPad.  Apple were absolutely amazing in dealing with me and replaced it immediately, and insisted on opening the new one up before I left the store to ensure there was no tint. And there wasn't. Since then I've also added an IPad mini to my collection of Apple products.  It was perfect right out of the box.  One suggestion I would have is that IF POSSIBLE buy directly through an Apple store.  It's just so much easier when dealing with a problem. Apple will definitely take care if its customers.  It you can't but directly from a store, I would go with Apple online rather than anothe vendor like Best Buy.  This may be no comfort to anyone disappointed with tinting issues. All I can say that is in my family, we have 4 iPads, one IPad mini, 4 iPhones, 3 macbook pros   And we are absolutely happy with every product.  In addition, I always buy Apple Care.... Not much comfort for someone still having problems but this is truly my experience with Apple. Hope it works out for you. 

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    It's really sad that this issue still persists with yet another generation of ipads. I have sold my ipad mini with a yellow tint in the lower left part of the screen and thankfully buyer haven't noticed anything wrong with it. I was worried for the first 2 weeks that he might call me and ask for a money back but it didn't happen. I think this proves once again that the issue with yellow tinted screens and corners might be even bigger than being reported because many people just don't see it or think it's normal.

    If I decide to buy a new ipad I will most certainly get a second hand one with a valid warranty. This way I would at least be able to check the screen before I buy it. The first mini that I got in the March of 2013 I returned due to yellow screen but the 2nd one with a yellow tint in the corner they refused to exchange, told me it's NORMAL. I don't want to bother with returns again, too much time wasting.

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    I think it's just one of those things where the vast majority of people don't notice until you tell them. Or they do notice but don't care. And I think that's why Apple is letting these through. I wouldn't be surprised if the issue were even more serious than we think and that the ones that have been let out into the wild are ones that have been "fixed" to a large degree.

  • amppress Level 1 Level 1

    Just to make sure I wasn't not noticing the tint on my I products, I went back and thoroughly looked over my iphone 5, IPad retina, and iphone mini.  All of them are perfect. I do believe that they are all what I would call slightly 'warmer' in their screen display, compared to my IPad 1 which looks a little 'cooler' (slightly more bluer) but there is no yellow tint or portions of the screen that are tinted on any of them.  I wonder if the country in which you purchase is a possible contributing factor.  All of my products have been bought in Canada.  My other family members' iPads and iPhones are fine as well. Just to be clear, I am not denying the reality of this problem and if I had the problem I would get replacements.  It's hard to figure how we (my family) can own so many current iPhones, iPads etc and not have this problem with a single one of them.   As I said we all live in the Toronto area and buy directly from Apple stores. Good luck to everyone else. I am very fastidious, and a tinted screen would drive me nuts!!!! But all is well at my end.

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    I don't think and I don't hope it's related to where someone bought his/her products, because my family also has a lot of Apple products and all of them are just fine: iPad 2, iPad Retinas, iPad Air, iPad Mini 1G, MBP, MBP Retina, MBA, iMac, iPods and iPhones.

    It's really just the iPad Mini Retina - in my case (I know you weren't replying on me). I am waiting for my second replacement these days. The screens are horrible! Even in the stores. Differences in slightly warmer or cooler undertones are there between these products, but that is normal. With my two iPad Mini Retinas the screens had different undertones (from yellow to blue), light bleeding effects and unevenness all on one 7,9" screen. Poor eyes .

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    64gb cell retina mini.


    1st ipad mini retina - piece of red thread under screen (long enough to make the letter 's') exchanged;


    2nd (replacement) 2 pieces of debris under screen, dead pixel and backlight bleed, scratch under screen. exchanged;


    3rd (replacement) duff serial problem, faulty speaker, loose power button, scratch on top screen, yellow to blue tint. exchanged;


    4th (replacement) yellow to blue tint (genuis observed and immediately noted it) awaiting exchange.


    5th ordered.


    Great quality hey?

    Absolute shambles. Spent thousands over the years on apple equipment, never had this trouble before.