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    Can't believe this thread is still going on , I came here I believe when I was upset with my iPad 3 purchase (which I still have) before I went to buy an iPad Air I thought I better check if the new screens got issues like 2 years ago...and I was surprised they still do!


    This is very unacceptable from Apple, especially for an issue that has been going on for a couple of years now and it is not a rare incident, this(and other) threads are filled with people having an experience of returning their 3rd and 4th ipads. This only reminds me of the Xbox RROD , almost every console had it.

  • cotton.mill Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Went to the store to swap out for my fifth retina mini 64gb cell last night....


    Finally, result No yellow, no lines, no bleeding, no debris or other faults.


    The previous ones I had, each genius spotted each problem themselves, even to the point one didn't even give me the one he opened, he just said aarrrggghhh I'm ordering another for you.


    After going through that it's now 5x more precious to me now


    It still seems every launch there are 'issues' with production until they smooth it out a few months in. You always have to remember nothing will be 100% all of the time either straight off the line.


    To anyone else, if you have a genuine fault, take it back to the store. Wait until you are going close by for something else.


    Apple will ultimately sort it for you.

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    Being a very satisfied, happy Apple customer and advocate for their products, these posts are quite unsettling. If I were to be going through what some of these posts indicate, I would definitely lose confidence in the quality control process. I will certainly be more cautious as I look at upgrading my products in the future.  Has anyone ever received any kind of explanation from Apple with respect to these screen problems?

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    Given that every launch has had problems, and given that you have been very satisfied with your purchases, why would you be more cautious than before?


    Screen problems are obviously minor, given the millions of units sold. So Apple, like Nikon and Sony and Toyota and every other major company, will not admit to problems unless they are very serious and very visible to a large percentage of their customers and potential customers.

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    iDave, because only fool learns on his own mistakes. Smart people learn on mistakes and mishaps of others.


    As it have been discussed in this thread already, we can't say how large is the yellow screen problem because many people just don't see it. I myself sold an ipad mini with yellow tint in the bottom right corner to another person and he hasn't noticed anything wrong with it. If you read the thread you can see that some people exchange their ipads multiple (5-6) times until they find a good one. This makes me think that actually there are lots of faulty ones, but people either don't see it or think it's OK.

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    Re why I would be cautious with my Apple hardware upgrades. First of all, I'm not going anywhere. I'd never go back to the PC world.  But I will not jump into new Apple products assuming that these kind of Quality control issues don't take place with Apple. I will engage in what I would consider due diligence prior to purchase.  Already am doing that with both ios and osx updates.  I never update anymore right away. I have noticed a lot of problems in first releases over the past year or so.  I just wait until they get sorted out. Still love Apple but this thread clearly indicates there is a quality control issue with respect to screen tinting. Each to his own as to how you factor in these kind of issues with your future purchases.  What would really help is an official response from Apple on this particular problem. I only had to exchange one IPad retina.  The Apple rep was very helpful but neither did they seem surprised at the time re the tint issue. All's well that ends well.  But who wants to go through what some of the people on this thread have gone through?  Not me!

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    I had light leakage/bleed on my 28 days old iPad Air, so,I sent it back for replacement and they did.

    Now this replacement device has more light bleed and a yellow tint on left hand side. I am going to return it and have my money back.

    This is obvious that there is something wrong with iPad air screens.

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    There's a bit of leakage on my Air. In actual use, it's not an issue because I don't notice it.

    How much light leakage/bleed was there? And why did you wait 28 days to return it?


    It's obvious to you that something with your screens was wrong. It's more obivious that most iPad screens don't have defects.

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    I noticed it after 2 week i have bought it. It was so small i did not care however, it grew through the days, at last i sent it back and they sent a replacement device which has light leakages and yellow tint on the screen now i have started a refund request.

    By the way they still cannot see the replacement device on their system. Ridiculous huh?

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    I bought Ipad 4 last march ! I put it on charge last night & now when I woke I am getting warm yellow hue or tint on the whole scene of it ! When I restart it would be clear whitish for 10 seconds but again would get the tint ! I am trying to upgrade to 7.1 lets see ! Any suggestions I could fix it my self ?

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    I bought Ipad 4 last march ! I put it on charge last night & now when I woke I am getting warm yellow hue or tint covering the whole screen When I restart it would be clear whitish for 10 seconds but again would get the tint ! I am trying to upgrade to 7.1 lets see ! Any suggestions I could fix it my self other than telling me to go to apple store as there is no apple store in the country !

  • JamshedJogezai Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok , just updated to iOS 7.1 & so far it's all cool ! 100% whitish screen , no warm yellowish tint or hue any more !

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    I also have the same problem for it,which have a yellow tint desplay with my ipad mini2,i dont know how to do about it,because, all most producties have this problem, if i choose to relpace a new, i not sure that it will be batter than my original.

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    I have an Ipad 4th generation retina display (purchased in 2012) and an IPad Air purchased in Nov 2013 or so. Both screens identical and beautiful, with a "cold" colour ( very slight blueish tint). I purchased last weak another IPad Air, 128gb, wi-fi, and the screen is noticeably different. The colour is warmer, it has a definite yellowish tint. It seems uniform throughout, no bleeding. However, specially when looking at whites, the difference between my old IPad Air and the new one is undeniable. I went to the Apple store, returned it, got another one, opened it in the store. AGAIN the same yellowish tint? I compared it with the airs on display and there was no question about it. Opened another one. THE SAME!!!! The guy at the store told me that perhaps a new batch has different screens, which are warmer from manufacture. Or, that the yellowish tint will disappear after awhile. In any case, it didn't seem to be an issue they were aware of.


    At this point I just took my money back. It is not that the screen is bad, perhaps if I didn't have anything to compare it with I wouldn't have complained, but for me the warmer tint is just not as good as the colder one. Whites are just not as white. I am not sure if this is a quality control issue or simply a different manufacture screen. I tend to believe is the latter, it is very unlikely that three ipad I tried have similarly yellow tinted screens.

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    Some of this is personal preference in terms of cool or warm screens. I prefer the cool tint. I own a multitude of apple products.  Too numerous to list.  I only had a real tint problem with the IPad retina and had it replaced at the store and they were amazing in helping me out.  Opening the box, checking the tint etc. to ensure I was happy with it. And I was. I have to say that my iphone 5 is warmer than my other displays in terms of tint but it is absolutely consistent.  I think it actually displays truer colors such as red compared to my cooler (more blue displays). This may actually be an improvement.  But if there is an inconsistency across the screen that's a problem or if it is definitely yellow in tint that's a problem as well.  I continue to be a happy Apple purchaser