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  • Hersco Level 2 (270 points)

    Not happy with the yellow cast, I returned my iPad to my local Apple Store and swapped it for another one. The replacement has the same problem. I agree with Kirk that whites should be white. My iPhone and my previous iPad do not have this problem. I have kept the replacement iPad turned on for nearly more than a full day hoping that the yellow cast would lighten, as reported elsewhere in this thread. So far, there has been no change.

  • Usmaak Level 1 (50 points)

    I have some yellowish tint, but not over the entire screen.  It is only happening on the left side of the screen.  I've had it for 24 hours now, and have used it a LOT, and it hasn't changed even a little bit.


    Other than that, no complaints at all.  I am hoping that it will go away with time.  I tried two iPad 2s before this, and both had bad screen flaws.  One was separated from the glass, and the other one had grey smudges in the corners.  I had high hopes that the new retina display would overcome the flaws.


    I went into the Apple store to take a look at their display units.  They had six on display.  I saw the yellow in none of them.  They were all running pretty hot though. But they had the brightness cranked up, and of course, they were all plugged in.


    Target gives me a 45 day return window.  Because there are no other problems with this except for the screen, I'm going to hang on to it for a while, and hope it clears up.

  • mangoesbananas Level 1 (5 points)

    I, too, will switch back to an iPad 2 if the color-balance issues are not corrected on the "New iPad". 


    I've had the "New iPad" for three days now, and the blues look closer to purple, and the yellows have a slightly greenish tint to them.


    For what it's worth, I don't buy the "glue needs to dry" theory.

  • (none) Ctein Level 1 (25 points)

    Dear Mangoes,


    Check out my post on page 2 of this discussion.


    I can't speak to whether or not you have a defective screen, but "blues" should go more "purple" on the new iPad. The iPad2 inaccurately rendered blues as too light and shifted towards cyan. The new iPad renders them very close to correct (as compared with a properly calibrated D65 studio monitor). I see no big difference in the rendering of pure yellows between the iPad2 and the new iPad, but the slightly warmer (and more accurate) color temperature of the new iPad could make them look subjectively different (i.e., compared to the "white," yellows would look slightly warmer on the iPad2).


    If you don't like this color rendition, then return the new iPad, but don't expect Apple to "correct" it. It's actually much more correct now than it was in the iPad2.


    pax / Ctein

  • ClayG Level 4 (1,415 points)

    I generally don't buy the glue-drying theory, either, but it is probably genuine in a few cases. If you are seeing a yellow-ish cast either on the entire screen or on spots, I would give it 2 weeks with heavy use. if it hasn't cleared up, take it back for a swap. My iPhone 4S was very dingy and yellow and I got it swapped for one that's good.


    Now, the retina displays are warmer in their color temperature/white balance. That's just how Apple has designed them, but that doesn't preclude some screen being defective. Your iPad shouldn't look yellow and dingy, but the colors will not be (and should not be) identical to your iPad 2 or 1. In fact, my new iPad looks just a slight bit yellow, and I'm giving it some time, but when I looked back at my iPad 2, the iPad 2 looked extremely blue/green. Whites actually looked green after my eyes adjusted to the new iPad.

  • rgoldd Level 1 (110 points)

    Mine is Pink compared to my iPad 2, iPhone 4 and 4S, and my MacBook Pro 17inch and IT'S BUGGING ME.

  • Jessemlopez Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm seeing the same pinkish color... Mine is on the right and bottom.

  • rgoldd Level 1 (110 points)

    This was posted by someone earlier and I looked at it on the iPad 2, iPad (3rd), and Macbook Pro.



    I've come to the conclusion after looking at Netflix from my Apple TV and on the iPad at the same mark that the colors were near identical on my TV and iPad (3rd). The only issue to me appears to be White Balance while this may not be the only issue just a tad bleachier whites and I'd be happy, because the gradient test comparision old to new iPad the new one blows the old out of the water.


    The Black one if the iPad (3rd gen) it looks pinkish sometimes yellow to me.



  • Tournelle Level 1 (0 points)

    I had a uniform yellow screen tint on a 64GB white 4G iPad purchased March 16. The next day, I happened to pop into a different Apple Store in the same city. Compared it to several demo models, and an Apple rep agreed that it was quite yellow compared to the cleaner whites of the demo models. All the demo models were 16GB white or black 4G iPads. To do the comparison, we cranked the brightness up all the way. He gave me a replacement model without fuss...but that one too has the yellow tint! The store was a zoo and I was in a rush so I could not find the Apple rep to show him that the replacement model has the same issue. BUT...I wonder if a huge batch of the 4g 64GB models have this issue. Now, the problem may indeed go away with use (maybe all the in-store demo models have had the yellow hue fade away because they are on all the time). But I have a feeling that a factory or assembly line responsible for making the 64GB white 4G iPads might have calibrated the screens differently than on other models. So it would be interesting to hear from people WHICH model has the yellow hue; are we only talking about 64GB 4G models...? Having already exchanged mine once I am going to wait about a week before deciding what to do, but I am inclined to keep it.

  • Parallex33 Level 1 (60 points)

    I have a black 64Gb 4G and there is no yellow hue.  I thought at first there was, but either I have got used to the screen or it has faded away.  Either way, I saw an iPad 2 yesterday and it looked very "blue" to me in comparison to the white i am seeing on my 3...

  • basslines Level 1 (10 points)

    My iPad 2 has no yellow tint and is very very uniform with white that is pretty white. Not really blueish either.


    However, my iPad 3 had pinkish tint on the bottom right corner and top left corner. The centre had a funny light green cyan color that is the closest to white.


    I have requested for a replacement since I only got mine a day after the launch date.


    I liked he retina display but it annoys me terribly when reading mail and on safari since the background is supposed to be white.


    I am now back to my iPad 2 and there's no such yucky feeling about the screen even though the texts are not as crisp.


    I guess apple needs to ensure screen panels are of good quality coz this happens also to the thunderbolt screen and MacBook pros!

  • buenor Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing happened to me, I took it back (drove 40 miles), it looked fine at the store but there is no dark room or anything to test it in.  Got it home and while it is not as bad as  the original, I can still see a yellow hue on the top portion of the screen (but not at the bottom).   It's going back, the major pain the drive.  I shouldn't have gotten rid of my old iPad 2

  • pingtw Level 1 (0 points)

    My New iPad 64G has this issue, too. I compare it with my iPad2 and iPhone 4s. The New iPad (64G)screen got a yellow hue. I'm going to return and replace it in Apple Store. 

  • NyVetteGuy Level 1 (45 points)

    To the people experiencing the yellow hue....


    Is the Auto-Brightness on or off?


    I dont have the yellow hue on mine BUT, when unchecking Auto-Brightness the screen certainly looks a lot whiter than without it checked...the retina screen really POPs with Auto-Brightness off....

  • Kirk Bodick Level 1 (25 points)

    Auto Brightness is ON but I switched to OFF with no difference to screen tinti

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