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  • Chrisper Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry, didn't know how else to get this in this forum and I just saw that my post is in the discussions, sorry again for posting this here but it does answer some questions in this stream

  • AngelOK10 Level 1 Level 1

    Bought an iPad 3, 32G, Wi-Fi + 4g LTE. After the first half-hour of use, my iPad was very toasty in the lower left hand corner - never too hot to handle, but noticably warm. This never happened with my iPad 2, which I gave to my folks.Concerned and thinking this was unsusal, I called Apple Support, who had not been made aware of the problem yet and offered no solution. On day two of use, the problem seemed to improve after charging. I have not allowed the battery to drain to zero, but plan to and probably should have on day one, for calibration purposes. Hopefully, the fix recommended in this forum will permanently remedy the problem. I am not happy that others had this problem, but I am happy that those of you who did, posted it here. Thanks!

  • joelfromcanada Level 1 Level 1

    So far I haven't experienced any overheating on my new iPad 64gb/4g but I'm not using a case yet.  When I got the unit home, I used it for a bit before charging it fully.  So far I haven't really noticed any significant warmth coming from the device.  I've played a few games on it (Angry Bots/Samurai II Dojo to test out Unity 3D support for the new Retina display) and it didn't get hot at all.  I can't say I really noticed any warmth either.  I'm going to watch a movie tonight and see how that goes.  I do not have a case for it though and I'm only using wifi (no sim card installed yet.)  I also have auto-brightness enabled (and slider set to ~60%.)


    I wonder how many people with overheating issues are using a case?

  • achimon Level 1 Level 1

    I just bought my New iPad (iPad3) [32GB WIFI only] yesterday and after restoring from the cloud and using it for a bit, I had noticed a good amount of heat from the left corner as well.  Then as I was doing research found this forum and decied to test this while watching a video or playing a game and noticed that the back of the iPad got extreamly hot.


    I am going to try and run through a couple of full drains and full re-charge on the battery and see if that improves it at all.

  • robertfromholly springs Level 1 Level 1

    I also have an overheating issue with the New Ipad. If I leave it out of the case, it gets "uncomfortably warm" with brightness set to 90-100% and just using Safari. It gets HOT when I play games. If I put it in the case while playing games or using Safari, it gets MUCH hotter. In fact, the entire device eventually gets very warm with the lower left side (front and back) being too hot to touch for more than a few seconds. Per suggestions on the forums, I drained the battery to zero percent (automatic shutdown) and fully recharged. I didn't notice any improvement. This is a real problem. I have the original ipad (skipped the Ipad2) and it is always cool cool cool. This is not good. It's hot enough that it is distracting to me. Sigh...

  • Apple II Forever Level 1 Level 1

    My new iPad is shutting down due to overheating also. I'm returning mine to the store tomorrow and sticking with my iPad 1. Apple has jumped the shark on this one.

  • MarkoGordo Level 1 Level 1

    It might be worth mentioning whether your iPad is wi-fi only, or includes 4g. 


    Does the heat issue occur more often in 4g tablets?  There is a manufacturing difference between the two, and 4g may demand more power by design, even when it's not being accessed.  Or the level of brightness may make more of a difference on the 4g design than wi-fi only. 


    The forum could collectively figure out a few baseline assumptions until Apple offers more information.



    Heat: Warm, but not uncomfortable


    iPad:  64gb,  Wi-Fi only


    Bright:  80%


    Battery Cycles:  Still using its initial charge

  • BeersYourFriend Level 1 Level 1

    It's doing it on all the new iPad's.


    Mines a Black / 32Gb / Wi-Fi Only model.

    Bringing it to Apple at 5:00est and going to try a replacement. Doubt the other new iPad model will fix, but it's worth a shot. It took 8 hours to get from 2% charge to 79%! Plus it was getting very hot. See what happens, and will stay posted...

  • NovaSins Level 1 Level 1

    Using the charger that came with mine I got about 20% in an hour


    Thanks to everyone who was claimed theirs has got Hot also ..this is becoming something apple can't ignore forever


    Mines 32 gig white wifi only and it gets Hot

  • payup Level 1 Level 1

    Good point, let's post specs. From what it appears so far, it's affecting both 4G and wifi models.



    32GB Verizon 4G, black, cellular data turned off.


    case 1: Uncomfortably warm while browsing at ~75% brightness.

    case 2: Very hot, borderline impossible to hold after running a 3d game for 30 minutes on full brightness (no overheating error message though). In comparison, iPad 2 got uniformly warm, but not this hot.

  • epavlov Level 1 Level 1

    iPad 16gb Wi-Fi model.

    Overheating to much. I even burn my lap on my first day. Not comfortable to use at all.

    Will try to drain the battery, but not to much hope on it.

    Will definately change it for iPad 2 in worst case. Very disappointed.

  • Apple II Forever Level 1 Level 1

    Mine's a 32 GB Wi-Fi only model. I've discharged the battery and didn't use it while it re-charged. It didn't seem to make a difference. I mainly use Safari and it gets too warm within 30 minutes. The NetFlix App will cause it to overheat and display the error message saying it needs to cool down within 30 minutes.


    From reading the comments, it seems like a bad batch has been shipped since some people aren't having the problem.

  • joannefromarlington heights Level 1 Level 1

    New iPad specs: 16 gb wifi

  • robertfromholly springs Level 1 Level 1

    Here are my stats:


    32GB WIFI only, black


    case 1: Uncomfortably warm within 30 minutes while browsing at ~90% brightness.

    case 2: Very uncomfortable to hold after running a 3d game for 30 minutes on full brightness (no overheating error message though).

    Case 3: Could cook an egg on it if I run a 3d game for 30 minutes and it is inside a leather folio case. Still no overheating error though.  I did this only as a test for a short time before I removed it because I was certain it would get damaged being that hot.

  • Tournelle Level 1 Level 1

    WARNING - is there a danger of electric shock?


    OK, so here I am in front of my iMac, corded extended keyboard, reading your post. I reach a hand over to feel the back of the new iPad, which is sitting in an Apple dock charging a few inches away from the keyboard (screen on). And ZAP, as soon as my fingers touch the back of the iPad, I get a sharp little electric shock on the part of my wrist that happens to be touching the aluminum corner of the keyboard.


    I put a finger of one hand on the back of the iPad (bottom left) and then touch the edge of the keyboard with a finger of the other hand, and there is a very intense burning sensation on the finger touching the keyboard.


    I am in Europe (maybe it is a European voltage thing) -- but it seems to me that there is definitely a danger of electric shock.


    So while I was maybe nearly electrocuted, I can at least report that my iPad is not too hot.

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