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    If not too much trouble could you post the factory and production week of your third ipad that is running cooler?

    You just type in your serial number here:

  • irionic Level 1 (0 points)

    Returned my iPad3 32G Wi-Fi yesterday.  Got in the mail on release date.  Mine was not beingused for movies or intense gaming, just run of the mill items.  Heat was not warm but what I considered hot.  It was uncomfortable to prop in my lap and use for any length of time, and I could not hold it.  I am diabetic and supposedly should be less sensitive to temps.


    The Apple Care rep told me to take to local genius bar for a further assessment.  They promptly told me this heat was normal and acceptable under Apple's standards.  I asked to swap out but they told me it would have the same heating issue and that the 4G would be even hotter.


    They said I could get an iPad 2 but only had 16G going forward.


    I told them this was unacceptable and asked for a full refund. 

  • teach5 Level 1 (100 points)

    Just to let you know, if your serial number has MD in it, it was made at Foxconn.I found out my new iPad was made in March in 9. My goes warm so far, but not Hot like others say theirs do. I am still trying to figure out whether I should just return it and wash my hands of it altogether. Just giving my two cents.

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    teach5 .. My SN also has MD in it, but the heat issue has just disappeared and I am so happy I gve the thing a chance to break itself in. That's the only explanation I have.


    I did the zero battery/recharge thing; I did a restore and set the iPad up as a new device (I originally set it up as a clone of my 2); I did another restore and set it up again as a clone of my 2which is how it is now; I turned off time zone search and unnecessary relocation services;


    I reported all this to my Apple  Care guy who thanked me. I told him what very little warmth that occurs now seems to happen when I am web browsing. I don't do games.


    Netflix movies and book reading generate no heat. The warmth during browsing while in landscape is confined to the bottom edge and I hold the iPad more toward the top.


    My thanks to all those who made constructive comments during this week long thread. I'm keeping my new iPad.

    Good luck to every Apple customer out there.


    I'm done.

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    My serial number has no MD, but the model has MC.


    Glad I returned it and not worth my worry.  If they decided to fix this, then I may revisit, as I used my iPad 2 with my toddler grandchild.  Would not let her touch the iPad 3 or rest it on her lap with heat issues.


    It was a lot of money for a big disappointment.


    They will have to make a correction at some point, as their is a lot of buzz.


    Content with my MacBook Air, that is never hot and my iMac.  I doubt I will get another tablet after this experience.  Wish I had not sold my iPad2 to Gazelle, but I presumed it would be tested and debugged prior to release.  My naivety...

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    Look, nobody has said that the new ipad is as cool as cucumber to be a good one.  All tablets, including androids one, get warm with use.  My ipad 2 get warm but not as warm as my new ipad.  But my new ipad does not get hot, just warm, and that is ok.  I also have a Samsung Galaxy Tab that gets warm when I use it.  Very hot if I use it while charging.  I am not going to the Samsung forums asking whether is good or not.  You have to have common sense people.

    You have a 70% bigger battery because we want the same ten hours of battery life we are used to.  It has retina display that has twice as many pixels as the ipad 2 because we wanted the retina from the iphone 4S, but doubling means more heat.  It has a quad core graphic chip because we wanted the best possible game playing, which also will produce more heat.  And all that with a miniscule increase in weight and thickness, and to do that and keep the price low enough they kept the same chassis.

    So the small amount of increase warmth is understandable, and most of these devices work like a charm.  To you, to bring it back because it is not cold but warm is the most rediculuous thing I have heard. You either just do not want it, feel bad about your purchase, or you allow everyone else in everything you buy to make it up your mind for you.


    If you are an adult, which I hope you are, you must know the difference between hot and warm.  Touch your TV screen, is it hot or warm? Does it still works?  Ok, there you have it.  You see, you do not need anyone to tell you what to do!


    PS:  The truth  for me is that I would not have noticed my new ipad being warmer than my ipad 2 if it wasn't for the sensational press that this first comment made by someone that was curious.

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    Hey grandma, I am a grandpa too.  I am sure you have fed your grandchild warmer food than the ipad ever will get.  I know I have fed my grandkid warmer food and formula.

    So let's stop all these sensationalistic comments because when it comes right down to it, you all look quite foolish!


    It's going to burn my hands, it's going to burn my legs, it's going to burn my tongue...You would think that we are talking about McDonald's coffee!!!


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    I am not asking anyone to tell me what to do. I like the new features, but I am concerned after reading posts that say their new iPads stay cool no matter what. This is a big investment which I take seriously. I just wanted to share some information I found out. Sorry if I annoy people with my concerns.

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    Sorry if I came across a little harsh.  It is just that you have to understand electronics.  There is no device, no tablet, whether Apple, Samsung,Panasonic, etc.,with the type of hardware that these new tablets have ( and the Ipad is way above them on resolution, battery size,etc.), that does not get warm.  If yours gets warm still you have a good device. Besides, do you know that Apple has always stood behind anything they sell, to include by the way, the refurbished products they sell.  I am saying this and I am a PC guy.  The iPad is the only Apple product I have.


    PS:  Yes, I understand it is a big purchase.  I have been saying in this forum that if anyone is so anguish with the price you paid, and the questions going around, which are more sensationalism and people that begrudge whatever Apple does (they do exist), take the thing back and wait untill all things calm down and you will see that all was just a false storm in a teapot, and go buy your new ipad then.   Fair enough?

  • hello from mars Level 1 (0 points)

    Did you know, there was recently a mountaineer climbing Mt Everest. The extreme environment and cold overtook him. He couldn't go on, his fingers were dead with frostbite. Do you know how he survived? His last desperate attempt, he mustered all of his strength and pulled out his iPad. He sat there freezing, playing Infinity Blade II, suddenly something magical happened, he felt extreme heat radiating from the machine's corner, this boosted the frozen man's morale, and he was able to make the decent.

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    I see that the guy that started this discussion found his answer and he is good to go with his new ipad.  That means that the rest of us posting after his solution was found are just being redundant, right?


    I think so.  LOL.


    But the guy from Mars had a really great comment!

  • irionic Level 1 (0 points)

    Glad to know that civil discourse still matters. 

  • Alaska99801 Level 1 (5 points)

    Of course it does.  That is why you have to laugh about all these extremely anxious comments.

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    Great if YOUR iPad only gets warm. But I've had 3 now - 2 got hot, that I returned, and one now that runs slightly warm, like yours.


    I can tell you from first-hand experience that there are 2 types out there - some that run warm, and some that run hot. You don't know if other people's iPads are overheating, so stop judging those that may have a legitimate problem.


    You don't have that problem, but that doesn't mean everyone's iPad runs at the same temperature. Others might have faulty units - they are entitled to use these forums to investigate and discuss their issues.

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    BeersYourFriend wrote:


    Your daughter literally burnt herself? You should sue Apple!

    I wouldn't want to put my family or my daughter through a media circus.  The burn was not serious.  It turned her skin red and we put some lotion on it.  As of today the redness is gone and no permenant damage.  The iPad 3 was returned to BB.  We will be sticking with the iPad 2.  I blame myself.  I should have played with the iPad 3 more before I gave it to her.  I am not sure how many units have this problem.  There should be some sort of warning issued.  Advisory.  Something on box that some units may heat up more than others.  That way parents can know about this issue.  Its all hidden behind the curtains so to speak.  Apple just needs to man up that there is a problem and support its community of buyers. 

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