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zbbeck Level 1 Level 1

All of a sudden my playlists on IPad (Itunes Match enabled) are showing a whole bunch of Genius Mixes -- (what is "Stoner Rock?)


It seems like Genius was recently added to Itunes Match, however, I have it hidden on my Mac (doesn't look like there is a way to turn off Genius with Itunes Match).


Is there a way to remove these Genius Mixes from the Ipad?  I don't want to have them clutter my playlist selection screen.


They are not showing up on Iphone.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1, Itunes Match
Solved by djvancouver on Jul 24, 2012 7:58 PM Solved

Exactly, there's no apparent way to get rid of the "Genius" playlists on my iPad (3) and keep Match enabled. Puts the stupid in genius if you ask me, now I have to scroll through 13 of Apple's playlists before I can see my own. And to add insult to injury the scrolling is brutally jagged and glitchy (iTunes only) since I signed up for iTunes Match. Sometimes my iPad feels like my painfully crippled iPhone 3Gs (I'm waiting for 5, in Canada you get locked in for 3 years). If this isn't resolved I'll certainly take advantage of the potential to upgrade my matched tracks to 256, then I'll dump Match completely and reclaim my iPads smooth scrolling while riding myself of all the space wasting Apple generated playlists.

Reply by Djork on May 22, 2012 10:31 PM Helpful

Here is a trick i discovered... Create a playlist folder in itunes called, for example, my playlists. Then move all your non- genius playlists into the folder.  Now on your ipad you can open up the folder and see only your playlists. The genius ones are still there, but you dont see them because they are up a level in the directory structure.  It seems like ipad will keep your folder open as long as you dont completely restart the device.


Lame that we cant just the delete the annoying genius playlists, but for now this kludge works ok for me...

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  • Kevin O'Shea Level 2 Level 2

    Yes please! Same problem here. I wish I could turn off Genius, but that's not an option with iTunes Match.


    FYI, they're on the iPhone too. It's just that the iPhone (thankfully) has a separate category for Genius Mixes, whereas the iPad merges them with Playlists.

  • zbbeck Level 1 Level 1

    On my iphone it shows 1 category called "Genius Playlist" which just appears to be a way to create a genius playlist on your phone.  It doesn't appear to be syncing with ICloud genius playlists created on other devices.


    Does your Iphone show "Genius Mixes"?  Mine does not, but my Ipad shows many of them even when I switch ITunes Match off.  On my macbook, I've both hidden and deleted as many of the Genius Mixes as possible and it still shows up on the IPAD!  For some reason, you can't delete all of the Genius Mixes in Itunes 10.6.  You have to leave 1 remaining.  But either way, they all show up on the Ipad (I have 11 of them showing up, some with no music in it).

  • Kevin O'Shea Level 2 Level 2

    I don't know that the Genius Mixes really sync at all. I think they may be created locally. The iPhone has the same thing, but not under Plylists. There's a separate category which may or may not be shown by default (e.g. You might have to hit the 'More' button to see it) which behaves similarly to the iPad.


    I'm in the same boat as you. Can't get rid of them on the iPad (or iPhone, but at least you can effectively hide them there).

  • ESN Level 1 Level 1

    Exact same issue.  Noticed that I have all these extra genius playlists on my iPad (was just focusing on the music on my iPad b/c I upgraded to a 3).  On my 4S (which I use all the time for music), I didn't see them but like Kevin said, they have been there just in a separate category than Playlists.  I tried "unhiding" genius in iTunes preferences and then deleting all the genius mixes hoping that this would then somehow erase them on my iOS devices (since I think in iTunes you are just hiding, not eliminating genius).  Was able to delete all but one (weird).  Then tried turning iCloud off and back on on each iOS device and all of the original genius mixes (most of which I had since deleted) were still there.  Doesn't seem like you can hold your finger on the genius mixes in the iPad music app and just delete them.  Haven't tried on the iPhone but I'm sure it is the same.


    Very annoying.  Basically I would like to totally disable genius in iTunes (must be slowing my PC down) and not have my iOS devices cluttered w/ all this garbage.


    I recently converted to iTunes match / iCloud for all my music which I like (despite the 5 days it took me to get my music up there)....please help.


    Before coming here, I just googled the issue and there were a ton of complaints about not being able to use Genius w/ iTunes match / iCloud - guess they must have "fixed" it...should be some sort of toggle option to disable in iTunes and on each iOS device.

  • ESN Level 1 Level 1

    Seems like Apple must have "fixed" something on their end to get Genius playlists and mixes working w/ iTunes Match.  The timing I think was coincidental for me.  I rarely used my 1G iPad for music so never paid attention to the genius mixes being combined w/ my other playlists.  On my 4S, which I use regularly, I wouldn't have noticed the Genius button in the "More" menu because I never go there (and not sure it was even there before - see below). 


    Since I got a new iPad on Friday and needed to basically turn iCloud on for the first time, I think that must have triggered the Genius mixes getting synced with my new iPad (see posts in the thread below - seems like you need to toggle iCloud off and back on on the individual iOS devices to get it to sync if you had been using iCloud before).  In messing around w/ my iPhone today I then toggled iCloud off and back on (hadn't done that in a couple of weeks when I first started using iCloud), and that brough the "Genius" button to one of the four visible items in the Music app.  I now buried it in the "More" menu so it is a lot less annoying.




    So what I still want to know is how we turn it off!!  And why can't you disable Genius altogether in iTunes (just hide it). I think in older versions of iTunes there was an option in the "Store" menu to "Disable Genius".



  • zbbeck Level 1 Level 1

    I'm sick of Itunes Match so I've disabled it for now.  The thing is a monster with a mind of its own -- there's too many bugs and the streaming speed is slower than Spotify.  Plus, why did they set it up so everytime you play a song off of Itunes Match it downloads it to your device?  Spotify only does streaming and it seems to work fine.  I love Apple, but Itunes is slowly turning into an inferior product imho.

  • Grandparr Level 1 Level 1

    I'm so pleased to find out that others are trying to get rid of the Genius Playlists. While getting acquainted with my new iPad this weekend, I found that I now have 15 Genius Playlists included on my Playlist Tab. Tried everything I could think of to remove or turn off the Genius Playlist, including all the actions mentioned here.

  • Grandparr Level 1 Level 1

    UPDATE: I NOW HAVE 22 GENIUS MIXES ON MY NEW iPad. This is Crazy!!!


    Apple Please provide a way to hide this mess of Genius Mixes.


    If I wanted random music I'd use PANDORA.


    I'm so pleased to find out that others are trying to get rid of the Genius Playlists. While getting acquainted with my new iPad this weekend, I found that I now have 15 Genius Playlists included on my Playlist Tab. Tried everything I could think of to remove or turn off the Genius Playlist, including all the actions mentioned here.

  • David Illig Level 1 Level 1

    Same here, but we need to get over this. It is not possible to use iTunes Match without having "Genius" lists -- except perhaps by turning on Home Sharing with a computer that has Genius turned off -- but that won't help you when you're away from home.


    What an oxymoron! Idiot lists, because they assume that we are not smart enough to create or own playlists.

  • pstadler Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here. There's simply no way to get rid of Genius with iTunes Match. Apple should provide a way to turn this off again.

  • slifty Level 1 Level 1



    I have to say, I don't appreciate stuff being jammed down my throat with no way to delete it.  This includes apps AND playlists.

  • Beverly Martin Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem. I don't use genius, I don't like genius, but I have to schroll trough 31 genius folders to get to the music I want to listen to. How can it be turned off.

  • chaosplan Level 1 Level 1

    I think I figured this out - partly.


         Tap on the unwanted Genius list in the Playlist.

         In the resulting Playlist, tap on the Save button.

         Tap on the <Playlist button to get to your colleciton of Playlists

         Tap and Hold on unwanted Genius list

         Tap the X to delete the list.


    This only seems to work on secondary Genius lists, I have an original Genius list that can't be deleted, nor can I view it's contents.

  • sabvalleygirl Level 1 Level 1

    GRRRRRR! I hate this feature too! I tried to follow the directions posted by chaosplan but when i click on a genius playlist it just starts playing music and I can't actually see the playlist. So that was a no go.


    HOWEVER just before I started typing this I turned off Genius on iTunes on my Macbook Pro (where i sync my new iPad) and started a sync with the iPad and BAM they were gone!! So try that!!

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