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chronart Level 1 Level 1

In the beginning all the Apps where shown but grayed out, with some loading, and then they slowly started disappearing from the screen, one by one.  I have done a system reset on the new iPad 3 and am trying again from the cloud.  May have to use iTunes on my Macbook Air.


The last backup to the cloud was done last night at 7 PM, so the backup was up to date.


Anyone else having trouble?



  • cmo44 Level 1 Level 1

    Yep, exactly the same problem when trying to restore from iPad 2 backup to iPad 3. Tried iCloud backup several times after doing a total wipe on the new iPad. Exactly as you say the apps show 'waiting' and then the apps start to disappear completely.


    So I gave up on this approach and tried doing a restore from iTunes. After several aborted starts, and after wiping iPad 3 completely again, I managed to initiate a Restore from a backup I did earlier today. It estimated this would take 30 mins, but it aborted half way through saying the iPad disconnected. So start again, wipe ipad3 yet again, try again and watch both iTunes and iPad closely. After exactly 30mins the backup aborts again, same error.


    So no matter what I try I cannot transfer apps and data from ipad2 to new iPad.


    Seems to me that Apple simply have not tested real-world backup cases with large data sets and number of apps. And that iCloud is a waste of space and money.



  • Jonah Lee Walker Level 3 Level 3

    I have been going for 3 hours now. I am going from an iPad one doing Cloud Backup and have restored twice. First the restore from cloud fails and tells me to connect to iTunes to sync apps, and then that stops and most of the old installed apps are waiting, or loading, but not going anywhere, and according to iTunes it is not even at the App syncing stage.


    I am so frustrated and my last backup to my computer was from last year, so I don't want to have to go back to that, but it looks like I might have to and try to restore completely from iTunes.


    This is so frustrating.

  • chronart Level 1 Level 1

    Okay, on my next try, this time using iTunes it worked.  And I'm typing this on the new iPad the third.


    First, I took iPad 1st gen and backed it up using iTunes on my MacBook air.  Then I hooked up the iPad 3 to the MacBook air and it seemed to force me to download iOS5.1 and reinstall it even though it certainly had a good copy already installed then it loaded all the Apps.  A few Apps were moved or were not in their folders, but that only took a few minutes to reorganized.  In the middle of that it asked me all the setup questions again. --  no big deal.


    All is well in Macville.



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    Having the same problem. Going from iPad 1 to a new iPad using iCloud backup. The restore seems to finish OK, and all the apps are there in a waiting state. They seem to download, with the progress bar doing its thing. As soon as the download finishes, the app disappears! I've wiped it twice and restarted, but the same behavious each time. I can't use iTunes, since I don't have a valid backup there, the old iPad is gone. This is NOT seamless upgrade!!! Any ideas out there???

  • chronart Level 1 Level 1

    There are so few people on this thread that there must be something unusual going on. One thing that may be different is books to listen to from audible.com.  I had a lot of them. I also had an audio track that I had encoded myself from a favorite faculty convocation lecture from about 1960. Some bad file must be causing the problem. But how to erase the file from you iCloud backup is the problem. You are going to need to call Apple. There is probably a way to download the complete backup file to a computer, scan for problems, fix and reupload  Good luck.

  • IM123 Level 1 Level 1

    You're right that this must be something out of the ordinary, this is the only thread with this problem that google turns up. I don't have any audible.com files, but there are some videos that I encoded. I think i'll try restoring to an iPad 1 to see if that works. If it does, I'll back it up to iTunes and then try going to the new iPad.

  • icerabbit Level 3 Level 3

    Same issue, without iCloud :/


    Updated iTunes to latest version on mac mini,

    Backed up iPad 1

    Launched iPad 3

    Restore from Backup from iPad 1

    Comes up empty ...

    The only thing there is the different desktop screens


    When I look at sync I'd have to pick & choose and manually re-sort several hundred apps.


    My iPad one is neatly organized with only a second page with folders apps.


    Don't make me do this all manually, Apple!!!!

  • 69blueray Level 1 Level 1

    I got it to work.


    I had the same problem after initiating a new ipad 3 from a backup of ipad 1.  The ipad 1 was running ios 5.1.1, and the new one was on ios 6.0.1.  The initial ipad 3 load was made from a the ipad 1 backup, but several apps were missing.  I verified the backup again off the ipad 1.  All apps and data still there, they just wouldn't jump to the new ipad 3.  My son was pretty upset that his minecraft saved games were gone.  Minecraft didn't even show up on the new ipad 3, although the folder in which it previously resided did.


    I re synced the ipad 3, and under the apps tab, I clicked "install" on each of the missing apps, then resynced.  It loaded the apps just like normal, and all the old data from the old ipad 1 showed up when I opened the apps.


    Maybe Apple did think of this after all.  Hope this helps.  Good Luck.

  • parasitius Level 1 Level 1

    This is absolutely unbelievable, but  was having this same problem of all my apps missing...


    Then I unchecked a checkbox in the iTunes options 'Manually manage music and videos' and all the sudden apps start appearing on my new iPad. Insane right?

  • ckuan Level 7 Level 7

    Apps are not part of a backup, only apps data.

    You can sync your apps back using computer iTunes or redownload from App Store.

  • parasitius Level 1 Level 1

    Apps themselves are worth 10%, 90% of the trouble is finding/remember them and then organizing them on the home screen in a fashion that makes what you need findable.


    After hunting the interwebs I found out that a complete iPad restore is possible, although Apple makes it hard to figure out. Basically I did nothing more than a single plug in and backup of my old iPad on iTunes. However, with the new iPad there were 3 steps:

    1. Restore from Backup (on initial screens first time you turn it on)

    2. Uncheck Mac iTunes option box 'Manually manage music and videos'  -- this caused all the apps that used to be on my old iPad to start appearing on my new iPad, however the order was completely screwed up to the point there was no way I could possibly use them or ever invest the effort to reorder them.

    3. Go to iTunes and chose 'Restore from Backup' one more time - yes restoring the same exact back up a second time. Once you do it the 2nd time, the correct order on the homescreen for everything will be restored!!!! I didn't believe it myself until I tried.


    I hope this helps someone, considering this is probably the most common use case in the world I can't believe it required research and a "hack" to achieve. Haha.