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Hey Everyone,

     I have an applause meter app that I will be projecting on to a screen for an event from my iPad. From my understanding, I cannot a attach a USB external mic because the port will be used for the video projection. Is there an external mic that can run from the audio-in 3.5mm port and produce a good quality recording? Thanks.

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    The HDMI AV adapter includes both the AV connection and a second iPad connector for additional connections.


    I think you will find that most modern headset microphones are of reasonable quality.  In addition to the 3.5mm port, you may also be able to use a Bluetooth headset.



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    Thanks for the HDMI tip, but as far as the mic goes, I'm not looking for a headset. I'm looking for a larger mic, ideally something that could adapt to an XLR. Any ideas?

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    I mentioned the headset because it has a microphone, and plugs into the iPad.  If you can get the correct 3.5mm plug, you should be able to wire an adapter between XLR and 3.5mm.  I understand the iPad's  3.5mm connector has additional circuits compared to the run-of-the-mill stereo earphone connector.


    You might be able to jury-rig a bluetooth headset to replace its microphone with an XLR adapter, but that is not a neat way to go!


    Another approach is to use the Griffin iMic with Apple's Camera Connection Kit USB adapter.  You may be able to connect your XLR microphone through the HDMI AV adapter's extra iPad connection.  I have not tried that, but others have reported the iMic will work. <Griffin iMic>



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    For an adapter to allow for an XLR mic to connect to an iPad check out KVConnection




    They have many types of adapter that allow for all kinds of mics. I have their adapter that allows my iPad to input the RCA TAPE OUT from a soundboard, for example, and it works great! I also have one that lets me plug in a 3.5mm mic and a pair of headphones.