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I know there is a driver for the playstation 3 controller included in the more recent versions of OS X(I have Lion).  When I plug the controller into my computer using the USB cord (don't want to mess with bluetooth if I don't have to) I can see the controller listed as "PLAYSTATION 3 CONTROLLER" (or some such) in my system profile under "About This Mac."


I am trying to use the controller to play Psychonauts (the Steam version).  I have checked the steam and double play forums for help, but couldn't find anything there, so I thought I would ask here.


2.4Ghz MBP 4GB RAM

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I have never heard of any such support for that controller on Macs.  Just because it's recognized doesn't mean it's supported or that drivers are available.

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    Actually Mac OS X supports the PS3 controller very nicely via Bluetooth, without extra drivers or software.

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    Junker, the PS3 controller works great with Mac, but Lion introduced an odd bug where the OS now asks for a bluetooth pairing code for the PS3 controller, where it didn't before. Here's the fix to get it working.

    I had same problem on MBP 2011 in Lion where it pairs, then drops connections shortly after, but got it to work finally heres what I did:

    1. Open bluetooth from system preferences.

    2. Get your PS3 controller to ask for pairing passcode (pressing PSX button). 3. Then enter new passcode (I used letters only "xxxx" don't know if it matters)

    4. Now you should see PS3 Controller "Connected" in that list of Bluetooth devices. Select it and click the little gear in the bottom left corner and select add to favorites and then update services.

    5. THIS IS THE STEP THAT FINALLY MADE IT REMEMBER. Turn off Bluetooth right away before it asks to pair all over again. The lights on the controller should stop flashing. Turn Bluetooth back on.

    6. Press PSX button once and should pair in bluetooth right away. The lights will start flashing again and stay flashing all the time. They turn off when you disconnect it from bluetooth or turn bluetooth off.

    Post if this works or not. MPB Early 2011 with OS Lion 10.7.3

    Edit: I got the controller to be connected and lights off. After step 5, plug controller in USB, the lights should be flashing (slower though). Press the PSX button once, unplug USB, controller will pair in few seconds and lights will turn off.

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    Thanks for the walk-through: I had to try it a few times, but I finally got it to pair and set up Dustforce to use the controller right away.


    I want to toss out though that after I successfully did a sustained pair that the lights on the PS3 controller did not turn on. I thought I might have done something funky to the controller during the process, but it worked just fine.

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    My controller is detected, but it won't connect, I have the newest OS (mavericks)




    My Comp: MBP 2.7ghz 16GB RAM