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Just got a new iPad 3 64K Black Verizon today.


Battery came at 82%.  Plugged it in to charge it.  For the last hour, it has a charging indicator, but still shows 82%.


I tried hard resetting (holding home & power button) and still at 82%.


Other notes.


The charging indicator does show in the menu bar.


This is plugged into the Apple AC Adapter and has been charging my iPhone 4S and does charge it without issues.


I think I will try calibrating the battery by letting it run down to 0% and then plugging it in, however, I have yet to see the iPad 3 use any battery.  Running a HD movie without it plugged in to drain the battery.


I guess if I can use it for weeks and have it stick at 82%, I would be happy - but doubt that is going to happen.


Will post more later.


Anyone else see this?

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Solved by Parallex33 on Mar 16, 2012 1:14 PM Solved

Are you using the iPhone charger or iPad charger?


iPhone charger will in no way charge and iPad with double the battery size.