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I have done the basics, they are on the same wifi network, both signed into same apple ID, and the ipad2 sees the computer and homeshare works fine on the ipad2 side.  I see the computer, I see all my itunes from there, and can play them, etc. on the ipad2, but the ipad does NOT show up on the computer?  The homeshare is enabled (and obviously functioning because the ipad can see it), but the home sharing doesn't even show up on the list on the left of the PC.  I know I have it working properly because I had my daughter put the homesharing on her macbook pro and THEN the homesharing showed up on the list on the left on my PC, and I could see her laptop fine on my homesharing on the PC, but the ipad2 still didn't show up???  Can anyone help?

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