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After getting my new iPad set up the way I want it I noticed that it runs really hot; never experienced anything like this with iPad 2. Has anyone else had this problem? Its hot enough that I am concerned.

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    Yours is at least the second post on the site about the heat that the new iPad emits. Quite simply, if you feel that it is warm enough to cause you concern - you might want to take it to an Apple Store and let a Genius have a look.


    I understand that they do run a little warmer - but I don't think that they should get warm enough to cause concern. Now an obvious question - do you have it in a case?


    Here is the other discussion.


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    I would be concerned.  Some types of batteries have been recalled in the past because they start fires!


    The most obvious problem is that a hot iPad suggests the battery will run down quickly.  Do you have enough experience to determine how long a full charge will last?  I would expect it to be similar to the iPads 1 & 2, which is about ten yours.  Someone mentioned that their iPad charge went down ten percent per hour.


    I suggest you show your iPad to an Apple Store Genius.  If the Genius agrees, you may get a replacement iPad.


    If there is no Apple Store near you, look for an Apple Authorized Repair Center.  There may be one in your city.  <Apple Authorized Repair Centers>



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    It seems to have cooled down some. Maybe it just got hot when I was syncing all of my music and apps; it took quite a while. Will be watching the battery life pretty closely though since it is supposed to be better than the iPad 2.  I will watch it to see if it happens again and then take it to an apple store if I have to.

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    If it took quite a while to download and reinstall all of your content - it would get warmer the longer it takes. But just be careful and don't let the problem go on for too long - if it does turn out to be a problem.

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    Same here it is very hot.

    Also some color issues

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    Mine has been on for 1 hour with no case and is burning my legs, I didn't have a 1or2, but this cannot be normal.

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    I have noticed the following.


    When i first got it. I turned the brightness all the way up. I noticed , even after fully charged, while connected to the charger, that it ran quite warm. I turned down the brigntness and turned off the bluetooth (defaults on) and it settled to be just warm. All of my other iiPads, (1 and 2)  settle at room  temperature when constantly connected to a power source whenthe display is ON. I would guess if you have 4G (especially if not receiving a signal) it would even be hotter. I think 4G defaults ON also.


    If the unit is sleeping (display off) and fully charged (connected to a power source)  It appears to stabilize to room temp.


    When not connected to a power source I can have the brightness up and it does not seem to get warm at all.


    I'm still testing it under different conditions to see when it gets warm to hot. I'll be following this thread to see what others observe.

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    While installing my apps, the device got really hot, almost unbearable hot. Not sure if this is a real issue but the iPad became hot again when playing AirSupremacy.

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    An iPad should not get so hot as to burn you!


    I think the reports in this thread would be in the hundreds by now if it was a widespread problem.  But just in case it is more common than I think, it would help alert Apple to the problem if you would report it by providing feedback.  <iPad Feedback>


    I see that there are currently 98 responses to the thread Demo linked to.



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    I have an iPad gen3 64g wifi slitly warm @ 94.4 F after surfing for a  couple of hours. Streaming video about the same. Seames that not all new iPads are running to hot.  Running my brightness at about one half. Mabe I'm just luck, and got a good one. It would be nice to see some data as to how meany are having heat issues. Maybe Macworld or some one will run a survey to see.