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namely my wife's


how do i get my contacts back?

iPhone 3GS, Windows Vista
  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,350 points)

    Stop syncing them to the same address book. If you're using iCloud, stop using the same iCloud account.

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    i realise the problem, the question was how do i get my contacts back with out manually deleting 1000's of contacts my wife has

  • KiltedTim Level 9 (50,350 points)

    What are you syncing them to? iCloud or an address book? If you're syncing them to iCloud, one of you needs to create your own account. Delete the iCloud account from your phone and set up yours. The big problem you may have is that you have now merged the contacts that you have with hers. You'll need to sync the current iCloud account to an address book, then export them, import them into YOUR address book and clean them up. The same will apply if you're syncing to an address book. In an ideal world, you will each have separate logins for the computer you're using or separate computers. This will make it much easier to avoid cross contamination.

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    Can I just change my password to make the contacts not sync anymore or to remove them off of my ex's phone :/

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    You are wrong kiltedtim. The same thing happened to me from icloud whom we back up to, but in my case they were all strangers and all my contacts were lost . Obviously there has been a breach of privacy and all my contacts have been given to someone else. My phone was not attached to anything when it happened to me.

    I say switch off icloud don't trust or use it. Apple are no help and do not even reply.

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    yeah that happened to me

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    Im in the same situation. I went into a store when I lost my contacts. My phone was backed up with someone elses information, and I mean ALL information. Mine is lost. 5 yrs of military accomplishments, and much much more info. I am not getting any help from Verizon, but I am like a dog with a bone. This is something that needs to be addressed. I don't want my information on someone elses phone. I have critical information on it.

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    Wait what there has been a breach in the whole apple system

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    Unfortunately, I went into the store to get my contacts restored. My phone was downloaded with the whole life of someone else who had been there a week prior to me. I cant afford for my information to be in the phone of someone else. My information CANNOT be found! Even my ICLOUD which is in my name is now being occupied by another. Its a mess, and I cant seem to get the attention of anyone.

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    This information was all VERIZON doing, not Apple.