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Q. is there a reason/fix for the increase in latency in lion when using the original Apogee Duet soundcard in Lion 10.7.3 through Logic Pro?


Buffer size 128 is no longer usuable - artifacts, pops, crackles (usual buffering problem symptoms), 128 was usuable with Leopard.

10.7.3 has been quite shaky all round ..........


Mobile Rig: MBP 2.33 C2D 3Gb 256Vram, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Logic Pro 9.15 (64 Bit), Automap 4 - push the machine...........


Here's the figures :


I/O buffer size = 256


Resulting Latency round trip 16ms


Click on the acutual words reading the title above in the audio/preferences pane and it changes,

now reads:


Resulting Output Latency 8ms


TIP: the yellow tool tips (OS X) when hovering inform you the speaker distance conversion - pretty cool


Although very handy info,


I've gained 2ms at least from SL - just enough for a guitarist tracking, while using onboard plugins, to be distracted in close overdub sessions (unusable)


Using 44.1KHz sample rate to avoid dithering and extra process.................I know...........


I hope I've missed a setting or setup procedure, if anyone else could post their figures/advice,

it would be appreciated.

MBP 2.33 C2D 3Gb 256Vram, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Logic , Apogee Duet , Novation SL61
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Only the ones that create latency above a user adjustable threshhold.
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Under   Preferences/Audio/General Tab There's a check box for Low Latency Mode and a slider adjustment. Check the online help for more info, too much to write here. Still, you are correct in saying Lion is less efficient... it is, at least in it's current form.

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