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    Yeah that helps alot.

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    i have 2 ipad 3 64gb/wifi and 64gb/4g. the ipad 3 64gb/wifi is with me just for a week only and i am not using it. but i was surprised when i found out my ipad that i never use was on heat. it could burn my lap if it touches it. what was wrong with this thing? why it was heating up all by itself even not using it? whats the problem with my ipad? i checked the brightness and was 30% only.why my other ipad is not heating up like the other one which is mostly used?

    please help me to solve my problem.

  • LuckyJesus Level 1 (0 points)

    The source for this problem could be faulty heatsink or thermopaste (I hope I wrote it right). I sent my iPad3-4g to retailer, they checked it out, found in syslogs that iPad had restarted due to overheating and they gave me a new iPad with 2year warranty. Bring the iPad to the shop where it was bought, tell them that it is overheating and faulty and demand replacement.

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    Ane it helped me as well

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    i have the same problem with my 128 GB IPad.  It gets very hot.  Any resolution to this issue?



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