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Ignorance prevails! I am falling behind the latest technology except I need to be able to interface between my desktop iMac and Macbook, iWeb. That is, to be able to transfer my websites created on the iMac to the Macbook so that I can demonstrate the websites 'on location' for teaching purposes.


Is it Cloud that performs this kind of interface or am I daydreaming? Or, is there another software program that I should be pursuing? Hopefully, user-friendly for low-ended web designers.


Your assistance is appreciated.


Thank you!

macbook, 13" 2010
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    iCloud does not provide website hosting or general file storage.


    If all you want to do is shift files from one Mac to another the easiest way is to simply use a USB stick. You may also find File Sharing more convenient, which will allow you direct access to one Mac's hard disk from the other over your own local network. The set-up is described here:




    This is for Snow Leopard: there may be differences in Lion but I would think the general process is the same.

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    In addition to Roger's advice, iWeb is a little tricksy. It was never really designed in a way that lets you easily transfer iWeb sites between Macs (or to collaborate with another person).


    The iWeb master file is in a file in your home folder, in Library/Application Support/iWeb/Domain.sites2. You can copy that to the same location on your other Mac. You will also need to copy your preferences file, which is in home/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iWeb.plist. Again, put it in the same location on the other Mac. Make sure you have a note of any FTP password that you've been using, too, since you may need to re-enter that.


    The Library folder is actually hidden in Lion. To get to it, hold down the Option key while clicking the Go menu in the Finder. You don't want the main Library folder on the hard drive (which is visible), but the one you'll see in the Go menu.


    While iWeb still works under Lion (for local or FTP publishing - MobileMe hosting will end in July), the iWeb master file is a proprietary format, and Apple is no longer updating the application. So you may want to start looking at alternatives.



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    Hi, Roger,


    Many thanks for taking the time to provide information on file sharing. I have printed out your technical notes. However, upon reading them I realize that I need to provide some backgrounder of my set-up here.


    I am able to file share with my MacBook already. Apple helped me set this up so that upon going to the Happy Face Finder on my iMac and choosing 'Shared', then Macbook, connect then choose Desktop, repeating the same procedure on the Macbook to commence file sharing between the two Macs.


    This being the case for me, do I follow your instructions? I plead ignorance when I ask this question.

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    Hello, Matt,


    Many thanks, for taking the time to respond to my question. Greatly appreciated.


    In order not to become easily confused and before I proceed following the instructions provided by you and Roger, may I ask you to read the backgrounder information I have provided to Roger's reply.


    I will await to hear further from Roger to find out if I am to follow his instructions. If so, would I then follow yours?


    I forgot to mention in my backgrounder that my iMac has Lion. My Macbook has Snow Leopard. Not sure if this makes any difference in what I am trying to here with file sharing iWeb.


    I do not have MobileMe. I use the FTP program FileZilla with my ISP.


    So sorry to hear that iWeb will no longer be updated by Apple. I have checked some other Mac-friendly web programs but I was not too impressed. In fact, iWeb was highly rated. Why does Apple dispose of what works and is really good? I can never comprehend their attitude. Must not be making enough money for them. Too bad!

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    Well, looking at your original email again, let me make sure that I understand what it is you want to be able to do.


    If you want to be able to -


    A) Copy your working iWeb file to another Mac and be able to edit that site on the other Mac; or


    B) Simply load up the website you've created on the other Mac?


    If A), then the directions Roger and I have provided should work for you.


    If B), then your process is somewhat simpler. Now, if you always had internet access, then there would be no problem, since you could just load up the website on the second Mac, correct? However, your question implies that there may not be internet. So what you will need is really just a folder containing your site. To do this, you can use iWeb's "publish to local folder" feature to create a local copy of the website, rather than using FTP to send them to an internet site. Then, copy the folder to the other Mac (either through network filesharing as you've described above, or just by copying the files to a flash drive and then back to the second Mac) and load up your index.html file in a browser. Provided that your site is not reliant on internet features (eg, Google Maps), you should be able to load it all locally.



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    Hi, Matt,

    Good of you to sharpen my brain when communicating. Many thanks for providing clarification that should help me out further.


    It would be [B] because I have internet access on the MacBook as explained in my previous reply with thanks to Apple assisting me.


    I'm unsure about the reference to 'Provided that your site is not reliant on internet features [e.g., Google Maps] ...


    The site I willl be transferring to the MacBook includes 2 Google Maps that are inserted on one of its pages.


    This is alerting me to think there is going to be a problem because of this one page?

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    Well, if you WILL have internet access, then there's no file transfer needed at all.


    Simply publish your website from the iMac to the web. Then access that webpage from the Macbook as you normally would from any computer.


    My comment about Google Maps would only apply if you did NOT have internet access on location. Google Maps (and some other iWeb features) require you to have access to the internet in order to use them.


    It might not be a terrible idea to have a local copy of your website (publish to a folder, as I mentioned above) just in case the internet is not available, but you can decide if that's a worthwhile option.



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    Okay! Gotcha, Matt. I have evidently got miswired in my brain as to what I was trying to accomplish and went on a daydream about iCloud.


    The website is published and available on the internet. As I read through your last posting, it is apparent that I was way off course on this matter.


    I was confusing myself with where I go with my laptop and there is no internet access, I wanted to have the file on the laptop to use 'as is'. What I am now understanding from your comments is that is not a good idea. Instead, rely on internet access when using the MacBook.


    Somewhat of a learning curve but something I needed to know to get it stratight in my brain. Of course, it was obvious to me that I can access the website on the MacBook when I have internet access. It was for the aforementioned reason I thought I could access the actual file created on the iMac on the MacBook that led me down wrongly down this garden path.


    Good thing I checked all of this out with the experts.


    Many thanks for all the time you have taken to re-wire my brain on this matter. Most generous of you and greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, Roger,


    As you can see by the discussion with Matt, I have come to my senses, re-wired my brain and have it all in place as to what does not need to be done with regards to file transferring the iWeb files to the MacBook.


    I knew that once I was internet connected, I could access the published website, but had it in my brain to be able to do so without internet connection by transferring the iWeb published files from the iMac to the MacBook in case where I was teaching did not have internet connection.


    Will leave it at that I just go with the plan where there is internet connection.


    I take this opportunity to thank you for so generously taking time to address my question and providing such excellent well-presented information. So greatly appreciate your expertise, knowledge and experience.


    You were most helpful! Thank you!