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I upgraded to Aperture 3.0. This requires upgrading the library as well, which is done by the application upon the first attempt to access the library. In this case, Aperture 3.0 did not attempt to do the conversion, but instead posted an error message saying that the file format was not supported. My Aperture library is on a NAS box (if that is relavant). After repeated attempts to point to the library (holding the option key or changing the pointer in preferences), I instead clicked on the library itself. This caused Aperture 3.0 to load and begin the library upgrade. I thought all was well and left the room. Upon returning, the upgrade seemed to have completed, but instead something happened which wound up deleting the library itself.


I have rebooted the NAS box and the MacBook Pro. Finder sees an empty folder, where formerly the library was present. The NAS box does not indicate any RAID failure.


This is a real dilemma, as a lifetime of images were nicely stored on a RAID10 box until the upgrade occured.


Any ideas?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)