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  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 (0 points)

    As I stated in the previous posts, the current iTunes run into trouble if you try to unload all of your photo, all at once.


    I try (1) folder at a time, and no greater than 20 pics within that folder per sync.  (Yes it is a royal PITA, until they release a true fix).


    1) Visually ID problem photo.

    2) Remove problem photo (1 at a time)

    3) Sync iTunes

    4) Add photo again (1 at a time)

    5) Sync iTunes.


    The reason different images have issues shows the problem is with the iTunes running into errors as it tries to build the iPod Cache.

    Thus slowly building up the iPod Cache is the key.


    If you continue to add pics without correcting your iPod Cache, the error will look like it propagated, but really the photo thumb-pics just randomly shuffle.

    (It's more like the photo thumb-pic aren't lining up the corrected expanded photo)


    It works for me with over 100 sync cycles (Apps/Photo/video), without errors anymore.


    Windows 7 64-bit, Canon 5D Mark II, RAW-->DNG files

  • snerkler1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry if this has already been suggested, but I think it's an iTunes issue rather than the iPad. It's OK if I sync say half of my photos, but too many and it doesn't sync. What I've found is that when I sync 1 folder at a time, when I get half way through when I click on a folder to sync the iPad storage usage shown at the bottom of the iTunes screen suddenly shoots up to virtually full, with only 0.18GB remaining. When that folder's finished syncing the storage usage drops right back down again. The same happens when I sync the next folder, then the next and so on. It always goes up to only having 0.18GB left and then drops.


    The reason I think it's an iTunes issue is that since the last couple of updates of iTunes I've had issues syncing my iPhone photos. It's not the same as the iPad, but I find if I try to sync all my folders at once the folders all get mixed up I do hope that Apple find a fix soon because everytime I want to sync new photos, or change the photos on the iPad I'm having to restore my iPad to factory settings and sync from scratch. If I uncheck the photos and sync to delete them off the iPad either they don't delete or "other" in the usage fills up

  • Maxmal Level 1 (0 points)

    I also notice that dancing remaining volume in iTunes while synching photos. My case showed that synching one folder at a time helps only with the first 15 or so folders, then with adding new folders the problem restarts. Reducing the number of photos in one folder to 10 doesn't help either: I put just 4 photos in one folder and iTunes chose only 2 of them:(

  • Richard_Ince Level 1 (0 points)

    I have exactly the same issue and have been waiting patiently for a fix. I also think there is a ITunes issue as the folders that have pictures that reported a sync error on the IPhone 4 and IPad 2 do not report an error on the IPad 3 and if included cause the jumbling of folders, failure to sync and reported lack of space.

    I have had no issues for the last month and keep adding new folders one at a time, however I know if I said sync all photos the corruption would come back and I don't want all the aggravation of reloading my IPad 3 yet again!

    Come on Apple you have had over a month to fix this.

  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 (0 points)

    Maybe I forgot to mention.


    You have to physically remove the "problem" photo from your folder on your PC,


    then synce iPad again to have iTunes remove it from the iPod Cache.


    I export photo back to the same PC folder (using Adobe Lightroom, but any software so do).


    then sync iPad again.


    Even if you try to sync small folders, if you don't correct the "problem" photo, it will end up all jumbled still.


    It is wishful thinking that iTunes at this point can even successfully sync more than 20 pic at a time, without fouling up, hence the royal PITA.

  • snerkler1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I haven't found the need to find a 'problem' file, as long as I sync 1 folder at a time it's fine for me, even with folders containing over 200 photos

  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 (0 points)

    Just trying to understand your last two emails.


    So as long as you just sync your iPad (one folder at a time) it is fine, but once you sync between multiple devices, it shuffles again?


    I "unchecked" the box in iTunes preference>general>share libraries, just in case.


    Have you try to separate the iPhone and iPad folders so that the iPod Cache is in it's individual folder on the PC?


    I do not have the 0.18 GB issue, it is quite an odd one.


    Have you tried to compare the number of photo on same folder on the PC and on the iPad?

    (by that I mean visually count numbers on the iPad thumb view, instead of relying on number reported by iPad after you check sync)


    If the numbers are not the same then, there is a "problem" file.

  • snerkler1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Both iPad and iPhone are fine as long as I sync one folder at a time for the iPad, and no more than 3 folders at a time for the iPhone. I DON'T have share libraries checked.


    I haven't physically counted every file no.

  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 (0 points)

    iTunes had an easier time with the first 800 or so pics, however the "one at a time" still works for me.

    Though, while syncing iTunes crash and quit a few times thereafter.


    I also had more success using uncompressed files(DNG vs JPG), iTunes heavily compress whatever makes it over to iPad.


    MAXAL,  in your (4) picture folder with (2) missing.

    Have you try to remove/relocate the (2) missing photo from the PC and sync again to remove from the iPod Cache? 

  • Maxmal Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes I've tried to move 2 missing photos, sync, then put them back and sync again and it did help. The bad thing is that when a folder contains much more photos (say 154 like in one of my recently added) and 5 of them are missing it is a nightmare to find which are rejected. I've also noticed a new bug: some photos that are at first glance successfully synched turn to be corrupted in iPad - they are seen in thumbnails but when you try to open them a blank white screen appears.

    The only good news for me today  was the discovery that iPad reads RAW files of my Pentax K-5  (Johnfrom, thank you for suggestion - never thought it could:-). and that iPhoto doesn't have that irritating reshuffling of photos' sequence that a default photo app has.

  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 (0 points)

    Glad that something is working.


    I hear you about trying to find the photo missing on the iPad.

    That is why I just sync 10 to 20 per batch, certainly make ID more easy and less frustrating.


    Also you have to expand the thumbnails to verify that each photo indeed made it.

    (Just swipe thru them all after each sync.)


    Some of them upon expansion will jump to another photo, and will need to be removed and added again.


    It took a good part of my last weekend to build up my iPod Cache, but once it works, you can finally enjoy the complete photo collection in Retina.

  • Ilan David Level 2 (195 points)

    I am glad I've found this discussion. while there is no real resolution yet (I've tried syncing one folder at the time but that's hardly an acceptable solution), it looks like many of us are having issues. that must have alerted apple already and they'll fix the issue.


    we need a resolution, apple. you said that the new ipad is RESOLUTIONARY !

  • Ian N Level 1 (0 points)

    I had the same problem but resolved it by going into the folders I was syncing and deleting every file that was not a JPG file - for example deleting Thumbnails files, Picasa files, etc. Was then able to sync all folders with about 1000 photos transfering OK.


    I'm not sure if the problem will come back if I go back into the same folders with Picasa or another program which tries to recreate the thumbs / non-jpg files.

    Mr Apple, please get busy on a fix....

  • dmwhk Level 1 (5 points)

    Same problem here. I have had iPad1 and iPad2, no problems. Now iPad3 will not sync the same photos. It correctly counts the photos, transfers a few of them then stops as if it has finished (no crash). I tried deleting the "iPod Photo Cache" folder, but this didn't help. Largest photos are 4608x3072, 6 to 7 MB, not unreasonable in a year when many users have 20 megapixel SLRs. I should not have to shrink these manually - that is what iTunes is supposed to do when it creates the Photo Cache, and it had no problem doing so with the iPad2. I have Windows 7 x64, but I have read in forums that the same problem exists in the Mac version.


    Apple please wake up and acknowledge that this is a problem that you will fix soon!

  • dmwhk Level 1 (5 points)

    Correction - on closer checking the same problem occurs syncing to iPad2. It may be something to do with iTunes. I don't have a Mac so I can't test it on that.

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