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  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 Level 1

    Build a new photo library specifically for your iPad 3 (make a new folder just for iPad 3 photo on your PC), that way iTunes don't mess up your iPad 2 and iPad 3 iPod Cache.


    Also iTunes currently does not work as a "one touch" auto sync all. (like it used to for iPad 2).

    Until Apple provide a fix, it will not work as intended.


    If you have the patience, check my last few entries to slowly build up the iPod Cache.


    You can try a folder or two just to see if it works for you. (no file resize required)

  • meerderideen Level 1 Level 1

    Apple *****!! Apple reeeally *****!!! I am starting to hate this company because of its ignorance and arrogance!! How much time do they need to fix that? How much people and money do they have??? Apple *****.


    Still waiting for several weeks and months :-/

  • dmwhk Level 1 Level 1

    This problem gets worse! I deleted the "iPod Photo Cache", went back to my iPad2, selected about 15 folders in my pictures folder (on a ReadyNas server) (total about 1400 pics), and hit sync. The result was 11 folders on the iPad2, and some of the pictures from the missing folders appear in the wrong folders on the iPad2 - i.e. the folders have been merged. Crazy unpredictable behaviour. Probably a bug in the way iTunes builds its database and tracks the files, at least in the Windows version - anyone having this problem on Mac?

  • snerkler1 Level 1 Level 1

    I can confirm that it happens on Mac too as I've had sync issues with the iPad 3 and use the latest Macbbok Pro. I did get over the issue by syncing one folder at a time. However, this weekend I've had a sort through of my photos and it's reduced the total number of photos from approx 4700 to 2900 and all photos now sync without an issue and without having to sync one at a time. I don't know where the cut off is though as to how many photos you have to sync before it won't sync properly.

  • dmwhk Level 1 Level 1

    I've now got the iPad 2 working again - I deleted the "iPod Photo Cache" then I unchecked "Sync Photos from" and then did a sync, to force iPad2 to delete all the photos on it. Then I resynced the 15 selected folders and it worked correctly on that with 1786 photos transferred to iPad2 in their correct folders.


    So I tried the exact same steps with iPad3 (New iPad) and it failed - only the partial contents of 5 of the 15 folders made it across. I bought the 64GB version with the key intent of being able to carry large amounts of photos around and viewing them on that beautiful display, as I am sure many users have.

  • M113K Level 1 Level 1



    after "successful" sync with iPad3, iPhone4S would no longer sync at all.

    i get "... cannot be read from or written to the device" error message.

    unchecked photos from syncing with iPhone4S and syncs fine...


    i'm pretty sure iTunes needs an update for photos to work on iPad3 and other devices...

  • snoopyjoe_1 Level 1 Level 1

    Having the same problems - after reseting the iPad 3 and syncing a few folders at time, everything worked good until i got to the 80% mark and it failed again.  58 folders and 5000 pics loaded, then the problems started again.  Everything sync'd fine  on the IPad 2 prior to the ipad 2 will not sync correctly either.  The latest software update has a major flaw - wish Apple would own up to it and fix it!

  • snoopyjoe_1 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue but on a XP box.  What has worked for me after many hours of reseting, cleaning and guessing:


    1 - reset iPad

    2 - remove photo cache

    3 - resync with not photos added

    4 - sync with only one photo folder selected

    5 - check if it worked, if so repeat 4 again with another

    6 - if  not, check the folder for anything that is NOT a jpg (or other picture format) and remove from the folder

    7 - sync again and check


    So far this has worked well for me and I successfully sync'd over 12,000 pics(various sizes) and 200 folders.


    Whatever "enhancements were made" it appears it does not properly handle files that are not recognized.  Just wish I had known this several days ago when I started this process!!!

  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 Level 1

    Glad the (1) folder method is working for you.

  • dmwhk Level 1 Level 1

    We shouldn't have to do this kind of rain dance to make the software work. Also, one of the sync options is to include/exclude movies - obviously these are not JPG files, so the software should be able to ignore non-JPG files. Many of us look at the same files with Windows, which generates system files (thumbs.db) with thumbnails in each folder. Other photo management programs like Canon Zoombrowser also create proprietory thumbnail files. So it is unrealistic to have to purge these folders of all non-JPG files just to get iTunes to work.

  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 Level 1

    I think iTunes has more problems (in regards to sync alone) than just the thumbs.db.


    The current state, plainly said, is pathetic.


    Want to kill off the sale on this new iPad?  Just pass a note to Samsung and let them do a commercial about this.

  • SimonFromHarrogate Level 1 Level 1

    Just to add to the reports.


    I have both an iPhone 4S and new iPad (3rd gen), both 64GB.


    I sync exactly the same set of photos, some 2,700 of all shapes and sizes, using iTunes on 64bit Windows 7.


    All the photos sync without a problem on my iPhone, however only some of the photos sync on the new iPad.


    Whilst people have reported all sorts of 'messing around' to try and solve the problem, it should not be neccessary!


    My previous iPad 2 is now owned by my girlfriend and we have synced photos from that, on the same PC without a problem. It is definitely an issue with the new iPad as far as I am concerned.


    I am a big Apple fan and have owned each generation of iPhone and iPad as they have been released. The new iPad is the first time I have encountered any serious issues - both this photo one and the lack of a reliable 3G connection (reported in another thread).


    Come on Apple, get it sorted please!

  • Sheva7 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having exactly the same issues. Chatted with Apple support and they don't even admit to having any problems.

    If I use the 1 folder route doesn't it remove anything alse already there?

  • Sheva7 Level 1 Level 1

    that's what I've been doing anbd managed to get all but 3 folders synced....repeated attempts don't help. also I'm not sure that all photos within each folder are in fact synced....

  • dmwhk Level 1 Level 1

    There's anothe thread running here:



    ("iPad 3rd gen photos won't sync") .


    Same comments, no solution.

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