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  • Michael Harris2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have over 8,000 images on my iPad3 and I face this problem all the time. My work around is to add a couple of images to the folder each time until it syncs all the images. It takes a couple of syncs but that what's works for me.

  • Markb3d Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Like others here, this a new problem from us. Only started after the new iOS was released.


    On my Mac I have folder with photos. Those represent my Albums.

    I use the latest iTunes to sync photos from "folders" to iPad.


    Later on if we add a couple of photos and "sync" it shuffles images or doesn't add some.

    Even if we clear the cache on the CPU.


    The only solution I found is to delete all the photos from the iPad befroe you add any new pics.


    The way we delete them is we make a folder with just ONE random pic in it.

    Sync the one pic over so it deletes all the the other Photo Albums/Thumbs/Cache/ any other garbage in there.


    Then Re-Sync all our Albums over as if the iPad was brand new.


    I know this is a horrible work-around but it works until software is fixed.


    It seems the way the photos are named when transfered to the iPad are conflicting with thumbnail names/cache that may still be stored in the iPad. Just a guess.


    This really blows because we just got all our pics to show up in order by naming correctly and stripping Meta Data. Now, we are back to square one.....actually we are behind square one.

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    Hello Guys, Wow there are allot of posts about this, I didn’t read all of them, but it looks like I am having the same problem, I have the 1st and third ipad, all synch from the same computer, I don't think it’s an iTunes problem because the 1st gen ipad still synchs my photos properly, it must be a ipad problem, this is really annoying as I use my ipad photos often as a photographer hobbyist, I have over 8000 photos, I hoped that the new ipad would resolve allot of the problems of the old ipad like crashing on large files, but now I can't even have a photo on it. Apple please fix, this is not good enough.

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    Oh, BTW, I called Apple Support (Really disappointing, they tell me to do all these silly steps like I have never used a computer before), and say that they have no reports about this problem!?! ***? I mean I have read through some of these 332 post and I see some have called about the issue, I also see that the post has been looked at 28000+ times, indicating that there is a problem, maybe someone from apple really needs to look at their own forum? I want this fixed now!

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    I could confirm that I have exactly the same problem with iPad 3 / 16 GB / Wi-Fi.

    There are NO PROBLEM to sync the same iPhoto liblary with iPad 2 / 16 GB / Wi-Fi.


    Two problems:


    1. The photos copied to new iPads occupy more space, i.e. the size of Photo partition is bigger on iPad 3 for the same iPhoto Library.

    May be Photos are somehow resized to the larger sceen during copy ?


    2. After coping problem starting grouth of Other partition, which could be removed only after full restore of iPad

    But full Restore doesn't help since I have no space more due too 1st Problem

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    I don't think it's a memmory problem, I have a 64 gb iPad, which ofcourse is really only 58 another problem I have with iPad, you buy something and expect to get 64 but you get 20% less and can't complain. Any way my photos take 7gb Of high res photos, and I have approx 20gb of space left after I've put all the app and documents I want. So no, it's not a space problem.

  • snerkler1 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Youhavenoidea wrote:


    I don't think it's a memmory problem, I have a 64 gb iPad, which ofcourse is really only 58 another problem I have with iPad, you buy something and expect to get 64 but you get 20% less and can't complain. Any way my photos take 7gb Of high res photos, and I have approx 20gb of space left after I've put all the app and documents I want. So no, it's not a space problem.

    To be fair to Apple and the iPad most, if not all devices show less memory than stated. It's because memory manufacturers state that 1MB = 1000kb, but computers read 1MB as 1024kb. IMO there should be a standard set, but this is the way it is for now. Then of course the OS uses some of the capacity, so your free space will be reduced further still. I don't believe Apple OS's use anymore space than other OS's, maybe someone can confirm this though?

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    So I have spoken to someone from Apple, (again), he said that he also has not heard of this happening on the latest greates ipad, he tell me that I should get it replaced and that it may be a firm ware problem, I'm starting to think that maybe a bad batch was made?

    I will wait till after the weekend and go back to the distributor to see what I can do.

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    I can't see it being just a bad batch. The problem iPads are not jsut in one country, and not just from one particular manufacturing period. Also, some (including myself) have had issues with other apple deivces since the updated iTunes. Whilst others disagree, to me it has to be an itunes issue. An iPad 3 issue would not cause my iPhone 4 to have sync issues. My iphone 4 did not have issues until the iTunes update. Logic therefore suggests it's an iTunes issue which just so happens to affect different devices differently. Is does appear though that the iPad 3 is the most affected and most common.

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    I’ve been struggling with this issue for several months. The results have been very random and hard to pin down. The conclusion-opinion I have come to during my last round is that the iPad can only handle 500 to 800 photos reliably. As you get to 1000, the sync seems to slow down drastically, and then as more photos are added, it seems to get unpredictable as to which (if any) folders it will sync and how long it takes to sync those folders.


    So, if I keep the number of photos to sync less than 800, everything seems to work reliably and syncs fast. To accomplish this, I keep my pictures grouped in folders by yyyy-mm and then use the sync “Selected Folders” option, just selecting enough folders to stay under 800 pics.


    I’m a little disappointed by this in that I bought a larger memory iPad to be able to have all the family photos on the device for viewing. It appears that is just not possible.


    I can understand how something like this could happen - I bet the design team was just looking at having a method to share a few photos, snapped on a smart phone. The numbers above work perfectly for that particular usage model. That’s too bad - the iPad is just a wonderful device for sitting on the couch & sharing family photos. I would encourage Apple to consider a re-design on the photo viewing app and Sync in iTunes.

  • Youhavenoidea Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Maybe your right, I have beeb playing a bit on itunes lately trying to get it to work, and since you mentioned it, I have had 4 crashes since the luancj of th IOS5 and have had several hangs. I really hope this gets worked out... Quick.

  • Youhavenoidea Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Well your lucky you get that many photos, I tried synching 1 folder at a time, generally containg between 100 to 300 photos, but I couldn't even get 1 full folder synched correctly, I did,\t reach more then 500 hudred when I reliased the problem, this is very random problem and obviously a problem, I am just curios, does anyone out there have the NEW ipad and NOT have these problems?

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    It is confusing why some can sync photos doing the one folder method and others can't. I personally can sync as many photos as I like providing I do it one folder at a time. However, I think the most photos I have in any one folder is 140 ish, so maybe the people who are having trouble with the one folder sync method have many more photos per folder?

  • Youhavenoidea Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am trying what you have suggested and synching only folders that have 200ish photos in them, the other thing that I have I am trying is to ensure that none of the folders that I synch have sub folders, I read on another site that this also may cause problems, last but not least, and only a thought, I am wondering that if maybe a corrupt photo or a format that was edited or something may cause Itunes to stop synching it? As it happens, and what Ive noticed that some folders, even thoese not with many photos in them, do not get synched, so i am skipping over thoes and it seems to be working. all this offcourse is a temporary solution to a bigger problem.

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    So, I've tried and had some success, if you can call it that, I was able to synch a few more folders, but it would not synch the whole folder only portions, not sure how it choes what to synch but would synch between 50 to 70%, but then I got to a certine point and no matter what I did it would not synch any more.



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