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  • bama3682 Level 1 Level 1

    10.6.3 did NOT fix my synching issues.  Still there are 800 (out of 4,000) pictures that will not synch to my New iPad.  Is anyone else having this problem??  This is one of the most frustrating things I've ever dealt with.

  • Sgadan Ruadh Level 1 Level 1

    Hello bama 3682 and other fellow sufferers.

    As stated in previous posts I've gone through **** and hot water trying to sync my photographs from a Windows XP, SP3 computer to my new iPad3. My images were in folders of 250 all sequentially numbered until Apple got at it and screwed the lot during syncing. The principle they employ is to ignore 30%, duplicate 20% and then randomise the order of the remaining pack. Very nice "senior technician" in Apple Support was totally unaware of any problem with the software but did her best to help without success. (Impressed, she actually spoke English - not that I've anything against Indians!)

    Being 79 years old and having 50 years experience of taking on Computer Graduates who knew it all, I decided I would not be beaten by the stupidity of the Apple program writers. I upgraded to iTunes 10.6.3 and copied all the images in their folders to a laptop running on Windows 7. Synced to iPad (three hours) and the situation was so improved that I could analyse the glitches. Several batches of images were ignored and these were images which had the meta data stripped, i.e images which had been copied at some stage to a USB memory stick or card, scanned or the original image processed in some way. There was no duplication or major randomisation, almost all of the images are in chronological sequence anyway. I also discovered that if I modify the images so that all the files show same date modified in each folder it confuses the software and prevents randomisation!

    What drives me mad is that, in order to add five new images to the highest numbered folder, I have to sync all 15 folders with 3,600 images - that is mad, even by Apple standards. I'm sure some of you are asking "Why did this old chap buy an iPad if he thinks so little of Apple?" It was the quality of the screen - FANTASTIC.

    When I looked under the surface of the software I came to the conclusion that the iPad was designed for kids to play games and listen to music, then some Appleite had a brainwave that if they tweeked the music software they use it for images and having the kids exhibiting their behaviour at pubs and clubbing. Serious use of the iPad was not contimplated. Oh for "Select, Copy, Paste".

    Hope the above helps towards getting a handle on our problems. If we join forces we'll beat Apple yet.

  • meerderideen Level 1 Level 1

    The update fixed my problems. I updated iTunes, then deleted the photo cache folder (of course?), deleted all pictures on iPad and iPhone (de-marked everything) and then marked all picture-folders again, synced my iPhone first - worked fine and fast, and then the iPad 3... even perfect. Not that fast as the iPhone, but I guess this is because of the picture size.


    All pictures are on iPhone and iPad 3 now, without problems.

  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 Level 1

    I did the (1) folder at a time method before (which work for me), didn't want to risk erasing the whole cache and rebuild (should it fail).


    However, adding a couple folders today with hundreds of pics each, and it went without a hitch.

    Looks like the problem might be mostly solved for now. 

    Will add couple thousand more and report back.


    Again, I combined a previous working cache and added a few more folders with the new version of iTunes.

  • bama3682 Level 1 Level 1

    How do you delete the photo cache folder?  And if I do this, is there is a risk of causing more problems?

  • meerderideen Level 1 Level 1

    No, it won´t cause more problems. If you, for example, define c:/photos as your sync-folder, then this "photo cache" folder will be found within this "photos"-folder. Just delete it. Or: Create a new folder somewhere else and copy all wanted pictures into this new folder and define this folder in iTunes as your wanted sync-folder. It´s that simple.

  • bama3682 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks.  So I went ahead and deleted the photo cache (I have a Macbook Pro, so I found it in the iPhoto folder), but the synching problem remains.  Only about 80% of my photos showed up on my iPad.  Argh.  Is anyone else still having this problem or did some other fix help? 

  • meerderideen Level 1 Level 1

    ? Have you deleted all photos off your ipad before? You, of course, have do deselect all photos, so everything gets deleted. For iPhone AND iPad. And then delete the photo cache folder, select all folders again, sync... worked for me.

  • Jean Lamoureux Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, I might have found the answer to this problem of pictures synchronisation on the new ipad with the help of Apple.


    Ok first shutdown iTunes

    In sequence


    - Uninstall iTunes

    - Uninstall Quicktime

    - Uninstall Apple Mobile Device Support

    - Uninstall Bonjour

    - Uninstall Apple Application Support (Optional)

    - Reboot PC

    - Reintsall Latest iTunes version from Apple

    - Retry photos synchronization, one directory at a time.


    Good Luck

  • Condottiere Level 1 Level 1

    Hours and hours of on line Apple tech support for the iPad 3 has resulted in the following epiphany:

    Task: Transfer photos in folders/directories to the iPad 3 and have them viewable in sequence

    Condition: Win-7 64 bit with latest iTunes

    Standards with “examples”:

    - Create a simple rood directory (c:/iPad)

    - Create subdirectories under the c:/iPad/(Pic-1, Pic-2…)

    - Into the subdirectories place only .jpg (s) [Convert all file extensions into jpg] this will assure that the Apple OS is not over stressed.

    - Rename all photos into a simple prefix with the .jpg suffix (Pic1-001, Pic1-002…) this will assure that when sorted by name the jpgs will be sequential.

    - Assure that all jpgs are under 350kb

    - Assure that the max amount of photos in each subdirectory is under 250 jpgs

    - Assure that no other products like videos are in the subdirectories.

    - Attach the iPad to the PC

    - Start the iTunes program (I have been down the camera route for this but it is unable to load folders and is very unfriendly et al)

    - Sync photos from “c:/iPad” and assure that the “Selected folders” is checked

    - Do not include videos (do videos as mp4 in the movies section… and good luck)

    - Assuming that you now have a few folders with jpgs showing up in the ‘Folders’ portion of the iTunes under the tab Photos and that all the folders are “Unchecked” now check off only the first folder (Pic-1) and Sync… this might take a while so settle in. Repeat the aforementioned for the next folder and the next always keeping the previous folder checked.

    - Once the last folder is checked and uploaded calmly use the ejection icon associated with your iPad to disconnect the device.

    - Wait a few minutes for the iPad 3 to work on getting its act together before opening its picture viewer and selecting a subfolder that you created and uploaded jpgs into (this is not a joke).

    - If all went as everyone, from simple young Apple tecs to Lead tecs have prescribed your folders will contain your photos in the sequence that you indicated… if not as has been my case and other cases as well please see my Summation below.



    - Never go more than one subdirectory under the c:/iPad

    Summation: iPad 3 is a toy for limited social intercourse or children who need something simple to play with. iPad 3 is not for professionals or serious working folks who would like simplicity and function to ease their rendering of data and materials efficiently. I have concluded to give this Apple toy away and purchase the next Win 8 platform tablet that is designed for professionals.

    Play nice and good luck

    PS: Apple should have the motto: ““Power is inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together in new shapes of our own choosing.” ~ George Orwell, 1984”

  • AtoZ043 Level 1 Level 1

    So the esteemed folk at Apple want us kiddies to reformat, resize, rename and relocate our many thousands of photos one at a time so that we may play with them on their highly sophisticated toy, because is after all just a toy. My fault, I didn't read the advertising properly. I thought it was a game changing high tech device that had heralded in the post PC era.


    Now that i think about it that sounds very reasonable and not even remotly condescending, NOT!

  • ericmok1 Level 1 Level 1

    It doesn't makes sense the default sorting within an album is based on modified date rather than created date in new iPad.  This change has recently implemented since the latest iTune release to resolve the sync issue.  I think sorting by file name or created date is more applicable in real life.  Before this, it should be sorting by created date.  Now,  iPhone also use this logic.  Personally , I prefer sorting by filename.  It is more flexible.  It is no way to do a lot of manual tasks as reported in above email to make it sort by created date.

  • hkhk5555 Level 1 Level 1

    I finally got Apple to send me a new Ipad 3 for my Ipad 3 which would not sync the photos properly. The new one works fine.

  • PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1

    I have the iPad 2 and 3 and never had an issue with sync from my iMac using iPhoto.

    Sorting is a different thing. It took me some times to realize that the sorting is exactely in the way I have sorted it in iPhoto.

    n iPhoto you can sort by picture name and date and you can define it in each Event/Album differently.

    Albums are sorted like you see it in iPhoto in the left bar.

    Then concept of events and albums is not clear from the beginning, right. It has confused me to see all my pictures in events and I need to create albums for selected (or all) pictures in an event.

    I was used to have all my pictures in folders and subfolders and sub sub folders.

    And ist is still confusing that you cannot delete/change pictures on your iPad when you have synced it from iPhoto via iTunes. But it is a clear Master-Slave syncing method, where iPhoto is the master.

    The new method to be able to create albums on your iPad is nice, but there is something missing, the syncing back to iPhoto or a folder if you are using that method.

    Apple need to deliver here an easy way, not only for professionals. I do not see an improvement in iOS6, hav tested that already.

    The iPhoto App on the iPad is currently not helping at all, but could be improved, together with a new version of iTunes (for Windows and Mac)  and a new version of iPhoto (for Mac User).

    Yes, Apple should read all these posts carefully.

  • Frenchwench Level 1 Level 1

    I am having a similar issue but it is with photos taken with my Iphone.  They will not sync with my new IPad even after it says the photo library is updating.  I stopped by Verizon and they said I needed to do a backup of ICloud. I did a complete backup and the photos still won't sync.  Has anyone else had this same problem?

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