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I just bought my first iPad (3rd gen.), and I am trying to decide on a solution to protect it from damage from day-to-day use and mishaps.  At a minimum, I want to protect the surfaces (screen, bezel, and rear case) from scratching and marring. I would like to have some degree of protection that would help it survive being dropped or banged around and such, i.e. a full encloseure, but only if it works well and looks good.  In other words, I'd be inclined to accept a little more risk to avoid something that is unsightly or that interferes with the iPad's functionality and ease of use.  On my iPhone 4S, I ended up going with a PowerSupport Cyrstal screen protector (front and rear) kit and then hedging my bet with AppleCare+.  But an iPad won't slip into the relative safety of my pocket, so I'm not ruling out a full case if I can find something I can live with.  Do any of you veteran iPad owners have any suggestions or recommendations for a quality, attractive, and functional iPad protection system?  Any input from the community will be appreciated.  Thanks.

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    I use the smartcover with my ipad2 it works great though it dont protect the back

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    It depends on how much protection you want. There are multitudes of options out there. My wife has the clear plastic back with the smart cover but I wouldn't want to drop it with that set up. I use a Targus leather portfolio type case on my gen 1 but for my new iPad I just ordered one of the Maroo folio type covers. It has good protection on the corners as well.

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    I am a big fan of the piel frama leather cases--very sturdy, beautifully crafted and very protective. I just ordered one for my new ipad, as Im giving my gen 1 with the case to my mom. Check on Amazon or Cases.com and look thru them--I ordered a black leather one with the stand option included. Good Luck on the hunt.

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    I tried a plastic cover on the front and back that I really had good results with on my old iPad 2. The brand is Ghost Armor and it seemed clearer to me than Zagg. However, on the new iPad with the Retina display it just was not invisible. Looking very, very closely would reveal small less-than-pixel sized problems -- enough that I finally stripped off the front screen and am just going with the back. My feeling is that the retina display is sooooo perfect that you do not want to fool with it, just be sure to keep your smartcover closed. And, yeah, I would cover the back so as not to mar that area and also it protects the side of the case from tiny scratches sometimes caused by the smartcover attaching there. Next, I picked up at a Fossil store an iPad carrier that is sort of distressed leather and fabric in muted earthtones -- very cool looking. I bought it for the iPad 2 and it fits the new iPad fine (with smartcover attached). I think the stores still have them and they are a great buy at around $30 or so.

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    I want something very unobtrusive too.  Does anyone know if the cases for the iPad2 fit the new iPad?  I would prefer a clear back cover but noticed speck won't have them available until April. I have seen many for the ipad2 that I like, just don't know if the very small difference in width will matter.

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    I bought the otterbox defender series case for my new ipad. Very nice. I wouldn't worry about it dropping honestly. I have used their products on my ipod touch and phone. In my opinion you can't beat the quality and protection. They even have covers to plug the holes for the microphone and charger/sync port. check out their website and see for yourself why they are the best.

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    Thanks to everyone for all the helpful responses!  There truly are many nice products out there ranging from the minimalist clear stick-on protectors to the enveloping leather cases.  NeilShapiro, I'm with you in that I am definitely loathe to put anything on the screen that will detract from the awesome retina display.  That said, I had the same concern when it came to my iPhone 4S and after a bit of research I decided to stay away from anti-glare films, and I settled on the Power Support Crystal product, which I have be extremely satisfied with.  I don't think it impacted the display quality even slightly save for that one air bubble I could never rub out.


    One product I am really interested in at this point is the Power Support "Air Jacket", which is a clear "ultra thin" jacket that that fits like a tight sock on the back an around the bezel.  They have nothing up on their site for the "new" iPad other than a "coming soon" place-holder, but the iPad 2 version costs $50 and includes a Power Support screen protector as well. The latter, however, is of the more common anti-glare variety and so I might be inclined to leave it off and rely on my Smart Cover to protect the screen; at least for the time being until I pick out a full blown case.


    I'm thinking that if the Air Jacket does become available for the New iPad, then I'd like to have it as a first layer of protection regardless of whether or not I ultimately end up adding a leather jacket or whatever.  Sure, it will be redundant when combined with a full jacket, but if there are times when I'd be inclined to shed the bulk and weight of the case for a while, I can do that without fear of getting it all scratched up.


    Lowell provides a good tip vis-a-vis the Piel Frama cases. Those are appealing as well as the Beyza Executive II Leather Slim Cases that I came across on the same vendor's site. Between the two, I think I'm partial to the Beyza due to it's somewhat trimmer design Apple-like multi-panel folding cover.


    Okay, now as far as a case is concerned, as much as I like the Piel Frama and Beyza cases and others I've been looking at, here's what I REALLY want: something from Oberon Design. They are pricey, but no more so than the other higher end leather models I'm looking at.  The difference is that the Oberon Design cases are literally a work of art.  They are strikingly beautiful tooled leather with pewter fasteners. I say this with confidence because my girlfriend owns several Oberon Design products, and I cannot tell you how regularly random strangers come up to get a closer look at her handbag or Kindle cover and to ask her where she bought them.  All models are available in a variety of colors and highly detailed tooled designs or imagery.  Her saddle color Tree of Life handbag is so awesome up close and in person that even men notice and comment on it.  (of course that's usually in a pub somewhere, so maybe that's not a reliable indicator).


    Now here's the rub: unlike most other quality iPad cases, the Oberon Design iPad covers do NOT have the "Smart Cover" integrated magnetic sleep/wake control feature.  At least AFAIK at this point.  The web site description doesn't mention it, but I'll probably email them to ask just in case.  IMHO that's a very nice and important feature and not one I'm keen on sacrificing.  OTOH, they look REALLY NICE.  Oh decisions decisions ...


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    i use the smart cover and a back cover

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    Definitely use a screen protector and find a case that you like. That's what I did and mine is safe.

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    I had the Oberon on my Kindle and bought one for my iPad 2 -- they are simply the most beautifully designed and made cases out there. On the other hand I took it off my iPad 2 and will not get one for my iPad (new). That is because of the weight and the tickness. I use my iPad for ereading. Folding back that thick leather case makes the feel of the iPad a little unwieldy and it does add a great deal of weight. But if you can get by that the Oberons are just top-notch as far as looks.

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    NeilShapiro, thanks for sharing your Oberon Design experience.  The bulk and heft thing was definitely a concern of mine, so I'm glad to have the first-hand insight.  I guess I was optimistically rationalizing that just about any of the leather full cases would have that downside and that just maybe the Oberon would be only marginally moreso. It's not so bad for my GF's Kindle; but then again that's a MUCH smaller and lighter device.  I'll probably end up passing over the Oberon for these reasons and lack of the magnetic smart cover feature and just spend more time around my GF and all of her OD stuff.

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    I just ordered a Phantomskinz Chromatic kit. The faux carbon fiber back with the "ultra clear" front sheild.  Based on my research and my experience with the clear urathene on my iPhone 4S screen, I'm not anticipating the pixilation effect which apparently is a characteristic of the anti-glare screens.  Power Support emailed me and said their "New iPad" compatible Air Jacket won't be available for 4 - 6 weeks, but if it only comes with anti-glare on the front, then I don't want it.


    FWI to anyone that may be considering a Phantomskinz product in the coming days: I scrounged up the promo code "BIGGER" and it dropped the $39.95 price down to $29.95 at check-out. You need to use a different code depending on how much you're spending. The details are here.

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    If anyone is interested we sell a rugged iPad Case that passes the MIL-STD-810 drop test and IP68 submersion test.  www.controlsynergy.com.au

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