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In Mac OS 10.6, the Console.app had an option to show the "Console Log" which included what looks like the stdout/stderr message of running applications not explicitly sent to syslog. The option showed up as the second option in the system log queries/database queries list on the Log List.

In 10.7, the only option is "All Messages" and there does not appear to be a way to view the "console log" as it was in 10.6. Is there a way to turn this on in 10.7? Does the Mac no longer provide a way to see the stdout/stderr messages for running applications (those run as .app and not from terminal)?

see attached screen shots (left is 10.6/right is 10.7) with console messages option missing.

Screen Shot 2012-03-17 at 3.42.49 PM.pngScreen Shot 2012-03-17 at 3.42.04 PM.png

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    That's progress. AFAICT, all messages and system.log contain all that you need. As for tracing stdout/stderr messages, I haven't a clue, since I've never had a need to track them.

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    I'm not sure why it's progress to remove useful functionality, but I'm hoping they just moved it somewhere else that I'm not aware of. All messages and system.log do not contains everything now.

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    There are actually two ways to get access the console log again.  One is through Console.app and one is via terminal.


    In Console.app...

    Go to File --> New System Log Query...

    your expression should be:   [Facility] [is equal to] "com.apple.console"

    and you can can make the 'Search Name' equal to "Console Messages".

    Once you click OK, you will return the same functionality to your console.app that you had previous to 10.7.


    In Terminal...


    symply type tye following and strike return:


    syslog -C


    terminal then prints all the conosoel messages to the standard output (your screen), then exits back to the command prompt.

    If you want to clean it up and keep the console listing live (waiting for new messages to appear), type the following:


    syslog -B -C -w


    This displays yoru console log, but only messages that have ben generated since the last boot, and waits for new messages.


    strike ^C  (command+c) to exit


    For more information, you can use the manpage for syslog to better understand the tool set.

    (man syslog)


    Hope this helps.


    Just FYI the removal fo Console Messages from console.app persists through 10.9.2 (time of this writing).


    Also FYI, with the terminal method it is quite handy to monitor multiple systems (or rack full of xserves like I still have the pleasure of managing) via SSH