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I have Apple TV 1; on my lap top I was able to see the shows and drag them over to an external hard drive and then delete them to free up space.  On my new iMac I can see the Apple TV device but I don't see the shows in itunes Like I can on my lap top.  I'm reformatting my lap top now and want to make the new iMac my new primary station. 

Apple TV, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Welcome to the Apple community.


    The Apple TV 1 can only have one primary library. My assumption is that you have set up your new iMac as a secondary or syncing only library. If you remove your laptop as the primary library you can then set up your iMac properly and it will function in the same way as your laptop does now.

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    Thanks very much.  Works like a charm now.  I should have been able to figure that out.  I blame a temporary early morning cafine deficiency.  lol