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Ok, I am about at the end of my pitiful rope.


My wife and I both have iPhones (mine is a 4, hers a 4s).  iMessage has worked flawlessly between us since she got her iPhone.  However, after clearing all my conversations, any time I try to start a new one with her it is sent as text message.  In fact, when starting the new conversation and choosing a contact, it lists her twice.  Once with her mobile number (not showing the iMessage icon) and again with her email address (showing the icon).  What the what?! 


Buddy of mine on ATT, with iPhone 4?  iMessage works perfectly.  He shows up once with mobile number and iMessage icon. 


Brother on Verizon?  Same as my buddy.


Brother's wife, on Verizon?  Doesnt show iMessage icon and goes as text.