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I have had Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 working with iTunes 10.1 and my iPhone 4 OS 5.0 to sync my calendar and contacts for some time, and everything worked perfectly up to the other day.  Recently I upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2010, and now the calendar will not sync.  Contacts seems to sync ok, but not the calendar.


I have recently gone through several iterations of upgrades for iTunes, iPhone, and other MS patches and updates.  Nothing I do changes to way that Outlook ignores the iTunes sync.


Everything worked fine until the upgrade to Office 2010.  I have changed all of the settings in both iTunes and Outlook and on the phone itself.  There does not seem to be any way to make it work.


After several suggestions from the Microsoft team I have uninstalled both iTunes and Office 2010, deleted the files in program files, I gave up on Office 2010 and installed Office 2007, and iTunes 10.6.  I have tried to re-sync the calendar, but it just does not work.  I have incrementally updated Office to SP3,  iTunes and the iPhone 5.1 software, re-syncing with each iteration.


I have tried:

Resetting the sync history, deleting the back up files, setting the caledar on the computer to overwrite the iPhone.


No luck. Calendar still does not sync.


There has to be some way to fix this.  Any ideas?


(By the way, I have posted this multiple places, but I am not getting any results, so it is posted once again here.)

iPhone 4, Windows 7, Laptop Computer, Lenovo T410
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    When you uninstalled iTunes, did you uninstall iTunes and all of its components as described here:http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1923?  If you don't follow this guide it will not work.

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    I removed everything as the article states, however when it came time to reinstall, I went to the Apple website and clicked download.  It went into the install mode from there.  No options. 

    An interesting note however, iTunes syncs perfectly with Outlook on another account on the same computer, just not mine.

    I now suspect it must be a corrupt file somewhere, I just don't know where to start deleting.

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    Generally I find the corrupt file is from a bad appointment. Do you recall setting an appointment about the time this started happening. Have you tried to run the scanpst file on your Outlook file. Scanpst.exe resides in the main Microsoft Office folder. You should be able to do a search of your computer and locate it. Then you also need to know where your Outlook data file is. It ends in .pst. After running the scanpst file, it should repair problems that you might have. Also, make sure you have applied all of the updates to your Outlook. I have successfully synced with Outlook 2003, 2007 and now with 2010. If the scanpst does not help, then try putting the calendar into detail view and see if you can see something wrong with an appointment. There used to be a problem with recurring appointments with no end date, but I believe that was corrected in a newer iOS update. Some thought it had something to do with the older version of Outlook.


    The last thing you can do is to export your outlook.pst file and save it on the desktop. Then go into Outlook and create the new data file by opening the exported file. That might correct it if nothing else does.

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    I think you are on the right track...


    I have not changed or added any appointments since the problem started.

    The problem started when I upgraded from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2010.  I have changed back to Outlook 2007 since it seems to work in the firums (but not for me).

    I deleted all of the calendar content, and put in one test appointment, this appointemnt synchronized properly.

    Re-importing my calendar data, it does not sync.

    I also tried to synce with data no older than 1 day - no luck.


    Summary: The existing calendar data syncs with Outlook 2003 and iTunes, but not with Outlook 2007 and iTunes. 


    Is there any data on an outlook appoinmnet type that would prevent synching?

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    Generally it tends to be a recurring appointment with no end date. I upgraded from 2007 to 2010 sometime back and did not have a problem. Obviously from your test there is a bad appointment, since importing the old data seems to replicate your problem. Maybe you could try creating a new calendar, put an appointment in it and see if that calendar syncs. In iTunes, just select that single calendar to sync and see if that works. If it does, then try moving a month of appointments at a time and see where it stops syncing. That could help identify it. You don't mention if you tried the scanpst.exe fix, did you? How many appointments are you talking about having to re-enter if you cannot get the sync to work? If it isn't too many, it might be worth just deleting the calendar and starting over.

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    I will look for open-ended recurring and see if that is it.

    I have been using Outlook for a calendar since the mid-1990's and all of my data is in there (it tends to be useful for finding out what date something happened in the past), although I typically only sync the last 30 days in the iPhone.


    I did run the scanpst, and it did find "errors" which it "fixed", however I have not idea what it actually did.

    It is just curious that the same data synced perfectly with Outlook 2003.

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    I have also used Outlook for a long time. I also teach Office classes at a community college, one of the reasons I like to understand when people have problems. It is especially interesting to me since I have an iPhone and many of my students do as well, and I like to be able to handle any problems I can. I have found that many times moving an Outlook data file from an older to newer format can cause issues. I have tried a number of different things in the past to try and get around problems. I have archived an Outook file, then deleted the current Outlook file and imported the archive. Sometimes things that drastic will work. Up to you how far you want to go with it, but you can try to export your entire Outlook file, close Outlook, delete your Outlook.pst file and then open Outlook and import the backup you made. However, if you have a lot of calendar entries to replace, you might not want to try that. The next thing is how do you have your auto-archive set up? How much of your calendar is not in the archinve file? You should only really have a little more than 30 days of data in your calendar anyway, 90 at the most. If there are not that many entries there, you can always try and delete them and re-enter.

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    Thank you for your help,

    My misery started when I upgraded from Office 2003 to Office 2010 since excel failed to print (unrelated).  The existing calendar data syncs with Outlook 2003 and iTunes, but not with Outlook 1010 or 2007 and iTunes. 

    When I tried to sync Outlook 2010 with the then, unchanged iTunes that was currently installed, the calendar sync failed - nothing was transferred. At that point the current calendar was in the computer, and the week out of date calendar in the iPhone.

    After searching this issue for a while, I found no real help, but did find several instances where Outlook 2010 was not compatible with iTunes.  In an effort to resolve this issue, I removed Office 2010, and installed office 2007 which purportedly would work (at least according to multiple posts).

    I have not changed or added any appointments since the problem started.  They are all the same that successfully worked with Outlook 2003.

    So far I have done the following:

    • Restored the outlook.pst file and setting files to the new Outlook installation to maintain the settings.  This kept all of the original Calendar data.  Sync was unsuccessful.
    • I deleted all of the calendar content from Outlook 2007, and put in one test appointment, this single appointment synchronized properly.  I added in a few calendar items into the new calendar from an exported old calendar which I opened and then transferred the appointments by drag/drop. Sync was unsuccessful.
    • I deleted the entire Outlook profile from the control panel, created a new profile, imported a few calendar items to test. Sync was unsuccessful.
    • Re-importing some of my calendar data, and sync with data no older than 1 day (iTunes setting). Sync was unsuccessful.
    • I have cleaned out all of the recurring appointments, all unusual appointments.  All of the files have been scanned with ScanPST multiple times.  There were a few errors at first, but they are all clean now. Sync was unsuccessful.

    All of the calendar data is contained in the outlook.pst file.  I do not use the built-in archive feature for anything (had bad luck with it many years ago).  I periodically export my data to organized pst files that I can go back and look at as needed.  I also have multiple pst files for mail for different projects.  The calendar however is in the main outlook.pst file (plus backups over the years)

    I am completely out of ideas as to what could be causing outlook to fail synching.  It is exactly the same data that had no trouble syncing with Office 2003 installed. 

    What am I missing here?

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    This fixed it for me. I located and deleted recently changed or added recurring appointments and that fixed the problem.

  • cecil h Level 1 Level 1

    This was my resolution - no data lost:


    1. verified iTunes had a recent backup of my iPhone 4s.  (in iTunes, under “Devices” right-clicked on iPhone and then clicked “Backup”.
    2. in iTunes, under “Devices” right-clicked on iPhone and then clicked “Restore from Backup”.
    3. As normal, when there was a conflict between contacts, chose which device I wanted to use (Outlook or iPhone).
    4. Performed regular sync (since when prompted I elected to wait in step above).


    Only problem was one recurring, all-day event that duplicated itself.  Deleted duplicate event and all is fine.  Two-way communication restored.


    Specifics:  iPhone 4s, Windows XP, Outlook 2003, only problem was syncing iPhone calendar to Outlook. Notes, contacts, etc, worked fine.

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    For me disabling "exchange cache" in the Outlook 2003 settings resolved the problem..

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    Fantastic thread! Thanks. My iphone 4 and my iPod had both stoppped syncing with OUtlook 2010 Calendar and I thought I'd tried everything. The recurring appointmment without end date was the solution and as soon as I corrected that everything behaved properly.

    Well done and thanks again.

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    Thank you!! Thank You!! Thank You!!!  This thread solved my long standing calendar sync problem.  I deleted all my non ending recurring  calendar entries such as my monthly mortgage payment and credit card payment due date entries on both my desktop calendar and my iphone calendar and it synced right away.  No data lost except I don't have my recurring items.  I guess I will just have to remember to pay my mortgage every month.  Absolutely a great thread.  Thank you.