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I can get audio but no video on my apple tv when trying to AirPlay from iPad.

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    Websites and third party Apps need enabling before they will allow AirPlay of Video content. Some Website/App developers have not enabled their products, some simply haven't got around to it yet, others have stated that they won't be enabling AirPlay (likely as a result of licensing issues).


    I have created a User Tip to list Apps that have been tested with Video Airplay, if you have any Apps that you have tested please leave details in the comments at the bottom of the User Tip or email me if you don't have commenting privileges.

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    Double click home, swipe at bottom left to right to reveal the ipod controls, touch the screen icon, choose apple TV, and turn mirroring on.


    Having just sound is a sort of a bug that happens when you use youtube native airplay mode then switch to another app.I experienced it too.


    Regarding Winston Churchill comment, it is true with ipod touch and older iphones and ipad1. However, with ipad 2,3 or iphone 4s, you can airplay video from any app regardless if app natively support it or not, since these models support airplay mirroring. It works really well.

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    I have same problem aid the video comes from apple store did they did not enable it..??