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Folks:  I have a late 2009 27" iMac.  I am very capable of repairing my own machine. I replaced the HD over the holiday break without a glitch.  My struggle is my SuperDrive needs replacing.  It will no longer burn dual layer disks. So, I thought it would be simple to find a replacement and get one ordered.  NOPE.  The names of drives don't really help shoppers shop by brand, etc.  Mine is a "HL-DT-ST DVDRW  GA11N".  Nice. Try googling that...Some say that name relates to an LG brand drive, while others clearly don't agree. 


The question:  How is an end user supposed to replace such a part if trying to find an exact match it is so difficult?  Also, there have been so many others with failed drives that I really don't want to buy a used one, as I'm sure it too would fail; however, general internet serches don't give me many options for new.  Perhaps that is because I still don't know the true brand of the existing "turd" that is in my Mac.  Anyone have a link or suggestion to find the right match for a 2009 27inch iMac?  I'm tired of looking and not seeing much out there. You would think there would be clear options or ways to shop for an "upgraded and compatable" drive.  If there are such options, I clearly can't find them.





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