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  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    A linksys e2000 is a good bet, and should work perfectly.


    Have you tried contacting your router's tech support or changing the encryption type to AES?

  • It_caveman Level 1 (5 points)

    I have 3 current Airport Extremes, 1 Netgear WNR 3500 and one Netgear WNR 3700. All I devices Connect to I devices fine except the iPad3's I tested. IPad2 running IOS 5.1 has and never had any problems. All routers are fairly new and firmware is up to date. IPad 3's tested had have the wifi range as my iPad 2 which I rock solid out to about 75 ft. I use the N 5ghz band mostly. I tried the 2.4ghz band and it did improve the range a bit but what 3 to 5 ft in the big picture. I tried two iP3's ove the week end that belong to a couple of friends and the were as good as my iP2 so something is different inside the ip3's I has and the ones they got. Still curious about the range test results from Mike95.

  • Cinnamontoast Level 1 (0 points)

    Thinks... 103000 views on this thread ought to get apple thinking ?

  • Philly_Phan Level 6 (13,211 points)

    Cinnamontoast wrote:


    Thinks... 103000 views on this thread ought to get apple thinking ?

    Why?  Views have no significance whatever.

  • AppleQer Level 1 (10 points)

    Where exactly is the Wifi antenna in the new third generation iPad (2012)? In the iPad 2, I think it ran from just behind the home button to the left side of the device (when holding it vertical with the home button at the bottom)? I read on another forum that it is behind the speaker (on the right side), which may be incorrect. It is a fairly simple question, but I can't tell just by looking at the photos on TechRepublic and fixit.

  • Owil Level 1 (0 points)

    There's no question that this is an issue.  I bought a new IPAd 3 about 3 weeks ago.  I traveled to China last week with other folks that had Ipad 2's.  At the hotel, Starbucks, etc. they had no problem with wifi connection while mine was dropping the connection.  I called the store on 14th day - they were very accommodating and agreed to exchange my IPAd3 for a different one (to see if the problem was limited to the one device). I got the new device last week and same problem is occurring even at my home as I go a little further away from my router.  I borrowed an IPad2 last night from a friend and compared connectivity at my home. In the span of 25 minutes of routine browsing the Ipad 3 dropped the connection twice while the Ipad2 had no problem.  I also streamed a 20 minute TV show on both devices and the IPad3 dropped the connection half way through while the Ipad 2 completed the episode with no problem.  As much as I hate giving up on my new Ipad I feel like I have no choice but exchanging it for an Ipad2.

  • Mike95 Level 1 (45 points)

    I had identical problems with my Verizon iPad when I first recieved it.  In my case I was able to find a work around which was to regsieter the wifi manually rather than finding it over the air automatically.  However this was just a short term solution until I discovered the main problem was my out dated router.  Once I updated my router, I have rock solid connection with iPad and no symptoms from the past.



    Granted, this doesn't mean all problems will be solved -- as some have upgraded their routers and continued having issues, but it certainly points to something odd with the WiFi implementation in some cases.  Additionally, this solution, while plesant at home, may not guarantee a smooth connection at the nearest star bucks.  I'm under the assumption this is going to be fixed shortly because I was able to address it by upgrading my router firmware. Some additionally resolved by temporarily forcign their routers to broadcast wireless-g only and/or use AES security.  Also, since you mention the iPad2, there is a whole thread about iPad2s having problems with wifi after upgrading to iOS 5.1 -- leading to more evidence of a probable fix soon.  You can see the iPad2 thread here:



    Personally, I can't go back to previous iPad after seeing the screen of the new iPad.  Make sure you can live with such a downgrade -- it's one of those situations where you don't realize it until you experience it.


    Good Luck

  • It_caveman Level 1 (5 points)

    Mike, did you ever get the range tests done that you were going to do and post the results?

  • Mike95 Level 1 (45 points)

    It_caveman wrote:


    Mike, did you ever get the range tests done that you were going to do and post the results?


    Yes, that same Saturday morning.  My results were inconclusive.  At first I saw some difference between one iPad and the other -- infact they had presumably two totally different wifi devices possibly even different manufacturer (based on full mac address signature) and thought this was the issue.


    I didn't see much difference however from one and the other while having them both on a food tray and walking about -- including walking outsdie to the sidewalk.  The wifi did become slower with distance.  One thing I did notice is it only sees my two routers and no neighbor's routers while in the same position, the MacBook Air can easily see half a dozen routers but in reality within the house I have full bars and consistent connection so it doesn't really matter to me.


    Hopefully an update is forthcoming soon.

  • Wictod Level 1 (0 points)

    New Ipad 3 Mac Address prefix 1C:AB:A7


    Can only see 2 Routers in the WiFi choose a network,


    Old laptop in the house sees about 15 routers broadcasting


    Been outside looking for BTFON and OpenZone service, found lots but won't connect saying device is busy find another hotspot through BTFON app. Have had limited success making a connection to hotspots.


    Have BT Hub 3 on latest firmware in the house.


    Deffo appears to be a problem with the Ipad wireless capability, without doing any tests and just looking at the available networks to attach to it's clear they are not being received by the pad?


    Whilst working in the home it appears to perform ok with no issues, love the device and it all that it does but am a bit gutted that when you take it outside the house it struggles with hotspots. Surely the Apple techs must be working on a fix...


    Ipad 3 16 Gig Wireless only

  • Cinnamontoast Level 1 (0 points)

    PhillyPhan wrote:

    Why?  Views have no significance whatever.


    The volume of views must at least be an indicator of the level of interest in this thread.

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    I have used a BT Open Zone router before. Definitely contact the ISP. Those routers have strange settings because they are both a modem/router, and only the ISP can troubleshoot those.


    As for seeing only two networks, the theory exposed in the forum is that it only sees ones that are strong enough to connect to. This seems unlikely to me, but bear it in mind.


    You should go to somewhere in the UK with public wifi. are you in london? because london has wifi city-wide, though it costs something. If you are a member of BT, you can have access I think.


    Btw, is this a dsl or cable hookup? or is it something else like wimax? Help me out here.


    Feel free to stop by the apple store if you feel your ipad is misbehaving. btw, "device is busy" is a BT error message, meaning you *are* successfully connecting, just not to the internet. Again, contact BT

  • Sam Katz1 Level 2 (195 points)

    Mike 95, wireless G only or N only and AES (apple's recc.) or possibly AES/TKIP (less secure, more flexible) matches my setup. Though I am still on ios 5.0 on ipad 2.

  • bigpcman Level 1 (0 points)

    Just received a new ipad 3 yesterday and have unfortunately confirmed what so many others have found.


    Holding it landscape with mute button at the bottom, I go gradually from 5 bars to none when I am a couple of rooms away from my home router.


    Also tested at Panera Bread and see the same problem when I move just outside the doorway.


    Contacted Apple Support and was escalated to a "senior" support guy who confirmed there is a problem that is being investigated but the root cause has not been identified so no solution is available yet.

  • robertfromst helena island Level 1 (0 points)

    I’m also having problems with WiFi reception with my iPad 3. The iPad will not receive a signal as well as my Macbook Pro, IMac or PC.  I have to stand over the router to get a full signal.  I just spent the night at a hotel and I could not get but one bar of reception, and kept losing that.  I can’t even use it around my house.


    I have changed the router and it is new.  I called Apple help and we did all kinds of things to get better reception. 


    The idea of getting a more powerful router for your home is not an acceptable solution. The iPad is supposed to be a mobile device, so it needs to be mobile.   If I cannot use it for traveling, what's the point?  I’m sure not going to take my own router when I travel.  I also don’t want to start exchanging iPads through the mail unless I know Apple knows what the problem is and is going to send an IPad that they know is working correctly.

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