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    Screen issues are highly subjective, I've noticed.  Some people just don't see them.  It would probably be fair to say that most people don't see them.  Plus they are only obvious on white and light backgrounds.  So if you're not a big web browser or emailer, then you might never see them.  I'm sensitive to imperfections on the screens.  I've seen everything from yellow stains to blue, green and pink tints, to dark edges and dark spots, to light bleed, to dead pixels.  My earlier iPads were a lot worse than the ones that I've tried more recently.  But they are still there, becuase I've seen week 21 iPads with flaws.  These problems exist, whether some people see them or not.  There are many people on this forum who think that just because they don't see them, they don't exist.  Paul, I'm NOT at all saying you're one of these people, so please don't take it that way.  I'm just making a general statement.  Anyway, my advice on that is that if you don't see screen flaws, don't go looking for them.  Once they're seen, they cannot be unseen and it will drive you crazy.  Just be happy with the screen.


    To me, the screen quality is much more important than the death grip, because I can very easily work around it.  And if I'm close enough to my router, it really doesn't matter how I hold it, because the signal does not degrade.  I am glad that there are ones out there that don't have the death grip.  From my first iPad 3 (week 4) to my keeper (week 21), and every single one in-between, I have not seen a single one that did not show signal degradation when placing my hand over the area beneath the home button when held in landscape orientation with the button to the left.  Even in the Apple stores, they all had the problem.  Of course all of the demo models in the stores are probably from week 4 or week 5.  But the ones that I've had in my possession have been from just about every week since.


    And one of the problems with trying to hold the iPad with the button to the right (besides how most cases are configured) is that some poorly coded apps will not rotate that way.  So I think that the natural way to hold it in landscape is with the button to the left.


    It is really kind of sad that they have all these problems.  You should never have to choose what is an acceptable flaw in a device costing this much money.  I don't understand the variability here.  You would think that each one would be pretty much the same as the last.  But each and every one that I've gotten has been completely unique.  I have not seen two screens that are the same.  Some of them have gotten hotter than others.  You would think that with something like an antenna, the reception on all of them would be exactly the same.  The antenna is a lot less complex than the screen.  And it is put in the exact same location in all of them.  And it is the same antenna being used in all of them.  So aside from the occasional screwed up antenna, shouldn't the reception be the same in all of them?  I really hope that they can mitigate these problems a bit with a tweak to the firmware.  Like I mentioned, the iPad 2 also suffers from death grip to a certain extent.  I can reduce the reception on my iPad 2 if I touch the right spot next to the button.  But it is very localized, whereas on the iPad 3, it seems to be anywhere along the area beneath the button.  I've also noticed that using a case that covers that area seems to make things a little better.  I'm not an engineer and I have little understanding of how these things work.  But it seems like things drop off a lot more quickly when the hand directly touches the area of the screen where the antenna resides. If there's a case in-between my hand and the iPad, it is a bit less sensitive to it.  I use a Bear Motion leather case that I had for my iPad 2.  It makes things a little better.  Though it also makes it more difficult to hold the iPad with the button to the right, should you desire to do so.


    Seriously, sometimes I question whether I'm nuts to have expended this much effort just to get one that's acceptable to me.  Finding a decent iPad should just be a matter of going down to the store and buying one.  It shouldn't be a three month long project.  I know that my wife thinks I'm crazy.

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    Great post!  If you use the iPad as much as I do (and it sounds like you do), you want it to be perfect. I agree with  you on the (lack of noticeablity of most) screen problems and also agree that if you like what you see, dont go delving into finding issues. 


    I used a set of color images someone (on this forum I think) recommended to "validate" a good screen. These are full screen White, Red, Blue, Green and Black images. Using the Photos app and bringing up each in sequence will show up any dead or hot pixels. You have to go in a dark closet when using the black screen, which will show up leakage around the edges if any.


    One of my first six had light leakage but no dead/hot pixels..  Most were fine including the last "keeper"...

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    Why, oh why, did I have to compare this iPad screen to my iPhone???


    Why could I just not be happy? Why must I torment myself!


    Well, my screen does indeed have a brownish/yellow tint and now that I see the light, or lack of, I now have two reasons to return this copy.


    Usmaak, you are right. I do a lot of proamateur photography and now looking at the iPad is like looking through a lens with a permanent warming filter on. The steak will never taste the same.


    I'm gonna check and see if there is an app to change the color balance. If not, back to the store will go this copy.



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    I had weak wifi signal on my new iPad. Very poor in the house compared to my laptop and even compared to old iPod touch. Would only work in the same room and occasionally in next room. Couldn't get a signal upstairs. So I carried out a comparison test with a colleagues iPad2. We wandered around Canary Wharf comparing what wifi networks we could see. He consistently had stronger coverage, at one point he was picking up 5 networks while my new iPad was not getting any!. I returned the new iPad and the swapped it no problem. New one is much better. Works all over house and picking up the networks that I couldn't see with previous one. Maybe there is a bad batch out there?

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    I have the Verizon LTE version with 64GB and the wifi performance is really poor if you are not very close to the router, my iPhone 4s does not have this problem and works much better on wifi than the new iPad.  Interestingly the cellular network performance is very good on it.

  • Wayne S. Level 1 (10 points)

    I have an iPad Retina that has terrible wifi performance if you're not very close to the access point, it is an LTE device and verizon LTE works fine on it.  It's probably Apple's way of thanking the diehards and early adopters, LOL!!!  Note to self "never buy a first generation product from Apple"...

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    So I tried turning off the LTE radio on my Vrzn iPad and my wifi performance is much better now.  It's faster and I see more bars consistently.  I can live with it like this.

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    Wayne S. wrote:


    So I tried turning off the LTE radio on my Vrzn iPad and my wifi performance is much better now.  It's faster and I see more bars consistently.  I can live with it like this.

    You'll use the WiFi a lot more than LTE, but I wouldnt accept a device if the speed drops dramatically when you move to, say, two rainbows away from the router, 30 ft or so. Especially if holding the device landscape with Home button the left dramatically drops your signal/speed.  Ck my other posts on this forum.

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    It is a compromise and one shouldn't have to for $900; my device is 4 months old, I suppose I can press Apple for a replacement.

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    All of these posts have really got me debating whether I want to risk even getting a new iPad at all now! I heard rumours of a newer, revised model coming out around christmas time (not the iPad mini) that addresses the heating issue and includes a display possibly from a different manufacturer. But these are only rumours. I think I'll wait for a while and save some cash in an ISA instead.

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    I am using the iPad right now. On my pc I have full signals but on my iPad it goes up and down, this only happens when I am a little far from the modem but when I am not it has a strong connection and works perfectly I am not really facing your problem

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    I've heard rumors that Sharp is going to start using their displays on the existing model.  Since buying one, I'm once again out of the rumor mill on these things.  But I'd be really surprised to see them issue a revised model around Christmas.  Especially when their normal release time for iPads seems to be March.


    Correct me if I'm wrong.  Originally, Samsung, LG, and Sharp were all supposed to make screens for these.  My understanding is that only Samsung was able to get enough of them together in the time Apple required.  And IMO, even that point can be debated.  I went through a whole bunch with garbage screens, before finally hitting on a good one.  All kinds of weird screen tints and dark spots and dead pixels.  I've seen it all.  It was damned near a three month project for me to actually get one with a uniform screen that looked right.


    I think that the heating issue is overblown.  Of all the ones I've tried, only one of them got hot enough to be of concern.  I consider that to be a defective unit.  My current one does get a bit warm.  But it is no cause for concern.  I agree that the new iPad has issues when holding it in lanscape orientation, particularly when touching the area beneath the button.

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    The heating issue doesn't bother me too much, but as you've said the display is pretty much the entire device. So if the display isn't 100% perfect, the whole device suffers. The fact you have had to send numerous models back really deters me from ordering one. As for the poor WiFi signals, this already happens on my iPhone 4S but to a slightly less incapacitating degree compared to some of the stories I've heard on these threads. What was once a case of 'when' I'd be getting an iPad has very much shifted to an 'if'.

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    I think ALL you need to write what kind of band you use on your wireless devices.


    iPhone uses 2.4GHz wi-fi


    iPad 1 and 2 same.


    iPad 3 prefers 5GHz N band wi-fi


    in my case my iPad 3 (New iPad) denies to connect to 2.4GHz if there's no three bars ON and prefers to connect to Time Capsule 5GHz N band.

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    Try turning Airplane mode on and then off. It worked for my IPad 2

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