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    So disappointing. I purchased a new iPad 4 (64gb Verizon 4G LTE - expensive for a tablet at over $829 base plus cases and extended warranties = $1200+).  I figured hey, I know how the iPad had transformed the way I interact with a lot of things in my life over the past couple of years, so it's worth it.  I had been in a whirlwind love affair for several years with my bulletproof, nearly perfect in every way iPad 1 wifi 32gb model, but alas, that was coming to an end due to the sun setting on the iOS on the device's useful life (thanks for that).  While I'm embarrassed for my family to admit it, I could easily use old faithful 8+ hours a day, every day, without a single issue for years.  I could hold in in any case, in any position.  Then a friend pointed out that all good things must come to an end, so I broke down, scraped up my pennies (and that's a lot of pennies) and bought the shiny, new iPad 4.


    I love the battery life on my new iPad 4, I love the display, I love Siri and the blazing fast speed, but the wifi is absolutely horrific!  As I right this, I'm having to carefully hold the device in portrait mode and not let it touch my chest lest I totally drop my wifi signal again and have to login in again to the hotel wifi for a 3rd time.  Turning it to landscape (which feels most natural to me) instantly causes my signal to go to one bar.  This is the same everywhere I go - at home, at work, in hotels, on planes, even my mifi hotspot.  This is abysmal.  It's not the all of the routers around the globe - my Mac book air, my iPhone 4S, and my iPad 1 still get great signals and good rates when using speed test.  This is so tragically bad, I even had to scrape the little white fruit sticker of the back window of my plug-in Prius out of hurt (yes, I know, egads you say!).


    I've been in tech for 20+ years, learned to crawl on apple IIc as a child, and I still work for a major software developer and apple partner as I write this.  We all expect a problem once in a while, but you expect it to be QA'ed, debugged,  acknowledged (if only a tech update), and made right.  Come on guys, you are so much better than this.


    Please say that the love affair is not over.

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    I have a similar issue on my brand new iPad 4.


    Holding both the iPad 1 and the iPad 4 next to each other: the connection on my iPad 4 drops very often or is not available where any other of my wifi enabled devices has a perfect reception.


    Tested different AP's, 802.11b/g/n, different security mechanisms, different AP locations, etc.

    No difference..

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    In the beginning my New iPad (iPad2) wifi reception was excellent. All my home devices would lose the connection to my wireless router but not the iPad. Now it is totally the other what around. Everything stays connected but this iPad reception is so intermittent. Any ideas what can be done to fix it? May be go with Surface?

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    I don't think this is the forum for a Surface versus iPad discussion and it never even entered my mind as a possibilty. Not even sure why you'd bring that up here, but anyway...if your iPad is having issues, contact Apple or take it to an Apple Store. Chances are they will be able to help you out. I received a replacement iPad in my case, and I wish I had taken it to the Apple Store sooner than I did. I would have saved myself a lot of headaches and time spent complaining about the problem. Now I have a fully-functional unit that has no wifi issues whatsoever. Do yourself a favor and see what Apple can do.

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    I'm sick about my new Ipad, and the Wifi issues. I'm not sleeping at night, my blood pressure as been affected too. I'm an emotional wreck, shoud never have purchased the new Ipad. It's even affecting my job.

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    I have had this same problem on iPad2. Recently I gave it a static IP address and suddenly things are so much better,and my airport express doesn't skip anymore. Was this the answer for me? Who knows, maybe iOS 6.0.1 helped also.

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    just got the 64gb ipad. out of all my wifi devices the ipad is the slowest. my crap wanna be internet tv does better and its yahoo based. this is my first apple product since the mac II when i was a kid. there's no wonder why that is now. in a wifi day of age this should be nothing. not even a selling point. it should be in their and it should work. its ridiculous that people buy into apples crap. i can break out a first gen smartphone that will connects better. Ive  been sitting 10 feet away from my router and i have yet to make any connection to the internet of any kind. my first and last apple product. this has been happily written on my blazing fast Samsung gs2 thats on the same wifi.

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    I had wifi connection problems with a new ipad 3 as posted earlier, and took the advice to return it.  Bought an Asus Transformer Pad TF700T.  Very happy with it. Android looks to have more potential than Apple in the near future.  The issue of poor reception is interesting.   Although my Asus TF700T's reception is adequate, my 2005 Dell lattitude laptop still beats it hands down.  Why is that?  The Dell is about the same size (bulkier of course), so antennae size should not matter.   On one router, I could connect with my Dell from 400+ ft, my Asus tablet from about 200 ft, and from the ipad3 - about 30 ft.  Is there a processing issue with obtaining too many wifi signals?  Is there a problem of picking up too many wifi signals?  Just wondering why the best reception equipment (hardware or software) is not being implemented.

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    I'm using the 3rd generation iPad. I was happy with iOS 5 but feel disappointing with iOS 6 due to wifi connectivity problem. My iPad keep disconnecting from wifi and even the latest iOS 6.0.1 does not fix the problem at all. Now surfing net using iPad is just like a nightmare! That is the reason why I'm still not update my iPhone 4S to iOS 6.

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    while people love to blame the routers I went and bought an Airport 5GHZ and switched off my trusty billion 7800N router and the prefomance using an APPLE based WIFI device has dropped.


    I am now wiping out my IPAD and restoring to factory but I dont buy that its individuals routers of anything else.


    This is clearly a software / firmware issue as my other WIFI devices in the house run fine including my apple TV.


    Apple should pull its finger out and address the issue, plus they have recodnised in the IPAD MINI and IPHONE 5 there is a WIFI problem and I williing to bet the IAPD uses the same chipset.

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    I got an ipad3, now with ios6.0.1. Connects well to 1 wifi spot in my household. with the 2nd wifi entry point I face from time to time interruptions, with the 3rd one (from German T-Com - Apple biz partner), it does not work at all. Also for me, all other wifi equipment connects well to all of those 3 entry points. I sent it in for repair: They could not replicate the error and therefore the ipad would be ok ..... ? Sorry? It still did not work after I received it back. Calling Apple Service again, they forced me to get an Apple care contract to get it changed (Adding cost). The new one still has the same issues (most likely I got I returned one from somebody else). But now they argue, it is unlikely that 2 pieces fail due to hardware, so the problem would be on the wlan router side! They forced me to modify the settings of my T-Com router, which after does not work with any of my equipment anymore ... Thank you Apple!! But I was also told that this would be the proof the the router would be broken (but it worked with all other equiment before) also ignoring that the problems with the 2nd router still exists. Next time the Apple users will need to force wlan router owners in hotels, cafes and airports and railway stations to load the latest firmware .... What a mess. I buy a Mercedes and learn it drives only on the newest roads, with special surface treatment, but cannot drive on the roads I need to drive on.


    Sad to see what path Apple has gone to. In the past Apple was the warrant for high quality equipment, excellent hardware, fully integrated functioning software. Idiot proof to work with. In case start up problems were there, service was known to be great. All that has gone. Apparently Apple now looks more for shareholder value, pays dividends and tries to lower cost to maximise profit. The obvious result is poor product quality and poor defensive instead of supportive service. But still at a cost which is 50% to 100% more expensive than comparable hardware. If I need to accept products having failures and poor service, then I can get such equivalent equipment at almost half price.

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    I have completely given up on Apple. They really don't care about all of the complaints in this discussion; they will not even acknowledge there "might" be a problem. I have had it with this company. I am now in the market for an Android tablet to replace my iPad3. A tablet that I can completely customize the way I want.

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    When I recently got my Ipad (as a gift) I went ahead and bought an up to date router (same brand) and installed it.  I was having an issue with the signal strength on the IPad after the installation so I got an extender.  For some reason after I installed the extender, I consistently got a full signal on the Ipad, and haven't had a problem since.  I did point to the extender instead of the router.  For those who understand these technical problems more than I do:  did I just mask the real problem?

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    Just adding my voice to the Chorus. I've posted this as a standalone question but am copying it here to be part of the critical mass.




    Jan 8, 2013 12:27 PM      

    I'm helping a friend who is having wifi problems with a new ipad4 (the one with the new dock connector).


    I have an ipad1 (32GB, AT&T) and it works fine on his network

    His wife has an ipad2 (Verizon) and it works fine on his network

    He has a new ipad4 (32GB Verizon, the one with the new connector)


    PROBLEM: The ipad4 is very slow to update mail (wheel will continue spinning after the other ipads have completed) and fequently can't load web pages from safari even though the other ipads connect. Interestingly, Pandora streams music from the ipad4 to the airport without interruption.


    Network details: Fios service with an actiontec router which creates a wifi network. This router is at the far end of the house, and in the basement (so far away it frequently doesn't show as an available network). Much of his network traffic is ethernet


    Because of the distance to the Actionec router we have an airport express connected via ethernet which creates a wireless network (b/g/n compatible as he has an older laptop which doesn't support N). Different wireless name and security.


    Airport express is about 5 feet off the floor. Sitting 8' away from the Airport, and in the same room, the Ipad1 and ipad2 work fine. But the ipad4 will experience the problems I described above when the other ipads (and the laptop) work well.



    What we've done:

    He has already had apple replace the ipad4 once. This one is fresh out of the box and with the same problems as the first unit had.


    We swapped out the Airport with one of mine to see if that was the problem, but nothing changed.


    I know that he is competing with a lot of neighboring wifi networks. At my home, two floors down from my airport express I get 4 bars on my ipad1. In the same room as his Airport I get 2. We're working on figuring out sources of interference (cordless phones, no alarm system, etc), but baffled as to why the ipad4 is having problems the other ipads aren't having. Changing channels on the airport doesn't seem to have had any effect one way or another


    Any thoughts?

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    wifi on my ipad 2 is really slow. connected my macbook and my iphone to the same wifi...blew my ipad 2 right out the sky. apple needs to fix this or start charging less. never had such problems with other devices (other than apple)