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    Again.. your defending apple. why are you here this post is to post complaints not to defend apple with stupid answers like return it. we know that, but getting a replacement wont fix the problem. clipper99 we dont want you here.

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    I've had Wi-Fi connection issues with 2 of 2 new iPad models (Wi-Fi only) I've purchased.


    For example, on one home network only 1 iPad can be connected at a time. When another one tries to connect, it appears like it's connected but no connectivity/data transfer is available. As soon as I disconnect the other iPad, I can get on, but then need to reset my network settings and reboot to switch again.


    I've read on sites that Apple has acknowledged this issue with Wi-Fi models only and have instructed stores to replace affected units.


    Although I'm a huge Apple fan, this kind of issue is a huge FAIL.


    How could your quality assurance program let this slip by?


    Shame on you, Apple.

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    I found the fix!


    Buy a Samsung


    *sorry couldnt help it - seriously, Apple - do something.

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    ...or a Chromebook.

    ...or an ultrabook.

    ...or a laptop.

    ...or a netbook.

    ...or another Android tablet.

    ...or a Windows 7 tablet.

    ...or wait for Windows 8.


    The industry is "in-flux" right now.  If Apple blows this one, their prospects are poor.


    Time to call-out the "Woz"? 

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    Similar problems with WiFi have also been reported by countless iPad 2 users for the last year.


    Apple needs to 'fess up'.

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    Ive had my new pad3 for 2 weeks, wifi is getting less than half of what it should signal wise. 

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    This is not a complaint-posting forum; it is user-to-user technical help forum. Apple isn't looking here for problem reports.


    If you have a problem post it to


    That link provides a way to identify yourself and state the details of your problem. If needed Apple may get back to you for more information.


    If you have an iPad which can't connect to any network it may have a hardware problem. In this case you should call Apple support.

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    Same issue. Wifi 32G. Have a very good router ASUS RT-N56U with latest firmware, great connectivity on all other wireless devices (which i turned off to see if it was a bandwith issue), even changed my router settings to give priority to video streaming and internet. Youtube videos are S..L..O..W to cache, always pausing. I have tried forgetting the network and rejoining, but no help.


    Youtube is certainly not working like all my other wireless devices, including a iphone 4s, ipod touch 4g, old iphone 1, htc thunderbolt, sony dash, 3 laptops.


    Someone (perhaps me tonight) should video a side by side of two devices running the same youtube clip.

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    This is probably the only forum where "real-world" experience can be made public.


    I personally hope Apple "gets this right"; I spent a lot of time selecting among countless alternatives.  If Apple doesn't "make good", though, I'll be going back to Windows & Linux, along with the countless vendors that provide the hardware.  I'm already very "iffy" on this whole "cloud thing" anyway; as it is, I'm still not sure I'm thrilled with the lack of an SD-slot and bunch of mundane (but cheap) software "apps".

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    Asus is not one of my favorite companies atm, for reasons which I do not want to get into here. If you have changed your MTU, please change it back to its default value and see whether that improves things. Messing with this setting when not advised to by a support professional can cause internet connection problems with certain devices.


    Any router that does bandwidth shaping to shape traffic may have overhead which may slow the connection speed down.


    I would advise you call Asus technical support -- their router division. Keep calling back until you get someone knowledgable, ask to speak to Level 2 if appropriate. You can only reach level 2 during normal business hours.





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    @JimHdk - thanks for stating it's a 'hardware' issue.  Unfortunately, it also could be 'software' or 'network'.


    If Apple finally provides a fix to their problem, then there's no need for complaints is there?


    In the meantime, it looks like 64000 views might get there attention.

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    As always views here mean nothing.


    If you have problems report them to Apple directly.


    This is NOT an Apple problem reporting forum. This is a user to user technical help forum. Apple does not participate here.


    Use Apple support. See

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    If you have connection problems (not deathgrip) on more than one network. You can try a full reset of the device through Itunes. You just download itunes and connect the iPad to computer.

    Probably wont work but worth a shot.

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