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    I have to report I have the same issues with the new iPad.  I have both the original and iPad2 as well, and have never experienced these symptoms.  At least once/week it will completely lose connection to the network (that shows full signal on the iPad2) and takes a few to finally "see" the network again.  Doesn't automatically connect to it either - have to connect manually.


    I do notice the new iPad reports a weaker signal (usually two bars when the other iPads show full bars).  Read about exchanges at Apple stores, unfortunately none close by to me.  Hate to have to mail it in and wait for a replacement...

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    Basic pringles can approach, carry the iPad to look cool, and use it as a stand for you tablet.

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    Listen again, Apple has nothing to do with these forums.  Apple does not delete messages.  They are moderators, which you can become one, that delete messages that are not pertinent to the subject or out of line with the forums TOS.  These moderators do not work for Apple, they do what they do out of love for computers and trying to help others like you and I.

    Got that now?

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    Did anybody here read news at all? 


    Apple already said yesterday that they were investigating the wifi problems and were picking up ipads at their stores to have them check by their technical people (ship back to Apple), which you would agree know more about the subject than you or I.


    You will receive a new ipad that works fine with wifi as you drop your ipad at the store.  So far, Apple said that only wifi only ipads are having problems.  That the 4G variety are not having wifi issues. 


    Do not come back to me on this, that is what Apple said to the news.

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    How in any way is it Apple's fault that carriers are ripping us off?  They make the product.  If you don't like it with the LTE option, that's why they have the WiFi only version...

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    It is amazing "darkhound", how, let's be straight on this, stupid some people can be.  You are totally right.  Apple has nothing to do with the LTE or whatever problem they have using their data too fast, etc.

    Just the regular whiners.  Now, most likely they don't even own an ipad.

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    I think you are onto something because I initially could not connect even though I could see my router.  Once  switched to WPA2 everything works fine and has not had ever dropped the signal since March 16th.


    It could be that the new Broadcom or whoever chip is very fine tune for new routers and the best secured settings.

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    How do I get these email notifications to stop coming into my inbox? There are just too many. I turned off all my notifications but I'm still getting empty email alerts.

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    Top right side of message thread, in the actions box below the search bar click stop notifications

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    I called Apple Support today because I can replicate the problem, although not to the extent that others seem to be documenting.  I can get the unit to drop a bar - and even drop the signal - if I do the "grip."  However, with no "grip," the unit is very speedy via  I find that I need a firm, tight grip, wth my thumb extending above the Home button to get it to drop a bar.


    Anyway, I spoke with Mike in support, and he led me to believe this was the first time he heard about this.  Figuring that this is the standard reply,  I told him there is an article on about this problem.  He told me he'd have to "check it out."  Hmmm...I have to believe that every Apple Support person is aware of this and is carefully coached as to what to say and not say.  I just wanted to go on record, with a date and case number, should something "big" happen in the future (recall, SW fix, etc.).  I guess I still have my 14-day return window (now down to 12!).


    I have a 32GB, Wi-fi unit.  My router is an Arris combo (CM, wireless router, emta) from Comcast.  I have it in the basement and I typically use the iPad on the first floor, about 20" away (as the crow flies).


    While this appears to be better news than others, I am still not convinced that my unit is within spec.

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    Amen Cubano...!

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    You are just making conjectures and outright lies because I already posted above yours that Apple came up and acknowledge the wifi problem to the press and have instructed their people on what to do.


    Read my post above and quit making things up.  You probably never called Apple.  I even doubt you own an ipad at all!

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    I've not been having any problems, but it turns-out to be because of the way I was holding the "new iPad".  Holding "death-grip" style *definately* kills the WiFi.  16Gb WiFi only.


    Another Apple fumble.  This will probably be my last Apple purchase.  Oh well, I only purchased the iPad because other vendors had low-resolution screens (unless I paid $1,500).  I'll keep this, hold it "carefully" (non-death-grip), and stay away from Apple in the future.

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    You do not read the news, do you?

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    wow - you're right.  Busted.  Sorry to waste your time.

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